B&B Spoilers August 7 – 11: Steffy and Finn Agree, Ridge Makes his Feelings Known, and Hope Makes an Admission

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for B&B from Monday, August 7 to Friday, August 11.

Sneak peek at B&B the week of August 7!

Ridge angrily confronts the person responsible for putting his family in jeopardy.

Liam makes a vow.

Finn risks losing everything he holds dear.

Steffy takes the children and moves into Eric’s place.

steffy can't talk about sheila anymore

Finn is left alone and turns to his mother, Li. 

Li reminds her son of the consequences of his actions, letting things get this far with Sheila. 

Finn tries to process his feelings for Sheila and to understand where he stands with her. 

Liam has Steffy’s ear, something Finn does not like at all.

Steffy corrects Liam

Finn feels Liam’s manipulating Steffy and trying to reunite.

Finn makes it clear that he doesn’t like Liam’s involvement.

Steffy refuses to return Liam’s calls.

finn tells steffy about sheila saving kelly

Monday, August 7

Monday’s B&B: Li sides with Steffy over Finn

Brooke pressures Hope to stand by her man.

Hope reminds her mom she wants a divorce and isn’t going to change her mind.

Liam stands by Steffy.

Li reminds Finn there are consequences to his actions.

brooke and hope talk rome

Tuesday, August 8

Tuesday’s B&B recap: Finn calls Liam a little puke

Finn blames Liam for everything.

Steffy tells Eric and Ridge about her marital issues.

Wyatt and Liam talk about Steffy once again.

Ridge learns the truth about what happened at Sheila’s hearing.

eric tells steffy she's welcome

Wednesday, August 9

Wednesday’s B&B recap: Liam wants Steffy back

Ridge comforts Steffy.

Brooke and Hope are there for Steffy.

Ridge’s anger at Sheila reaches a boiling point.

Finn cops an attitude.

Finn issues Liam a warning.

Liam tells Steffy he’d never let her go again.

ridge reams finn out

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Thursday, August 10

Thursday’s B&B: Ridge tells Finn to stop pitying himself

Finn blames Liam for his problems.

Ridge tells Finn he screwed up.

Finn knows he screwed up.

Brooke and Hope have differing visions of the future.

Brooke hopes Ridge’s talk with Finn doesn’t make things worse.

Liam tells Steffy he wants her back.

Finn takes accountability for his actions.

hope and brooke gossip about steffy and ridge

Friday, August 11

Friday’s B&B recap: Steffy and Finn agree Sheila can’t be in their lives

RJ offers to lend an ear.

Ridge asks Liam how he feels about Steffy and he hems and haws. 

Hope admits to RJ the reason why her marriage fell apart.

Hope believes Liam always had feelings for Steffy and that he always will.

Liam finally admits to Ridge he wants Steffy.

Steffy blows up at Finn.

Finn and Steffy agree Sheila can’t be in their lives.

Finn makes his priorities clear.

Liam does some flashing back to good times with Steffy.

sheila yells at finn

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