Different Friday, Same Story — Another Kidnapping in the Kristen Show, Which Has Viewers Exhausted

Friday’s amazing cliffhanger meant that we were all on our seats to find out what happened with the car accident Monday. And then some viewers were let down by plot-driven, bizarre editing, disjointed scenes the rest of the week. It’s hard to see so many posts on social media stating, “we didn’t ask for these storylines,” especially when the show was just renewed for two more seasons. Many hope that the writing will get better, that there will be changes made that will bring the viewers back. This Friday came around and once again, we had a huge cliffhanger, but it was nothing we haven’t seen time and time again with Days of our Lives. There was yet another kidnapping which induced many an eye roll from the audience. Days of our Lives seems to think it’s fun to ruin each and every character one after another until we no longer care what the hell they do.

Brady’s back in the hospital

Poor dumb bae is in and out of the hospital more than any other character in the history of soap operas. The highlight is that we got a shirtless scene.

Sami said she’d call Marlena and John to inform them he was in a car accident but she never did. Instead, she and Lucas got roped into another stupid Kristen storyline with Kristen in a Kate mask. Sami didn’t even sit with her brother. Instead, Chloe Lane, who is not immediate family got to. The show bends the hospital rules when it suits them which ruins the integrity of each and every scene and all of the bloody characters.

Chloe and John were in the same room as Kristen and neither could tell who she was when she has the most remarkable and unforgettable eyes. It’s just stupid but I guess it’s fitting that they’re forcing Brady with Chloe. Two dumb baes. I no longer even want her with Philip. I don’t understand how she figured out Sami was Stan, AKA Dr. Dunn when two minutes later she couldn’t figure out Kristen was the nurse in scrubs.

Sami finally told John that his son was in the hospital as an afterthought as she was wandering the Horton square for no apparent reason except to “by chance” spy Nicole going into Xander’s room. That scene made zero sense. At least tell the viewers why Sami was in the square. This insults the audience’s intelligence to leave it out.

Sami ranted all Friday about Nicole cheating on Eric with Xander which made most viewers roll their collective eyes since she was projecting hard. She cheated on EJ with Lucas long before Nicole found herself in Xandy’s bed and then Sami went back for seconds with Lucas. Sami can’t sling the dirt on Nicole when they’re in the same boat!

While all this was happening, upstairs Kate, who had just been kidnapped last Friday was telling Chloe to be careful of “Susan” since she was actually Kristen. Not that it helped. Somehow, Kristen overpowered Chloe and kidnapped her. Something she should have done in the first damned place!

Worst line ever: Lucas told Sami that she “slept with EJ” that night that he was pinned under the beam in that abandoned house. No. Sami did not sleep with or have sex with EJ. He raped her. That is a fact. Sami even stated that fact on the show and there was a scene of EJ apologizing for raping her. He said those words! So why reverse history by making it sounds as if Sami wanted sex with EJ that night in her car when in fact, he forced it on her so that in return, he’d help her save Lucas? That’s probably the most disgusting thing this show has done and we’ve seen a lot. Do better. Find a female writer to stop these things from happening.

sami lucas secret room days of our lives

Why go there?

Xander was arrested for trying to sell Bonnie his engagement ring. I don’t get why. He knows Bonnie. Why bother with that scene when we could have had more Bonnie and Xander? After he was released, he made his way back to the pub which was fitting and funny, though I’m not sure where his money is coming from since Bonnie didn’t buy his rock. He met Jake there and they commiserated over their awful love lives and why? Unless these two are going to become friends, I’m not interested in these filler scenes. In the past when this has been done, we latched on to a possible friendship that never came to fruition. Xander and Nicole drinking together made about as much sense which is zero.

nicole xander drunk together days of our lives

Sex with her would-be murderer

We finally got Xicole sex and sadly, I wish we hadn’t. Their scenes didn’t even meet my expectations. At. All. The writing, directing and lighting were unsatisfying. These actors have excellent chemistry and are talented, so they did a good job with what they were given.

Some viewers found them hot together, some were heartbroken that Xander had sex with someone other than Sarah, and others were just angry that the show let Nicole have sex with the man who blackmailed her, kidnapped her and Holly, then held her captive in a cage and tried to incinerate her.

They had wicked crazy sexy chemistry when they were married and easily could have been written in as a couple but the show ignored that in favour of putting her with Father Sanctimonious because Nicole and Jensen Ackles’ version of Eric had a history back in the 90s. In doing so, they turned Nicole into a bland version of herself.

I wanted Nicole to embrace her wilder side, to be empowered but now she’s already back to being whiny again now that she’s cheated on Eric. And she didn’t even tell Rafe the truth about what she did. Not that it’s any of his business but it just makes it worse because it’s likely because she really is in love with the cop.

Highlight:  Xander actually thinks Nicole was thinking about Rafe during sex with him. Impossible.

Jake’s a snake

I’m so done with Jake right now that I don’t want him with my Kate or my Gabi or even terrible Gwen.

“Kate” dumped Jake and he whined to her, refusing to let her go. And in the same day, he got drunk over the breakup and ran home to disrespect his relationship with Kate to Gabi twice. And in the process, he told Gabi he didn’t have feelings for Kate this whole time but did have feelings for her. I don’t know or care who this guy claims he’s in love with. What I’d like to know is in what universe would any woman want to hear that he didn’t want to be with Kate and only stayed with her out of foolish pride? Then later he told Gabi that he professed his love to Kate once but that “it didn’t feel right because I was thinking of you the whole time.” That’s not the hero of a romantic story. That’s no White Knight. He’s a sad, pathetic little man and none that any woman with an ounce of self-esteem would want to be with. I don’t see Gabi as a woman without self-esteem. So this pairing makes no sense. These two don’t love each other. They barely know each other. The show needs to stop selling a story that has never actually aired. The sex scene wasn’t even up to par. The music the direction, the lighting, the editing… Do better.

kate catches gabi jake sex days of our lives

Claire’s a freak and not in the good way

The show thinks we’re missing Maggie’s nagging so they turned Nicole and Claire into her while she’s away. It’s not a good look for our firestarter who spent way too much time Monday harping at Chanel for kissing Allie which is none of her business and while last week we heard all about what a big party girl Allie was, she sure doesn’t act like it. She acts like she’s an innocent teenager. Maybe Allie’s small-town idea of what a party girl differs from mine and Chanel’s big-city girl ideals. Like Chanel, I too was surprised Allie didn’t kiss any women during her so-called party years.

Highlight: I couldn’t believe that neither Allie nor Chanel paid the bill at Julie’s Place or Doug’s place or whatever they’re calling it this month. Oy. Poor Julie!

tripp claire worry about allie days of our lives

Can Ava survive her murdering rapist past?

Let me preface this by saying I like Ava and Rafe’s chemistry. And I’ve chosen to forget her horrid past because I watch and recap daily and choose to enjoy what I can. I’ve had to do this for almost every single character! But not everyone else does, nor should they. It’s hard for the majority of the audience to forget that Ava is a murdering, kidnapping rapist who seduced an underaged boy in Joey.

Ava apologized to Steve for all of her misdeeds and I was glad to hear it. Some of the audience will now be able to move on and like her for who she is today but the thing is, you can’t just apologize for murder, rape or kidnapping away. Why did the show bother to bring her back? Why not bring someone new in for Rafe or someone who doesn’t have a past that most viewers can’t move past? The ratings are already on their last legs and viewers tell me on a daily basis that this is the sort of thing they hate.

Imagine our surprise when she at least apologized to Steve for everything she’s done to him, his family? I mean it’s growth. It’s better than what most of this show’s villains have done. It’s helpful for some of the audience to move on from her past, to tolerate or accept her. I have moved on because it’s easier for me to watch daily, but I’m championing for those who haven’t.

Steve thanked her but he’s not over it and he can’t stand her and that’s how it should be for a long time if not always. For some, she’ll never be more than the sum of her crimes. And I validate that. Some characters can’t be redeemed because they’re written in a way that makes it impossible. This is what they should have done with Ben before they lost half their viewership. Some also find it horrific that a police commissioner would date a woman with such a past.

rafe ava dating days of our lives

What’s Auntie P up to?

Is Paulina scamming the town of Salem? I hope not. This isn’t at all what I expected of her, though I suppose if it’s true it makes sense that Chanel follows in her mama’s footsteps. I hope this isn’t the case because she’s a great character with strength and depth and making her into yet another horrible character that can’t be redeemed makes no sense. But I digress. We don’t know anything yet so I won’t get ahead of myself.

Barbie Chic

I’m not mooning over Gabi and Philip and I don’t expect they’ll ever get together, so I’m enjoying their working relationship and friendship. I thought their clothing debacle scenes were cute even though I assume the manufacturer would have contacted Titan when they saw the measurements, knowing very well what kind of clothing Gabi Chic usually puts out.

Lucas and PhillyK are brothers

Some new viewers had no idea that Lucas and Philip were related so when we got that two-second family scene, they were confused. Philip is Kate and Victor’s son while Lucas is Kate and Bill Horton’s son. That should clear up some things. I loved the scene and want more. Please give us more.

lucas and philip brothers days of our lives

Best lines:

Steve to Ava, “You threatened Kayla, you terrorized our whole family.”
Ava to Steve, “For everything that I have done to you and Kayla and your entire family, I want you to know how truly sorry I am.”

“I’m sure Father Sanctimonious will be back,” Xander says to Nicole.

Xander to Nicole, “Darling, you and I need to reembrace our dark side.”
Nicole, “I don’t know about that but I do need to embrace another drink.”

Xander, “You’re reverting to form. Birds of a feather flock together so what do you say? Why not flock?”

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