Ben Kidnaps Ciara Before She Can Marry Theo, While Ej Reacts to Learning Sami Cheated on Him

In the Thursday, July 22, 2021, full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Ben kidnaps Ciara before she marries Theo and Nicole gets revenge on Sami. In case you missed out, on Wednesday’s Days of our Lives episode, Ben decided on a plan to kidnap Ciara from her wedding.

Nicole drinks wine and stares at her wedding photo. Philip arrives. She tells him through the door that it’s not a good time. He says it’s important so she lets him in. “It’s not a barrel of laughs in here,” she warns. He’s sorry to hear Eric left, but not surprised. Philip has something for her. “How would you like to pay Sami back in kind?” Nicole’s interested. He tells her she must know that she’s the one who blew up Nic’s marriage. He shows her the letter from Kristen to blow up Sami’s marriage with. She reads it and learns Kristen has confirmed that Sami and Lucas were having sex behind EJ’s back. Nicole’s shocked. He likes the idea of screwing up EJ’s life but Lucas fell in love with Sami all over again. Lucas is his brother and he wants his happiness, but Lucas won’t play dirty. “That’s where I come in,” Nic says. Philip lets her do what she will with the letter. Nic says she can destroy it or pay Sami back. She smiles.

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At the DiMera mansion, Lucas stares at the fireplace as he flashes to finding Sami trying to destroy Kristen’s letter and then fishing it out of the fireplace. Sami appears. “What the hell are you doing here?” He wants to discuss the public humiliation that Sami caused Nicole. Sami denies it. Xander did this. Lucas knows better so she admits of course she did it. Why does he feel morally superior? “Maybe I’m just choking on the hypocrisy here. ” He asks her to put herself in Nicole’s shoes. Sami wants to act like this never happened. Lucas doesn’t. He’s not like her. He almost told EJ everything! He couldn’t do this because he loves her. Sami crosses her arms over her chest. He tells her to relax. He doesn’t expect her to say the same thing. She cries and apologizes for dragging him into this. He’s not. She appreciates it and he tells her “If and when things go wrong for you to, I will always be there for you.” He goes, leaving her crying.

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At Shawn’s, Ciara doesn’t care who is coming to her wedding. She’s still marrying Theo. The universe isn’t conspiring against this wedding. Belle can’t make it now. Allie arrives with a bouquet. She tells them about Paulina backing down about the destruction of the square. Ciara doesn’t care. She just wants to discuss her wedding. She wants to hear nothing about her last wedding. She crabs at them and bitches and then apologizes. Shawn hugs her and goes. She starts to cry when Allie tells her it’s time for the dress. She goes to put it on.

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In his room, Ben and Claire discuss him kidnapping Ciara and taking her back to the cabin to attempt to get her to remember him. “That’s where it all started. I have to do this.” He isn’t sure he should tell her. “It’s a crime.” Claire won’t turn him in. “What if I want to aid and abet.” She thinks he’s right. She may be making a huge mistake that will destroy Theo and her. Ben tells him about Allie’s thought that Ciara’s beginning to remember everything and that it scares her. Claire loves both of them and wants to help stop the wedding. He wants to do what Bo did. Grab Ciara and throw her on the back of his bike. Claire finds that toxic masculinity. There has to be a better way. He calls Allie, explains his plan to kidnap Ciara and she’s in. He’s grateful. They disconnect and Allie tells Ciara she has to run home for Henry for a minute. She’ll see her at the church. Meanwhile, Claire thinks that when Ciara doesn’t show up at the church, they’ll know something is up. Later, Claire is gone and Ben gets into a black suit.

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At Julie’s Place, Chad calls Theo. He has to go to New York on DiMera business. Theo has no best man and Abe’s marrying he and Ciara so he can’t step in. Theo feels as though there’s something very off about his wedding. Everyone keeps trying to talk him out of it. He thinks Ciara would fall apart if he backed out. Lani thinks Eli could be the best man. Eli calls. He has to go to work and can’t make the wedding so Lani offers herself.

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At DiMera Enterprises, Belle tells EJ she already told Shawn she can’t make the wedding since this deal is a multi-million dollar deal. They hope Kate and Chad can fix things in New York. EJ thinks ‘they are looking to get more money out of DiMera. EJ forgot about how cutthroat business can be. They discuss Sami stabbing Eric in the back. “She’s the same conniving bitch she’s always been,” Belle tells him. EJ dislikes that Belle’s calling her sister a conniving bitch but Belle reminds him Sami didn’t care about what last night did to Eric. EJ disagrees. He’d rather get back to business. She is surprised he can’t see Sami for who she really is. “God help her if you ever do.” Belle wonders how Sami would feel if someone did to her what she did to Nicole. She goes.

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Nicole turns up at DiMera. EJ asks what the hell she’s doing there. She wouldn’t say no to a martini. He thinks she’s there to blame Sami for what she did. She’s not. She was an unfaithful wife and deserves whatever happens to her. EJ tells her to go cry on Chloe’s shoulder. She has years of experience listening. Nicole asks if he doesn’t care about what Sami did to her. EJ doesn’t seem to. Nicole tells him she’s having more fun than she thought she was. She pulls out the letter. “Your sister wrote you a letter, EJ.” She hands it to him. He doesn’t look happy. He reads it and learns Sami cheated on him with EJ. Nicole looks satisfied as he asks, “You’ve read this?” She has. He jumps up. “This is not funny.” Nicole reminds him he’s reading about “the slut” of his wife in private. She had to hear this in public. “Your wife is no better than me.” He asks her to go. She knows it has to hurt knowing it was Lucas. Seems EJ underestimated his “assets.” She leaves and EJ destroys his desk in anger and yells. He calls someone to get him a phone number for his sister Kristen. “I need it now, damn it!” He yells.

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Belle and Shawn are at the church discussing how many canceled out of the wedding plan. Theo, Lani and Abe arrive. Ciara’s on the way. Allie arrives and she and Shawn go into another room.

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At the pub, Philip tells Lucas what he did with the letter.

lucas philip letter days of our lives

At home, Nicole looks at her photo of herself and Eric. She gloats and wonders how Sami will like her marriage destroyed.

EJ returns home. “I had this urge to come home to my loyal and faithful wife,” he says.

sami ej knows she cheated days

In the limo, Ciara notices the driver has driven right past the church. She tells him so. He lets her know they’re not going to the church. She says, “Ben?” He wishes her a happy anniversary.

This is the last episode of Days of our Lives before the Olympics takes over. The show will not be seen for two weeks and will return on August 9. You won’t miss any episodes. We’ll recap the episodes again for this soap starting on the 9th!

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