Days of our Lives Spoilers April 5-9 Sami and EJ’s Marriage Difficulties

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Last week refresher!

Sami confessed to Rafe that she killed Charlie to throw him off, but when Lucas told her Allie didn’t kill Charlie, she tried to change her tune. Too bad DA. Trask wants to prosecute. Paulina was crushed when she learned she wasn’t going to be a “Fairy Godmother,” but still attended the christening and gave Eli and Lani a blank check for the twins’ education. Meanwhile, her daughter Chanel showed up by the end of the week, a spoiled, fun, bad girl, and quickly got herself into trouble. While Kristen shipped Sarah off to some island, and Ciara didn’t believe that she was married to Ben, Salem’s notorious Necktie Killer, Nicole accused Ava of killing her son, while it was revealed that her other son was at Charlie’s the night he was offed.

Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of Monday, April 5 through to Friday, April 9.

Nu EJ DiMera rumored to be Dan Feuerriegel, the star of Spartacus.

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Monday, April 5

Days recap – Ben is glad at Ciara’s decison

Ciara is unsettled by a moment of connection with Ben.
Ciara decides to do hypnosis.
John confides his fears to Marlena.
Belle tells John that Jan is blackmailing them.

Tuesday, April 6

Days recap – Chanel meets Xander

Chanel suggests to Theo that they move in together.
Paulina makes her pitch to Abe.
Xander causes a scene at Julie’s Place.
Marlena hypnotizes Ciara in hopes that she’ll remember the missing two years.

Wednesday, April 7

Days recap – Xander takes Chanel home

Gwen makes a surprise apology to Chad.
Xander gets to know Chanel when he’s on a bender.
Ava makes an emotional confession.
Ciara rips into Claire.
Jack asks Abigail to call a truce with Gwen.

Thursday, April 8

Days recap – Gwen is pregnant

Gabi tells Rafe she knows who killed Charlie.
Abigail and Gwen’s attempt at a truce goes awry.
Jake gives Kate disappointing news about their lease.
Gabi upsets Kate and makes Jake jealous.
Ava makes an emotional confession.
Philip and Gabi head to her place…

Friday, April 9

Days recap – Sami kisses Lucas

Sami admits to Lucas that her marriage is in trouble.
Allie tries to protect Tripp.
Rafe eliminates a murder suspect.
John has a tense encounter with Jan Spears.
Sami and Lucas make out.
Belle is a murder suspect.

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