B&B Spoilers Jan 1 – 5: Thomas Defends Himself

Monday, Jan 1 to Friday, Jan 5.

B&B recaps are up just after 1 PM EST, daily.

What’s coming up on Bold & Beautiful the week of January 1?


Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Monday, January 1:

Today will be a repeat episode of the June 26, 2023.

This is when Hope tells Thomas to forget about the kiss in Rome, Ridge and Brooke are serenaded by Andrea Bocelli, and Liam tells Wyat that Hope betrayed him with Thomas.

hope repeat episode B&B

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Tuesday, January 2:

In Tuesday’s B&B recap, Hope refuses to marry Thomas.

Hope is caught off guard when Thomas proposes marriage. She says no.

Hope agrees to wear Thomas’ ring on a chain around her neck.

Xander recounts a story about Thomas to Finn.

Finn tells Steffy that Xander accused Thomas of murder.

Ridge and Brooke talk about Hope and Thomas.

ridge brooke eric uipdate spoilers

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Wednesday, January 3:

In Tuesday’s B&B recap, Bill dates Poppy.

Thomas is surprised by Hope’s response to his proposal. 

Hope continues to say she’ll think about it.

Steffy gets defensive about Thomas when she’s talking to Finn.

Poppy’s nervous about her date.

Liam talks up dating to Bill.

Poppy listens as Bill tells her where he remembers her from.

steffy and ridge discuss her brother

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Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Thursday, January 4:

In Thursday’s B&B recap, Bill and Poppy share a kiss and he asks who Luna’s dad is.

Could Steve Burton’s Days exit mean that he’ll appear as a new B&B character? Would you want that? Read the article and leave us a comment!

Bill goes on a date with Poppy. 

Poppy recalls her night with Bill fondly.

Luna refuses to tell Bill who Luna’s dad is.s

Conflicted by Xander and Steffy’s dueling stories, Finn fears Hope may be in danger.

bill says poppy familiar


Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Friday, January 5:

In Friday’s B&B recap, Finn won’t let Thomas be with Hope.

Thomas overhears Finn talking to Hope about killing Emma.

Separately, Hope and Thomas learn of Xander Avant’s damning accusations.

Thomas confronts Finn.

thomas and finn talk hope

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