Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers April 15-19: Finn and Steffy Worry About Deacon’s Mental Health

Monday, April 15 to Friday, April 19.

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What’s coming up on Bold & Beautiful the week of April 15?

It looks like an exciting week ahead with Luna coming clean about “those damned special mints.” RJ’s reaction is one of shock and then he heads over to Forrester where he confronts his cousin for sleeping with his girlfriend while she was under the influence.

Meanwhile, though Deacon tells Lauren that Sheila must be alive, she doesn’t want to hear about it. She might want to change her tune, though Lauren doesn’t seem to be on Sheila’s radar these days.

And like we theorized, Kimberlin Brown’s likely returning soon.

Lauren faces Deacon at Il Giardino. “I never, ever, want to hear her name again!”

Deacon looks upset.

lauren doesn't want to hear about sheila

At Forrester, Finn says, “Deacon’s in a bad place.”

Steffy says, “He needs to stop this.”

RJ says, “My cousin. You two…

Luna says, “I’m sorry!”

rj learns the truth

RJ confronts Zende, coming at him in the design office.

Zende says, “Blame me, don’t blame her.”

RJ yells, “I do!”

zende is confronted

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Monday, April 15:

Steffy demands that Deacon snap back to reality.

R.J. learns the truth about Zende and Luna.

steffy angry about sheila

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Tuesday, April 16:

Hope reveals the real reason she turned down Thomas’s proposal to Liam.

RJ angrily confronts Zende for sleeping with his girlfriend.

rj yells at zende

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Wednesday, April 17:

In Wednesday’s B&B recap, Hope wants her dad to move on from Sheila.

Liam and Hope agree to let Beth spend more time with Deacon.

Liam and Hope agree Deacon could do better than Sheila.

Poppy attempts to comfort a heartbroken Luna.

Luna wants to go to Forrester to get between Zende and RJ but Poppy tells her it could make things worse.

RJ lashes out at Zende for sleeping with his girlfriend, not respecting him.

Zende tries to explain himself to RJ.

poppy notices zende punched B&B spoilers

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Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Thursday, April 18:

Deacon pursues a new lead in his quest to prove he’s not crazy.

Finn shares his concern about Deacon with Steffy.

sugar texting sheila

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Friday, April 19:

Lauren Fenmore shares details about Sheila’s past with Deacon.

Hope, Liam, Steffy, and Finn worry about Deacon’s mental health.

deacon worries

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