GH Spoilers Jan 1 – 5: Sonny Gives Nina the Boot, and Drew and Sam Don’t See Eye to Eye

General Hospital spoilers from Monday, Jan 1 to Friday, Jan 5. 2024.

What’s coming up on General Hospital this week

Olivia is infuriated by Lois, Laura realizes something about Esme, and Tracy puts the pieces together.

In the weekly spoiler video, Ava gets a shock, Carly gets a call that leaves her stunned, and Sonny confronts Nina.

Get your GH spoilers two weeks ahead! GH spoilers Dec 25 – 29.

General Hospital Spoilers Monday, Jan 1:

GH will be pre-empted.

General Hospital Spoilers Tuesday, Jan 2:

In the January 2 GH recap, Carly learns that her mother, Bobbie, has died

Carly receives life-altering news.

Sonny confronts Michael.

Olivia gets angry with Lois.

Sam grapples with how to co-parent with Drew.

Willow comes to Nina for help with a dress issue.

Sonny learns from Michael that someone he cares about called the SEC on Carly and Drew.

Chase and BLQ discuss New Years Eve.

blq chase talk nye


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General Hospital Spoilers Wednesday, Jan 3:

Could Steve Burton’s Days exit mean that he’s returning to GH?

Michael confesses to Sonny.

Drew supports Carly in her time of need.

Tracy starts to put the pieces together.

Willow suspects Michael’s ulterior motives.

Ava has a surprised visitor.

ava listens to worried nina General Hospital recaps

General Hospital Spoilers Thursday, Jan 4:

In Thursday’s GH recap, Sonny beats Cyrus right into a hospital bed.

Carly lashes out at Nina.

Drew yells at Nina.

Sonny encounters Cyrus at the church.

Sonny beats Cyrus who doesn’t fight back.

Cyrus is put in the hospital.

Joss and Dex find a drunk Adam.

Curtis has a romantic surprise for Portia.

Laura makes a realization about Esme.

The GH primetime 60th Anniversary special is on tonight. It includes appearances from stars present and past and you won’t want to miss out.

drew angry with nina for calling SEC

General Hospital Spoilers Friday, Jan 5:

Steve Burton is returning to General Hospital as Jason Morgan. Find out what the actor said about his return. 

In Friday’s GH recap, Drew and Sam argue over Scout not going to boarding school.

Felicia and Anna reminisce.

Cody comforts Maxie over Bobbie’s death.

Sasha encourages Nina to have faith.

Sam and Drew have an argument.

Dante is in a predicament.

felicia with the wall GH spoilers

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