Ben and Ciara Remarry Before Claire Leaves Salem, and Nicole Gives EJ Advice

In the Friday, August 20, 2021, full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Claire reveals she’s leaving Salem, Johnny and Allie catch up, and EJ is grateful to Nicole. In case you missed out, Soaps Spoilers has you covered with this Days recap from Thursday: Ciara reacted to Claire and Ben kissing.

Belle arrives with divorce papers on behalf of Eric. Nicole fights tears and nods. Belle admits Eric told her he felt responsible for their break-up. Belle suspected Sami had something to do with it but notes that Nicole got her back. EJ told Belle, who says, “Payback’s a bitch.” EJ strolls in. “And so is Samantha.” He apologizes to Sami but Belle knows there’s a reason why they call her sister Hurricane Sami. Belle tells them she texted her last night to tell them she’s leaving town for a while. She goes and EJ thanks Nicole for telling him the truth that his marriage was a farce. Thanks to her, he ended it. He’s grateful. He calls himself a clueless cuckold and is glad he’s out. “That’s a crock, and you know it,” Nicole tells him. Nicole knows him. She was married to him and he did this to her. He is hiding how he really feels. EJ tries again to deny his feelings. He tells Nicole his “slut” wife repeatedly betrayed him with Lucas of all people. “That whore is done making a fool of me.” Nic thinks if he reveals he’s suffering that he worries people would see him as weak. He always hid emotional pain behind his rage. Nic knows he doesn’t want to deal with it. She can relate. But he needs to deal with it or it’ll spill out everywhere. EJ tells Nicole about Johnny’s return and that he wants funding for a “silly little show.” He urges Nicole to get Johnny to work for him. Nicole’s pissed. “Please tell me you’re not trying to pimp me out to your son.” EJ just thought she’d have better luck than him.

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At the square, Johnny yells, “Allie-cat!” The twins embrace and Allie’s happy to see her older brother. They hug again. He says EJ’s not happy he’s there. “Same old same old.” He goes to meet Henry and takes credit for his looks and sense of humor, since he’s laughing. Johnny’s sorry for what “that bastard did to you.” It pains Allie to be reminded of Henry’s father Charlie. Johny’s sure when the time comes she’ll be able to handle telling Henry the truth like a pro. Allie’s twin is proud of her for moving past the rape. Allie asks about what he’s up to and he talks about his film-making interest. He mocks EJ telling him how it’s a time-waster and frivolous. She’s sorry. They discuss Sami needing to get out of town.

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At Hope’s old house, Claire’s happy to hear Ciara got her memory back. She believes Ciara and Ben are meant to be together. She’s sorry he took her to the cabin, knowing it was traumatic. Ciara’s grateful since it’s what got her to reunite with Ben. Ciara calls her generous and brave. They hug and Shawn appears. The girls remain hugging and Shawn comments how happy he is. Ciara goes off and when Belle arrives, Claire tells her parents she’s moving to South Africa. “Mom, Dad, I’m leaving Salem.” She explains her social media job and they discuss her renewed friendship with Ciara. She has to go to Johannesburg today. They ask if she’s doing it out of guilt for what she did to Theo. She denies it. “This is a real job.” Belle says, “Halfway around the world.” Belle cries and asks if she’s ready. Claire used to be but not now. They believe in her and embrace. They head to see the grandparents.

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Ben wanders his room with crutches and breaths out laughs as he looks at his wedding photo. He grabs the wedding bands and says, “Let’s do this.”

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Ben arrives at Marlena and John’s townhouse. They’re thrilled to see him and thrilled Ciara got her memory back. “We did it,” Ben says. “I got her back!” John and Marlena laugh in delight. Ciara arrives and John’s thrilled she remembers them. They embrace and she thanks Doc for being there for Ben. Ben gets down on one knee and proposes marriage to Ciara. He knows the last time he did this he said it’d be the only time. He tanks god he gets to do it again. “Ciara Alice Brady, will you marry me?” She says yes. “Of course I will marry you.” He puts Bo’s bike washer back on her finger and they kiss. He wants to marry her today. Now. Marlena will do it. They kiss again. Claire, Belle, and Shawn arrive and let everyone know Claire’s leaving for South Africa with Theo to work for him and JJ. Everyone’s sad to see her go. Ciara asks her to be her maid of honor — now. They’re having an impromptu wedding. Everyone’s excited. Ciara calls Allie. When Allie tells Johnny it’s Ben Weston calling, Johnny yells, “The Necktie Killer? He killed our brother.” Ciara invites her over and Allie takes off.

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In the square, Chanel runs into Johnny as Allie goes to see Ciara. They talk about Sweet Bits being her bakery and he jokes that he’d like to sample her sweet bits. They instead do lunch.

Back at the townhouse, Ben and Ciara thank Claire and Allie for all they did to help reunite them. Ciara goes to change into a black dress and some white flowers appear. Marlena says the groom asked her to keep this short and sweet. Ciara talks about him never giving up on her and he says her love fixed him. He admits he was shattered on his own but he felt her love on his darkest days. It gave him hope that she’d return and he’d be whole again. Marlena joins them in marriage. Ben places the washer and a band of diamonds on her finger and she places his band on his.

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