Young & Restless Spoilers May 17 – 21; Ashland Kicks Tara Out — & Phyllis Keeps Secrets

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First up, last week’s refresher!

Adam and Faith had surgery and Faith’s body accepted Adam’s kidney, the two left the hospital. Chelsea confessed to Victor and they made a deal. Victor had a psychiatrist fake a diagnosis for Chelsea and sent her to a psych ward instead of to prison, and in turn, Adam was no longer a suspect in Rey’s poisoning. When Rey asked Sharon if she slept with Adam, she didn’t respond and walked away, but later in the week, she agreed to discuss their marriage. Adam had a standalone episode where he played a game of chess which had him thinking about redemption. Finally, Summer and Kyle had an engagement party but Tara Locke and Harrison (played by Kellen Enriquez) crashed it.

New comings and goings at Y&R!

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from May 17-21!

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Monday, May 17

Friday’s Y&R rant! Should we trust Imani? Is Shadam over?

Y&R Day Ahead Recap – Sally gets slapped across the face

Tara and Harrison crash Summer and Kyle’s engagement party.
Chloe gives Adam a reality check.
Phyllis keeps a secret from Nick.
Summer slaps Sally after she tries to say that Kyle cheated on her.
Chelsea refuses to give a statement to Michael.
Adam drinks booze and convalesces after kidney surgery.

chelsea refuses talk young restless

Tuesday, May 18

Y&R Day Ahead Recap – Ashland turns up

Kyle covers with Jack about Harrison.
Rey makes a promise to Sharon.
Amanda forces Imani’s hand.
Amanda agrees to work with Imani.
Devon gives Moses advice.
Sharon promises she’s all in with Rey.
Ashland shows up at Kyle’s door!

seductive phyllis young and restless

Wednesday, May 19

Y&R Day Ahead Recap – Ashland threatens Phyllis

Kyle stands his ground with Ashland.
Tessa has a surprise for Mariah.
Billy and Lily play hardball.
Victoria has drinks with Ashland.
Tara worries about what her hubby will do.

abby whines young restless

Thursday, May 20

Y&R Day Ahead Recap – Kevin wants the truth from Chloe

Victor encourages Nick and Adam to make amends when he finds them watching TV together.
Victor and Adam discuss changing Cyaxares name.
Summer tells Phyllis the truth about Harrison and breaks down in tears.
Phyllis isn’t afraid of Ashland.
Ashland wants a room at the hotel but Phyllis refuses him.
Chelsea looks for forgiveness from Rey.

chelsea wants to see adam young restless

Friday, May 21

Victor prepares for battle with Adam against Billy.
Kyle makes a shocking decision.

Spoilers for Bold and the Beautiful!

Coming up! May Sweeps

When Kyle meets Harrison, he’s shocked and isn’t sure how to handle himself. Family wonders what’s going on. After the party, Tara wants to speak to Kyle alone, without Summer. Summer allows it.

It turns out that Ashland has kicked Tara out of their house.

Ashland is going to threaten to take custody of Harrison from Tara.

Tara asks Kyle to step up and let it be known that Harrison is his.

Sally joins forces with somebody.

Jack and Nick have differing opinions.

Chelsea’s future hangs in the balance.

Abby is missing Chance more than ever.

Chloe makes an admission to Kevin, that she helped Chelsea.

Rey questions Chloe again in his quest to prove Chelsea never had a breakdown.

Chloe has a big decision to make.

Amanda starts to second guess her relationship with her family after uncovering a secret from their past.

Victoria spends time with a business colleague on her mission to make Newman stronger. This could lead to some raised eyebrows from Genoa City citizens.

Mariah finally adjusts to being pregnant and Abby lavishes more attention on her, though she’s got her own struggles with Chance being gone.

Sally decides not to heed Lauren’s advice but instead will fight for Jack. Sally’s vendetta against Summer and Kyle takes a dangerous turn when she hurts their relationship.

Elena and Nate will navigate their renewed friendship despite the lingering feelings they have for one another.

Nick is worried that history will repeat itself and that Summer will be hurt again by Kyle’s indiscretion.

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