Camryn Grimes Talks Young & Restless’ Surrogacy Story and That Some Aren’t Too Happy with It

Grimes talks about her baby bump wardrobe on the show.

Camryn Grimes has been a part of Young and the Restless since 1997 when she started out as Cassie Newman, daughter to Sharon and Nicholas. Cassie was written out in 2005 and since the actress was missed so much, the show created another role for her. Mariah arrived in Genoa City, bearing an eerie resemblance to Cassie. It turned out she was her twin and Sarah didn’t know that cult leader Ian Ward (Ray Wise) arranged for Mariah to be stolen at birth. Fast forward to today and Grimes is embroiled in a surrogacy storyline that has drawn controversy and backlash. In short, it’s been seen as boring and short-sighted for Devon who is a young guy who might like his own kids one day.

Grimes tells Soap Opera Digest, “I know there are some people who aren’t too happy with it, and although I can completely understand where they’re coming from, I never felt that way. I just thought what an amazing opportunity it was to tell the story of surrogacy and make other women less scared of the idea and show a real, beautiful journey of how there are lots of ways to bring a life into the world.”

This is the actress’ first time being pregnant on set. “That’s a huge honor,” she shares, admitting that she has tried on the pregnancy pads. “I have and I liked it a little too much.”

Grimes recently moved into a new place with her boyfriend and talked about the parallels of this and Mariah’s move with Tessa into the Chancellor mansion.

mariah surrogate young and restless

“I very much want to have kids and it’s hard because a few of my friends are pregnant right now and others are talking about getting pregnant. Since we’re in a pandemic, there’s more time to think about it. I realize that I’m in my 30s and entering this new chapter now where people my age are getting married and having kids, which means taking on new titles. It’s cool that I’ll be fake pregnant and it’s an opportunity to see what I look like in maternity clothes.” She went on to say, “Of course. Melissa [Ordway, Abby] is asking me, ‘Are you going to get pregnant?’ I told her, ‘No! No getting pregnant or getting married during a pandemic. A move is enough.’ ”

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