Ben and Ciara’s Connection Returns and He’s Thrilled When She Agrees to Hypnosis

Monday, April 5, 2020: On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Ben and Ciara share a connection again, John and Marlena discuss his memory of the gunshot, and Ava begs for Nicole’s silence.

Ben arrives at his room above the garage and looks at the washer from Bo’s bike that he’d given Ciara. He takes out the Alice in Wonderland book and realizes he’s missing the other book.

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Ciara’s bored at the hospital and can’t find her remote control for the television. She finds the second Alice book instead. She recalls him trying to get her to remember and looks through the book, remembering reading it while she was kidnapped. She remembers the connection to Ben when he found her. Meanwhile, Ben holds the first one and feels his connection to his wife. “Ciara,” he says.  Ciara smiles as they both remember that Ben found her. By the hub, Belle and Shawn are shaken up. Belle rants that Jan should be in prison right now. They’re horrified that she’s blackmailing them. Jan wants them to panic so instead, they agree to come up with a plan to deal with the psycho. Belle goes to see her parents while Shawn visits Ciara. She asks if he’s found their mother. He hasn’t. She left Salem months ago to look for her. Ciara asks him to call her and tell her she’s back. Shawn assumes she has “no cell service wherever she is or…” Ciara finishes, “She’s too sad to talk to anyone. Ciara misses her.” Shawn promises he’ll bring her home. He asks about the book and Ciara relays how Ben Weston brought a bunch of things to her to see if she’d remember their life together. She doesn’t remember anything and doesn’t think she wants to. Shawn tells his sister that Ben wouldn’t give up on her when the rest of them thought she was dead. He risked his life to save her! Ciara tells Ben about the so-called psychic connection they share. Shawn suggests she talk to Marlena. Ciara admits she did and suggested hypnosis to get her memories back.

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At the townhouse, John tells Marlena that he recalls hearing a gunshot the night of Charlie’s death. He’s not sure if that’s why he was sitting in his car the night of his murder. John’s not sure where he was when he heard the gunshot. “It’s hazy at best.” He sees nothing when he hears it. What if he blew that bastard away? Belle arrives to tell them Jan’s out of her coma. They heard. She lets them know that Jan’s blackmailing them. John blows a gasket but Belle calms him down. Ben arrives and Marlena takes him outside. He tells her about leaving the sequel to the Alice book at the hospital and explains he was hit with a flashback. He felt that she did too. “I felt our connection.” He asks if Ciara has called to ask for hypnosis. Marlena’s sorry that she hasn’t. Inside, John and Belle learn that charges against Sami were dropped. Belle wishes Jan would have stayed in the coma. She worries Claire will bond with Jan since she’s vulnerable. Outside, Marlena gets a call from Shawn. Ciara has made a decision about hypnosis. She said yes. Marlena tells Ben and he hugs her tight in thanks.

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At Nicole’s, Tripp admits to Allie that was at his brother’s apartment the night he was killed. He’s about to explain when Sami arrives, psyched that she was released from jail. Sami is introduced to Tripp. It’s awkward and she apologizes for him being unfairly accused. Sami hopes she doesn’t blame Allie. He doesn’t. Sami’s astounded,” I was just about to say I’m sorry about your brother, but I’m not.” Neither is Tripp. Sami tells them that Charlie was flying while someone killed Charlie. When Henry cries, Sami asks if she can hold him. Allie gives the go-ahead and Allie asks Tripp what happened the night his brother died. “Tell me that you didn’t kill Charlie,” she says. Tripp looks guilty. Sami reappears with Henry. She thanks him for all he’s done for Allie and the baby. He goes.

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At Rafe’s house, Ava admits she saw Tripp at Charlie’s the night of the murder. She’s afraid Tripp killed him. Nicole knows he had means and motive. She says they’ll find the best lawyer for him. Nicole knows what it was like. She wanted to hurt Charlie. “I’m his own mother and I wanted to take him out.” Nicole says they have to tell Rafe, just as he walks in. “Tell me what?” They’re silent so he tells them Trask dropped the murder charge against Sami due to evidence. He explains Sami was on the flight while Charlie was killed. Rafe decides they need to make tacos so while he’s changing, the women step into the garden to discuss what to do about Tripp. Ava doesn’t want Rafe to know what she saw that night. Rafe opens the door to the garden. Tacos are done. They head in and Nicole takes off. Rafe and Ava eat tacos and she takes blame for who Charlie was but admits she’s relieved he’s gone. Whoever took his life was justified. He gets it. He wishes the case would go away but he has to ensure justice is served.

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Nicole runs into Tripp in the square. They talk about Sami being released and that Charlie’s killer still out there. It’s awkward and Tripp takes off.

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