Ciara Reacts to Ben’s Confession That He Kissed Claire

In the Thursday, August 19, 2021, full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Allie dreams she’s in bed with Tripp and Chanel, EJ tries to force Johnny to work for DiMera, and Chanel tells Allie all about the hot guy she met. In case you missed out, Soaps Spoilers has you covered with this Days recap from Wednesday: EJ blew up at John for insinuating that he knew where Sami was.

Allie and Trip wake up with the alarm going off and Tripp asks Allie to turn it off. Chanel says, “I’ll turn it off.” She reaches over and turns off the alarm, causing Allie to look shocked. Allie wakes up with just Tripp in her bed. Tripp says he’s getting a new advisor since Snyder… “Went swimming with the fishes,” Allie finishes. Since the kid is still asleep, they take a shower together.

tripp allie chanel threesome days of our lives

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At the square, Chanel receives a text from Johnny. She grins and he sends her a picture of his chest. He’s thinking of her. They flirt and chit chat, some Italian and some English. Chanel says goodbye since she’s meeting her BFF. When Allie shows up, she apologizes for being late and parks Henry’s carriage. Allie wants to ensure she didn’t think she blew her off. Chanel says it’s all good. She admits she met a guy. She tells her about this hot guy she met and that they have a lot in common. “He sent me a thirst trap,” she says, grinning. Allie’s interested. Chanel refuses to show her his picture, so Allie asks for his name. “Maybe I know him.” Paulina texts. Chanel has to go to the bank to sign paperwork for the bakery. Once she’s gone, Johnny pops up. “Yo, Allie-cat!” They embrace.

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At the mansion, EJ tells Stefano’s portrait that Johnny will soon realize what he says goes. Chad appears and learns Johnny’s back. He learns that his nephew wants to be a filmmaker and EJ outright refuses. He can persuade anyone of what he wants. EJ calls it a gift and says he’s also market savvy which is why EJ knows he’d be an outstanding part of the company. When he offered him a job, he was outraged. “He’s never interested in anything coming from me.” Chad can identify. EJ says Johnny respects him. Chad nods. He’s glad Johnny’s home. EJ asks if he’d consider persuading Johnny to work for them. “What’s in it for me?” Chad wants to know. He still wants Charlotte and Thomas to takeover DiMera one day. He’ll need concessions to protect his interest if EJ wants his help. Johnny appears, dressed for the day. He greets his uncle and they talk about his filmmaking career and how his brother Will went to Hollywood and got work. EJ snipes that it was a flop and they argue about EJ stopping him from using his credit cards. His card got declined when he tried to pay for something last night. EJ thinks this will somehow force Johnny to work for him but Johnny still refuses. EJ gets Chad on board. “Wouldn’t you want Johnny on your team?” Chad thinks Johnny should follow his passion. Johnny’s happy to hear and thinks DiMera could open a production company. EJ belittles Johnny’s drive and his son balks. He’ll never work for DiMera, but thanks his uncle for treating him with respect. Chad holds up a thumb to EJ and winks. EJ’s pissed and takes off for work.

chad asks johnny to work dimera days of our lives

Claire meets Theo at the pub. She got him a coffee. “No thanks, I don’t have a lot of time,” he says miserably. She apologizes for him being hurt by “what happened at the wedding.” Theo asks if she’s serious right now. She helped Ben kidnap his bride and faked being Ciara so he’d be alone and humiliated. “That’s what you’re sorry for?” Claire says, “Yeah. All of it.” She whines about doing it so Ciara would remember and forgive her. Theo says he’s now destined to forever live in the friend zone. Theo knew he was bound to get hurt at some point. It was just a question of when. He realizes that now. Maybe he always knew. He has to go back to Africa and tells her he needs to hire a social media expert. “How about me?” She has nothing whatsoever going on in Salem. He tells her she has to leave with him today.

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claire sorry theo days of our lives

Ben wakes up in bed with Ciara. She tells him he was smiling in his sleep, dreaming of her. They make love and he clutches at his ankle. They forgot about it. Ciara goes to scrounge for extra fortune cookies for breakfast. Ciara knows Ben hasn’t been with anyone else and assumes he is wondering if she slept with Theo. Ben looks guilty. He didn’t think it was his business. Ben doesn’t seem like he wants to know and is relieved when Ciara admits she didn’t have sex with Theo. They were going to wait until they were married. She thinks she knows he was faithful but he admits, “Actually, I have a confession to make.” Later, he’s already told her what happened with Claire. Ciara’s upset but Ben says he’s sorry. Claire’s been on their side the whole time. Ciara comments that she was terrible to her. She remembers all of the good things Claire has done for them now. Ciara needs to go find her and thank her. Ben says she can’t go and looks like he wants to go for round two. They decide to fix the limo together.

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At the hospital, Kayla and Tripp start their meeting. Tripp’s late and she realizes it’s because he was with Allie. He gets red and admits he’s embarrassed. She teases him and they talk about how well things are going for him and Allie. There’s just one problem. He’s falling in love with her, but there is someone who is into her but Allie says there’s nothing to it. She gives him some wise advice about love and patience. He’s not sure he’ll reveal how he feels to Allie but thanks Kayla.

kayla tripp meeting days of our lives

Theo goes to see Chad to say goodbye. He’s headed to South Africa alone now that Ciara and Ben are reunited. Chad’s sorry. They hug and play some chess.

Claire goes home to find Ciara at her house.

Ben uses crutches to get around his apartment. He stares at his wedding photo and breaths out a few laughs, then takes out his wedding bands.