B&B Recap: After Zende Worries That RJ May Not be Forgiving, Furious RJ Bursts in and Clocks Him Across a Desk

Tuesday, April 16, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Hope tells Liam about her uncertain future with Thomas, Poppy learns her daughter is telling RJ the truth, and Luna explains to RJ that she was hallucinating.

Monday’s Early B&B recap: Luna confessed to RJ and Carter lectured Zende for sleeping with his cousin’s girlfriend.

In the main office at Forrester, Hope and Liam discuss hippo and how much Beth loved seeing them at the zoo.

liam imitating beth

She thanks him for the day out. It was a good idea.

Liam says he’s taken a lot of good things in his life for granted but Beth will never be one of them.

When he offers to let her get back to work, she says there’s no rush.

hope thanks liam for day out b&b

He guesses things are less chaotic since Thomas left. Things get uncomfortable.

She’s been thinking about the evolution of her relationship with Thomas.

Liam isn’t sure he wants to hear this.

liam says he's taken things for granted

She’ll never deny what he did with Beth but it haunts him and she forgave him for it.

He changed for the better.

Since he proposed, she’s been asking herself why she couldn’t say “yes” and isn’t sure what their future holds.

hope still doesn't know about future with thomas

Hope has been questioning everything. She and Thomas were clicking really well.

Her mom told her that her involvement with him was a reaction and Finn suggested it was a rebellion.

She was turning to a one-woman man for once and assures Liam she wasn’t trying to hurt him.

hope says she still cares about thomas

Hope knows she hasn’t turned into her mother but she did dare to walk on the wild side a bit.

She was not using Thomas and she’s certain of her feelings for him.

As much as Liam may not want to hear it, she does love Thomas.

But right now, she wants to focus on Beth and work.

He feels like he’s going through the same thing and putting his focus on kids and work.

He admits that he needs to get over feeling like he has no identity unless he is with someone.

Being a dad should be his identity.

liam listens to hope talking about thomas

“Who knows what the future will bring us?” she says.

At the beach house, Luna swears it was a mistake and she never meant to hurt RJ.

She insists she’s not making excuses but she was drugged because of her mother.

luna feels bad B&B

She confused him with Zende because she was hallucinating.

RJ finds it hard to believe that Zende didn’t realize how out of it she was.

“Zende found you in his guest house and took advantage of you,” he says.

rj hears that luna slept with zende

She says it wasn’t like that and Zende didn’t realize she was drugged.

Zende just misunderstood why she was there.

RJ points out he’s been hitting on her for months and never respected their relationship.

He refuses to believe this was an accident.

rj asks if zende took advantage

She insists it was and Zende did not take advantage of her.

It was all those mints and RJ is the person she loves.

Luna knows she should have come to him the next day.

He points out she’s been hiding it from him.

She was afraid of what it would do to his relationship with his cousin.

rj says zende knew what he was doing

RJ knows she thought Zende was him, but Zende knew exactly who she was and who he was with.

He storms out the door, leaving Luna in tears.

luna crying

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In the Forrester design office, Zende tells Carter to keep this between them.

He doesn’t want anyone to doubt Luna’s integrity.

carter will stay quiet b&b

He hates what this had done to Luna and turning her world upside-down.

“If it weren’t for Poppy and her damned mints!” he curses.

Poppy shows up.

zende tells carter about luna's dignity

Zende tells her that her daughter is telling RJ about their night together.

Poppy says she encouraged her to go to him with the truth too, after weeks of telling her not to.

poppy shows up on cue

She can see how much pain lying is causing her. It’s been eating her up inside.

Carter says it’s not Luna’s fault and RJ can’t blame her.

Zende is sure he will be blindsided. His head might get it but his heart might not.

Poppy thinks she should be paying for this, not her daughter. She threw her mints away and hopes that can help her reconnect with her daughter.

She needs to be present for her, especially if RJ can’t forgive her.

poppy says the secret was killing her daughter

Nothing is more important to her than the well-being of her child who could be losing the man she loves because of her.

Back at the beach house, Luna tries calling RJ but he doesn’t respond.

Her mom shows up.

poppy drops in on luna

Poppy guesses she told him the truth. Luna says she broke his heart and it kills her to see him in so much pain.

Her mom says it was not her fault. Luna says it’s the deception that hurt him the most.

poppy blames herself

She’s afraid he’s gone after Zende.

Back in the design office, Zende almost sends a text to check on Luna but stops himself.

zende sending text

RJ barrels in, screaming that he knew they were together and happy.

Zende tells him to blame him, not Luna.

zende shocked by rj

“Damn right, I blame you!” RJ says, pummeling him onto the desk.

rj laying zende out

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