B&B Recap: Ridge Lets Everyone Say Goodbye and Finn’s About to Pull the Plug When Eric Opens His Eyes

Wednesday, Dec 13: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy and Finn ask Ridge if he’s sure, Donna tells Eric she’s not ready to let go, and Poppy checks on RJ and Luna.

Tuesday’s Early B&B recap:
Donna and Steffy protested, but Ridge repeated that it is time for Eric to die, while Hope comforted Thomas.

At the hospital, Steffy, Donna and Brooke argue with Ridge, telling him that this new treatment Finn has suggested could give Eric a chance to survive.

steffy finn beg ridge

Ridge points out it is only an experimental treatment and his father insisted he didn’t want that.

ridge repeats it's time

They point out Eric did not know of this possibility. He repeats it’s time to turn off the life support.

donna and brooke appalled

More than anything, he wishes he could take his father home, but that’s not how this is playing out.

They’ve all said their peace and he needs to make this decision.

donna and brooke argue with ridge

Donna goes in to see Eric. Sitting at his side, she touches his hand and asks if he can hear her. He doesn’t respond.

eric in hospital bed

Shaking her head, she says Ridge says they have to let him go but she’s not ready.

They fought so hard to be together and she would have waited forever.

She didn’t give up on him then and won’t now.

“You cannot give up on us, Eric!” she urges.

donna begs eric not to give up

Ridge says it’s time to let him go but she’s not ready for that and reminds him that he said he wasn’t ready to give up on their adventure.

Donna begs him to come back to her and strokes his hair.

donna begs eric to come back

Back in the corridor, Steffy continues to argue with her father. Ridge doesn’t want his dad in more pain.

steffy finn ask if ridge sure

Finn asks if he’s absolutely sure. Time is of the essence if they decide to take a chance on treatment.

Ridge repeats that he’s made his decision.

He enters Eric’s room with Brooke and tells Donna it’s time.

ridge arm on donna

Steffy and Finn file in as Ridge tells everyone to say goodbye to his father and assure him they will be okay.

ridge says goodbye

Donna tells her honey bear that she loves him and he’s the best thing that ever happened to her.

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Sobbing Steffy begs Ridge again. He doesn’t think they can make this better. Eric had a party, spent time with everyone he cared about, and said he was ready.

steffy says goodbye

He can’t imagine a better end than that. What does she have in mind? Cutting him open and cleaning his blood with no guarantee other than suffering?

ridge tells steffy he won't let his father be in pain

Eric didn’t want suffering. He wanted to go on his terms and they should respect that.

ridge says there is no other way

Steffy sits with her grandfather and says she has so many questions she wishes she’d asked. She always imagined he would be there for her kids like he was for her.

steffy sobbing

It’s really hard but she knows he will be watching over them and will always be in her.

Kissing his hand, she tells him how she loves him and then runs into Finn’s arms.

Sitting at his side, Brooke tells Eric how much they all love him. Losing him will leave a huge hole in their lives but they will fill it with laughter and love.

brooke tells eric how great he is

It will be hard to say goodbye but Ridge thinks he’s doing what he’d want.

She can still remember walking into his house and meeting her soulmate…and him too, the kindest man ever. He’s live light from the sun and she doesn’t know what to do without him.

brooke remembers past

He’s made the world a better place and she loves him so much.

Once she gets up, Ridge sits down and tells his father he will give him what he asked for.

ridge says goodbye

It’s not easy but they have to be strong for him. “Go be with mom…with Phoebe,” he says.

“It’s okay to let go,” Ridge says before pulling back and nodding to Finn.

ridge tells eric he doesn't make this easy

Donna bursts into tears. Ridge looks around at everyone’s faces and then the off button and then nods to Finn again.

Before Finn can press it, Eric’s eyes start to open.

eric's eyes open

At Forrester, RJ tells Luna that he feels far away from his granddad. she tells him it’s okay to be scared.

luna hugs rj

He knew this day was coming but didn’t think it would be this soon. This might really be the end.

She hugs him.

Poppy brings them coffee and tells them how sorry she is about Eric.

poppy brings coffee

She doesn’t know Eric, but she’s aware of his reputation and knows how highly Luna thinks of him.

RJ says he doesn’t think he will ever have a better teacher.

rj no better teacher

Poppy thinks he lived his life to the fullest.

poppy says eric sounded good

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