Lily Catches Billy Trying to Cover up a Dirt Finding Mission to Stop Victoria’s Wedding to Locke


The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for the Friday, August 20, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Monday, August 23. In the previous episode, Sally flirted with Adam. In this episode, Victor hires his PI to go after Ash, and Adam gives Sally a pep talk.

At Crimson Lights, Nick admits Billy made some good points about Victoria marrying Ashland. He invites his ex-brother-in-law to share his real problem with Locke. Billy worries he’ll die on her and wonders what they really know about “that guy.” Nick admits he has similar concerns and asks what the rush is to marry. Why do they need to make it official? Billy thinks Nick should admit he’s an authority on his sister but Nick won’t do that. Billy wants to dig up dirt on Ashland’s past. Nick thinks he’s waiting for encouragement from him but Nick points out that Billy has wanted to do this for a while.

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At the house, Ashland tells Victoria that Kyle texted. They’re looking for a house in Milan so Harrison has a backyard. Victoria and Ash love the idea and she thinks spending time with him during their wedding week will be a boon. Victoria says she and her mama are wedding planning this morning. She worries about him but Ash feels decent today, he admits. She heard him get up last night and noted he was working so she didn’t interrupt. He says he had insomnia and worked a little. He ended up having a good sleep afterward. He shares that Newman-Locke will be launched in a month and excitedly shows her a sketch for Newman-Locke Campus. It should be complete in three years and he may be around to see it. Victoria’s shocked. There are two buildings, she comments. He loves the idea. Victoria seems to be struggling with it and takes off to see her mother. “I’ll see you,” she says, leaving with Locke’s mouth open.

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Adam finds Sally at Society. She snaps at him. She apologizes but she’s so mad she could scream. She tells him Phyllis sent her a massive bill at her “second rate hotel.” She goes on ranting about the hotel and losing her job and Adam smiles. He thinks she’s better off where she is. He talks about his time spent trying to get revenge and tells her to learn from his experience. Payback isn’t as satisfying as she thinks. He assumes she’s strong and determined since she didn’t leave town when everyone turned on her. He tells her to turn the revenge into something good for her job. He asks her to trust him and she says people keep telling her not to. He thinks it’s an advantage and keeps people guessing.

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At the ranch, Victor’s PI prepares to find Mariah Copeland and dive into Ashland Locke’s past. Nikki appears and questions her husband. The PI leaves and Nikki purses her lips. She doesn’t like what she overheard. Victor tells his wife that Locke has squashed a lot of people. He’s ruthless like him. Nikki thinks Victoria will be unhappy when she finds out what he’s up to. She’ll see this as him second-guessing her. This sort of thing always damages their relationship. Victor doesn’t care. He wants his daughter to know everything about this man before she goes into this marriage.

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Ashland arrives at Grand Phoenix. He’d like to purchase a spa package as part of his treatment regimen. He asks for a month to month. Phyllis will be happy to accommodate that. He thanks her for exposing Tara’s illegal activities. Phyllis admits she finds it odd that Tara was able to fool her. He made a career of being ten steps ahead of others. Ash says he loved her at one time. Love makes you see things differently. Ash says they got off on the wrong foot when they met. He’d like to rectify that. He’s a fan of how Summer has become a stepmother to his son and brings up how Nick compared him to Billy Abbott. Phyllis burst out laughing. He comments that the men in Victoria’s life treated her like she’s fragile, but she’s the strongest most capable woman he’s met. “Okay,” Phyllis says, stretching out the word. She tells Ash Nick’s protective of his family. And the circumstances surrounding their marriage are odd. He talks about a couple finding true love. He goes and Nick appears. Phyllis tells her beau about her discussion with Locke and Nick worries things won’t end well for his sister. Phyllis leans in and reminds him it’s not going to end well for Locke and Victoria will do what she wants.

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At Society, Victoria tells her mama Ash is handling chemo fine. Nikki knows about that. Victoria brings up her father and how he isn’t sure about her marrying Ash. They talk about A-listers invited and she’ll need an impressive dress. She’s thinking of asking Summer to get Angelina Marchetti to create it. She details the style she likes as Sally hides behind the wall and nods and smiles, typing the ideas into her phone. Talk turns to music at the wedding and Nikki asks what their role will be at the office once the merger happens. Will Ash need an office or special equipment? She can take care of it all. Victoria says they haven’t discussed it. Her face falls. It’s hard to ignore the reality of his situation and she has concerns he may push himself too hard. Nikki’s surprised the merger is going to be launched in a month.

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Victor goes to Adam at the office and says he hears he has been talking to Newman-Locke employees but reminds his son that they’re off-limits. He doesn’t want his son to damage the upcoming merger. Adam says he’s made himself clear but Adam also made it clear to his dad that ultimately he’s the one running the show. Victor grins. Adam goes on to say, “You are an advisor.” He’s doing what he needs to do. Same as his sister. Adam asks his dad to keep his personal feelings out of this and Victor advises him of the same thing.

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Chloe finds Sally at the park working. Adam told her he saw her heading to work. Sally asks if she’s checking up on her. Chloe admits it. Sally thought she’d work outside for a while and reveals she’s having a good day in part because of some things Adam said to her. Chloe tries to get into her business but Sally tells her to stop. It was about her ranting about Phyllis. Adam peeled her off the ceiling and suggested she focus on her own success instead of revenge. Chloe gets it. She’s been there and suggests she stay out of Phyllis’ radar. Sally talks up story ideas she’s been drawing up. When she’s done discussing them, Chloe thinks she’s hiding something. Sally’s taken aback. Chloe claims she has a good sense of these things and thinks Sally’s hiding something. They go back and forth and Chloe points out that Sally swiped her page on her tablet away when she walked up. Sally finally admits she wasn’t going to share this idea until she was further along but admits she’s going to convince Victoria to create her wedding dress. She explains eavesdropping on Victoria’s wedding gown chatter and she knows exactly what she wants. Chloe tells her that deal won’t happen since Victoria’s Summer’s aunt. Sally feels only more determined.

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Billy races to his desk at Chance Com and jumps on Lily’s computer. When Lily arrives, she asks what he’s up to. He claims he’s doing research on marriages and divorces of the denizens of Genoa City. Lily’s getting a funny feeling. Billy asks, “What kind of funny feeling?” She tells him, “You know, the one I get when I know you’re hiding something from me.” As they talk, she realizes he’s looking for dirt on Ashland.

Victoria returns home and opens Ashland’s book of sketches and the idea of the twin towers he has for the new company.

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