Misery Sex on the Way for Days’ Ben and Claire or Love Triangle Between Ciara, Theo and Ben?

The show is ripping couples apart and a big part of the audience is depressed. It may be depressing, but it doesn’t mean some of these couples won’t reunite after they’ve gone through some misery. The misery can make for a good story, too. I bloody hate love triangles, for the most part, but it appears as if we may be about to stumble upon one. Or at least some misery sex.

Ciara and Theo

I used to love Ciara and Theo’s friendship but so far, I can’t stand her friendship with nu-Theo, because she acts like a little girl with him, watching cartoons and eating ice cream and droning on about their friendship that wasn’t anything like what we all saw in reality. Remind us of what a little brat she was and I’ll be into it.

Nobody wants yet another monkey wrench thrown into the CIN reunion by bringing Theo back for a love triangle, so hopefully, they won’t go there. That ship sailed years ago.

I’m not a diehard CIN fan. I loved them together in the beginning until the writing for them started to become obnoxious. And now there are times when I enjoy them and times when I bang my head against my desk and wish that they had a better writer, especially for Ciara. They have suffered for five long months and the viewers have suffered along with them. Whether we like them or not, our attention span isn’t long enough to sit through being bashed over the head with their psychic connection and love repeatedly. Just put them back together already!

With Chanel’s appearance and timing, maybe Theo will turn in her direction. It doesn’t take much to see that they have a history and that Chanel’s still into him. At least that’d take him out of the equation.

Ben and Claire

Claire is was committed to Bayview for having an obvious, yet unidentified mental illness, one that we all assumed she was on medication for at least right afterward. I guess the show forgot about this, much the way they forgot Philip has one leg and Brady’s heart surgery scar disappeared. Otherwise, why didn’t Belle chastize her daughter for drinking while on meds, thus reducing their efficacy? Unless that’s the story, that Claire’s about to set some poor sucker on fire? If not, the show is being lazy by not even adding one line of dialogue to keep the characters true to themselves. I’m always ranting that The Young and the Restless has a lot of problems but one thing they generally don’t do is to change the characters to suit the plot. Days has done it so much that I’m often not sure who anyone is anymore.

Since the show doesn’t deem it necessary to fill their audience in on the entire storyline and loves changing a character’s history to suit the plot, we’re left with unanswered questions which makes it easier to tune out.

Ben was also committed to Bayview for his obvious, yet nameless mental illness, which seems to present as schizophrenia. He’s on medication and he’s had a few sessions with a psychiatrist. He’s doing better than any mentally ill man in the existence of humanity when by now, he should by now have had at least a few setbacks, which would give him some depth. It’s lazy writing. He’s got nothing in his life other than being in love with Ciara which is a dreadful bore if you’re not a CIN lover. Stress should cause him to stop taking his meds or to spiral downwards but he’s somehow immune. If he had setbacks, it’d likely cause half of the audience who hates him and still calls him a serial killer to actually believe that he really is mentally ill.

Ben and Claire have been hanging out for months together, commiserating with each other over their shared loss of Ciara and somehow they haven’t had sex by now. But now that Ciara is alive and isn’t champing at the bit to let Marlena hypnotize her, the Necktie Killer and Firestarter are already turning to each other, feeling rejected, bemoaning the horrible things they’ve done that have come back to haunt them and push Ciara away. So you know it’s coming. Misery sex. I see no chemistry between these two, even as friends, but I think they should go there. It’d give all three characters some much-needed growth.

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