GH Recap: Trina Lays Into Dex and Joss, and Felicia Urges Maxie to Let Spinelli in

Tues April 16, 2024: Brick and Sonny talk about Dex, Trina order Dex and Joss to sort themselves out, and Gregory gives TJ some advice.

Monday’s GH recap: Carly and Jason confirmed they prefer their friendship status and Nina initiated tests on Sonny’s medication.

Maxie arrives at the Deception office, accidentally knocking stuff off her desk. As she crawls on the floor to pick it up, she screams into the carpet.

maxie picking things up in office GH

Felicia pops up and says that’s how she felt when she watched Lucy’s performance on Home & Heart today.

Maxie complains that Lucy thinks she’s a star. She might breathe the same air but isn’t one of them.

Felicia helps her up and her daughter vents about all the personalities around, especially Lucy.

felicia sees maxie on the floor

Deception comes in a distant third among everyone, including BLQ and Tracy.

The accountants say the company is finally in the black, although her checkbook suggests otherwise.

maxie worries about letting him in again

As she files, she admits she’s not doing great at taking care of herself. Her mom says it’s not like her not to put herself first.

She’s starting to worry.

Maxie is tired and mad at everyone. Her mom urges her to let it out.

After she does, Felicia urges her to let Spinelli off the hook. Maxie is tired of Spinelli being the guy she cares about but can’t let into her life.

Her mom thinks that’s illogical. Maxie says that’s how she raised her. Her mom wanted her to have at least one flaw.

She’s happy when her daughter admits that she kissed Spinelli the night Jason came back.

Felicia thinks her matchmaking skills worked.

felicia maxie talk spinelli

Maxie says it doesn’t matter that the kids adore him and she will love him forever.. she will break his heart again.

Her mother tells her about her life with Mac and how afraid she was that she would screw things up.

Then, she listened to her heart rather than her fear and the last time they were married, they knew it would be forever.

She urges her daughter to have some faith.

Maxie isn’t sure she can survive a second break-up with Spinelli. Her mom says he’s seen her at her best and worst and he wouldn’t turn on her unless she kicked him out.

Felicia admits it wasn’t right of her to conspire with Spinelli and Maxie admits she should listen to her once and awhile.

She feels like she’s surrounded by wise people.

Her mom thinks she needs someone at home who loves her more than anything. Like that adorable nerd.

Laura joins Jordan in her room and they talk about her having to send her tax returns in to city council.

laura brinsg up cyrus with jordan

Laura says Ned never did but she does because she believes in transparency. She gets accused of all sorts of things but not being a crook.

Changing the subject, Laura brings up Cyrus. Jordan says she can’t be objective about him and rehashes their past.

laura says it's not her call to make

Laura knows about his crimes and finds it hard not to roll her eyes when he shows up quoting scripture.

Jordan doesn’t think she’s in a position to judge anyone after what she did.

laura jordan talk rax returns

The mayor asks her if there is any justification for what Sonny did to Cyrus.

Jordan may have fantasized about vigilante justice but she doesn’t sympathize with it.

jordan talks abotu paperwork

Laura is on the same page. Her dilemma is about the man who nearly beat him to death.

laura debates how to feel about cyrus

The more she thinks about it, the more she feels like Sonny’s accomplice.

If anyone other than Sonny had attacked her brother, she would want them prosecuted. Why should he be the exception?

It’s not her call about whether he should be arrested but she knows whose call it is.

Joss and Trina stop in the park during their jog. Trina just wants to walk.

joss and trina talk exercise

Joss assures her that a few more runs and she’ll have her mojo back. She knows how grief can weigh you down.

Moving helps your brain reset. Trina appreciates her help getting out of this rut.

They love each other and Joss misses living with her. The dorm is so sad.

Dex jogs up.

Trina is happy to see he’s still in town and Joss announces that he’s applied to the PCPD.

dex bumps into trina

That’s a surprise to her.

Seeing the tension between them, Trina admits she doesn’t know why they broke up and doubts they do either.

He tries to leave but Trina demands to know what’s going on and why they are acting like strangers.

Joss says they have changed and need time.

Her friend tells her she has no more time. They only have now.

Her love for Spencer didn’t disappear because he did.

Joss and Dex are so in love it’s annoying and they are still here so they need to figure it out.

After Trina steps away, Joss and Dex realize they need to find out a way to be in the same place at the same time without making other people uncomfortable.

joss and dex left to talk

He’s willing to do whatever it takes.

They talk about how much happier her mom is since Jason came back. That has energized everyone.

He thinks she looks and smells great.

Joss thinks he’s trying to prove he’s not the bad guy she thought he was. She could respect him becoming a janitor, but become a cop puts him in danger.

Eventually, Sonny will want to get rid of him, badge or not. He’s only alive because Carly stopped him and Sonny won’t listen to her anymore.

Even if they aren’t together, she doesn’t want anything bad to happen to him.

He tells her that he told Anna he would testify against Sonny and she turned him down, urging him to become a cop instead.

Sonny saved his life and he thought he found a home with him, but he wants to fight for people who need help.

Dex jogs off and she smiles.

dex says he'll do whatever it takes

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Brick joins Sonny at the restaurant and fills him in on their people beating Agent Cates about a block from the warehouse until they were interruped by a good Samaritan.

brick joins sonny at teh restaurant GH

There’s no evidence that Cates went to any hospital. Sonny thinks that Jagger is to stupid to get the message.

He starts ranting about how he failed his brother Stone and he had to step in.

The mobster is confident that Jason and Jagger are working together.

Brick thinks he’s connecting the wrong dots and shifts the focus to Dex.

sonny asks what they have for him

Sonny declares that he’s dead to him and should be dead period.

Brick reminds him that he’s the one who discovered he was taking money. He still hasn’t found out who it came from.

brock tells sonny about cates

His boss already knows. The money was from Michael. His son couldn’t decide whether to take him down or spy on him.

Brick feels like he’s put Dex in a position he didn’t entirely deserve.

sonny and brick discuss jagger

Before he leaves, he asks how things are going with Ava. Laughing, Sonny says it’s nice to have a woman around.

brick asks jordan out

Once Brick leaves, Ava shows up and Sonny tells her that he fed Avery meatballs and she’s sleeping in the office.

She tells him she had a long day but he doesn’t need to hear about it because it involved Nina.

He asks what she wants. “You,” she tells him.

sonny and ava talk about avery GH

As they eat, she assures him she didn’t tell Nina anything but his wife wants him back.

He thinks it’s sad that she can’t move on.

Ava can sympathize with Nina even though she has no one to blame but herself.

She tells him she knows they are not together in a conventional sense, but she likes living with him.

ava smiling at sonny GH

He likes it too. “Sometimes unconventional is the way to go,” he says.

Brick stops by Jordan’s office with some daffodils. He reminds her that he said he’d be back.

brick brings jordan flowers

“Can you come out and play?” he asks. He tells her that he’s a sure thing.

She needs to finish scanning some documents. He offers to take her out for dinner after.

brick flirts with jordan in office

Brick keeps flirting with jokes about tax returns. Suddenly, he gets a call and starts to curse.

Jordan tells him to let her know next time he’s in town and he swans out.

Laughing, she asks what’s wrong with herself.

brick asks jordan out

TJ joins Gregory in a room at General Hospital. He explains that his regular doctor was called away and he was asked to cover.

tj fills in for gregory's doctor

That’s fine with Gregory. He knows the drill and runs through all the regular questions until TJ chuckles.

They discuss his meds and what a taskmaster Finn is about them.

gregory and tj discuss pregnancy

He gives his son credit for how well he’s doing. But he’s not comparing how he feels now to how he was a year ago.

They chat about TJ expecting a child and the doctor is sure he’s heard a lot about it from Alexis.

TJ clearly has some concerns. Gregory reminds him that people have worried about their unborn children for centuries.

Babies have been coming out find since long before either of them were born.

He urges him to live in the moment.

gregory asks if there's a problem

They looks at the ultrasound and TJ admits he’s secretly hoping it’s a girl. He hopes they don’t know how crazy the family is.

Molly is the perfect one but she makes a lot of excuses for her sister.

Gregory assures him the worries will pass and the future will be wonderful.

tj and gregory run through questions at GH

The doctor thanks him for the pep talk and they shake.

tj gregory talk about molly

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