As Kristen Kidnaps Chloe, Marlena Calls SPD to Warn Rafe Kristen Has Broken Out of Prison — Again

In the Friday, May 14, 2020, full episode recap of  Days of our Lives, Kate tells Jake that his sister broke up with him, not her, while Kristen is revealed to everyone.

Thursday’s Days episode had Jake and Gabi professing to love one another.

Rafe finds Nicole doing the walk of shame at the square. She lies that she had an early meeting. She got his message and was…busy. He grins. “I guess you were.” He assumes she spent the night at Salem Inn since she’s got the same dress on. Nicole looks uneasy. Rafe isn’t judging her. He’s worried though. She’s fine and then tells him she thinks her marriage is over. He’s delayed his return to Salem again and she doesn’t think he wants to return to her. Rafe asks if that’s why she called. Nic admits it is. Rafe’s sorry he wasn’t there for her. Nic admits she got wasted. She tears up and tells him she didn’t want Allie and the kids to see her like that. She hates that she lied to her best friend. Rafe comforts her then hugs her. She smells like patchouli. She lies that it’s a Basic Black unisex scent.

nicole walk of shame days of our lives

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Kate walks in on Gabi and Jake making love at the mansion. She’s a little out of it and Jake asks what happened to her. “Well, I guess I could ask you the same question,” she says. Kate feels woozy and sits on Gabi’s bed. Kate asks why he went from her bed to Gabi’s. Jake’s confused. Does she remember dumping him? Kate never did! “You were played by your sister. Your sister, Kristen, broke up with you.” Gabi and Jake struggle to believe this as Kate tells them what happened. Jake knew there was something off about her. Kate explains how she survived by jumping out of the moving car. Jake tries to comfort her but she laughs. It took him two days to jump into bed with Gabi. “I think the two of you deserve each other,” she says. She goes and Gabi tells Jake how humiliated she is. Jake reminds her nothing has changed. Gabi thinks that means he wants Kate but he tells her that’s not true. He wants to be with Gabi but he needs to find Kate to see how she’s doing. And to dump her.

kate back home after kidnapped days of our lives

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Lucas wakes up in the wine cellar. “Chloe?” He says. “Are you kidding me?” Sami says,  Lucas calls out, “Amanda?” Sami gripes, “Who the hell is Amanda?” He finally comes around. Lucas is shocked that Kristen stuck Sami with a needle and they assume she’s gone off the deep end and is desperate. Sami hasn’t heard where Kate is yet but she knows she jumped out of a moving car. Lucas worries she’s dead but Sami says it’s Kate. That wouldn’t happen. Sami explains that she refused to help Kristen find Kate so she could kill her and that’s why she’s in there. Lucas knows he has to face the music soon as they get out of there and apologize to Chloe. Sami asks who cares about what Chloe thinks. Lucas does! Sami hates herself for cheating on EJ. She’s practically a “slut” like Nicole. Lucas defends Nicole. She tells him that she saw Nic stumble into Salem Inn with Xander. Lucas has a hard time believing that. Sami blames Nicole while Lucas thinks Nicole’s probably lonely. Sami has a conniption and Lucas tells her not to take her guilty conscience out on Nicole. They talk about the other times they’ve had sex and Lucas reminds her of the time she “slept with” EJ when Lucas was stuck underneath a beam. EJ coerced her into sex before he’d help Lucas get free. Sami yells at Lucas and defends EJ. She yells at him and then they start kissing.

sami lucas secret room days of our lives

Upstairs, Chloe appears and picks up the fire poker that Kristen left behind. Kristen as Susan comes from the secret door and surprises Chloe. Chloe asks why she was coming from the secret panel that leads to the secret room in the basement. “Susan” acts innocent. Marlena calls to tell her Brady’s out of surgery. They disconnect and “Susan” wants to go to the hospital with her. Chloe asks her what’s going on. She says she got a sign that told her to come here. Chloe doesn’t believe her and wants answers. Since “Susan” won’t spill, Chloe goes to the tunnels herself, but she can’t find the secret button to open it. Kate turns up when “Susan” grabs Chloe and Kate tells her to get her hands off of her. “It’s not Susan, it’s Kristen.” Chloe’s confused. Kate tells her Kristen broke out of prison to keep Chloe from Brady and if she makes the wrong move, “She’s gonna snap your neck like a twig.” Chloe realizes she’s right. That’s why Susan was so jealous of her. She rips off her wig and Kristen reveals Kate was right. Kristen’s tired of playing nice. She grabs Chloe and wrestles an arm around her back. Kate yells at her to stop it. Kate does nothing.

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In the hospital, Brady tells John that Kristen traded places with Susan Banks. John’s astounded. Brady explains everything he knows and Marlena turns up and they fill her in, then go off to find Kristen in the chapel. They return later and say Kristen wasn’t there.

john brady hospital talk kristen days of our lives

At the mansion, when Marlena calls, Kristen forces her not to answer. Back at the hospital, John thinks Kristen would have responded since she’d be worried about Brady. They call Sami and Kristen takes out her phone too and ignores that call. Upstairs, Jake admits to Gabi that he told Kate he loved her once, but it didn’t feel right because he was thinking of her at the time. Kate never said it back. Downstairs, Kristen lets Chloe go and grabs the fire poker. Kate tells her the jig is up. Too many people know she escaped.

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Back at the hospital, Marlena and John need to call the cops. Brady feels awful but agrees with it.

At home, Nicole whines that she slept with Xander and then she runs to shower and wash off Xander’s scent.

At SPD, Rafe gets a call from Marlena, who tells him that Kristen escaped prison and is a danger to anyone who crosses his path.

marlena calls cops on kristen days of our lives

Back at the mansion, Jake goes to find Kate and sees her on the floor with the fire poker beside her. Outside, Kristen shoves a tied-up Chloe into the trunk of her car as Chloe pleads for her life.

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