Y&R Recap: Nikki’s Paranoid Audra Knows she’s Drinking, Michael Takes Claire’s Case, and Abby’s on to Heather

Weds Dec 13: Today on Young and Restless, Heather gets in with Daniel now that Lily’s away, Nikki tells Audra everything and drinks at work, and Michael tells Cole and Victoria he’ll take Claire’s case since this is personal.

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(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on Dec 13. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Heather turns up at Daniel’s place unannounced with coffee to thank him for her new place.

Daniel’s in a robe and lets her in.

She prattles on about being excited to move and asks about Lily.

heather brings coffee Y&R

Daniel tells her Lily’s out of town and will be gone for a while.

He goes to throw clothes on and a small smile forms on her face.

When he returns, dressed, they talk about the fire and how Mattie needs Lily.

daniel and heather coffee at his house Y&R recaps

Daniel can’t imagine it happening to Lucy and thinks of the times he wasn’t there for her. Heather touches his hand and says he is now.

He stares at her hand on his and holds her hand, thanking her for being so supportive when she has a right not to be. She just wants to put the pain and hurt behind them.

Daniel says her forgiveness means a lot to him. He won’t waste a minute going forth.

They talk about his father’s secret sauce recipe and share a laugh about not being able to get a hold of it. Later, he offers to help them move but she says it’s handled.

They talk about her new job and she tells him she owes him. 

daniel is happy to be forgiven

Audra’s shocked to see Nikki stroll into the office at Newman Media.

Audra’s so glad to see her. She heard about her seizure. Nikki’s brisque and cuts her off.

There was no seizure. Audra asks after Claire since she hasn’t seen her, either and Nikki shuts her down.

audra shocked to see Nikki at work Y&R recaps

She doesn’t want to talk about her.

She no longer works there and what’s more, she lied her way into the company to set a trap for her and her family. Audra says it makes no sense.

Nikki calls Claire a psycho path and tells Audra that her and her psycho aunt tried to kill her whole family.

nikki back at work after ordeal Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Audra’s horrified as Nikki details the situation.

Audra had a niggling feeling about her but didn’t think she was nuts.

She’ll keep Nikki’s confidence and offers to hold down the fort if she needs time off.

Nikki needs to work and asks to be filled in on work, but as Audra updates her on the daily bits, Nikki’s mind wanders to the Lakehouse and what happened to her, how she took her first drink after being pushed off the wagon.

audra horrified

Audra calls her name and rouses her from her thoughts. Nikki didn’t hear a thing.

Audra asks if she wants to go through with the celebrity blog idea but Nikki can’t think.

Maybe she needs more time to get this out of her system. “What do you mean, out of my system,” Nikki barks, before realizing she means the kidnapping.

Audra can’t imagine the rage she feels.

nikki tells audra to get a salad for her Y&R

Nikki felt so vulnerable and won’t let them win.

Audra hates feeling weakness in herself but sometimes circumstances are out of their control. She’ll get over the shock day by day and eventually will feel like her ‘rule the world’ self.

Audra invites her to lunch but Nikki’s not ready.

Audra doesn’t want to overstep but says it’s okay to lean on people.

There is no shame, “Even if you are the invincible Nikki Newman. But I got you. One salad coming up,” she says, taking off.

Nikki starts drinking at work

Nikki stares at her handbag and pulls out a flask and guzzles the whole thing as Twin Peaks-style music plays. Once she’s done, someone arrives.

She hides the flask in her purse and Audra shows up with her salad.

nikki guzzles vodka at work

Nikki’s tired and isn’t sure she can make it there a full day.

Audra will cover and thinks the most important thing is for Nikki to recover.

Nikki takes her salad and goes.

audra gives nikki a salad

At Crimson Lights, Nate’s still thanking Devon. He wants to know more about the job.

Devon wants to introduce him to a new employee with good resources.

He can pick her brain and figure out a way to maximize her value.

Again, Nate appreciates his cousin’s confidence.

nate thanks devon for hundredth time Y&R

With Lily away, Devon says he’ll ask a little more of him.

Nate’s okay with that, knowing Lily needs this time away with Mattie. Again, Nate thanks Devon for giving him another shot. Devon chuckles.

He wants him to stop thanking him so much or they’ll never get anything done.

Nate laughs and says it’s just so good to be away from Newman family politics. Devon says now he’s done with them.

nate keeps thanking devon Y&R recaps

Nate once again gushes that he’s just grateful for the chance to show them that they made the right decision. Devon believes him and says enough gratitude.

Nate’s wide smile falls when Victoria walks in. Nate stops by to say hello to Victoria just as Cole walks in the back door. Victoria says hello and Nate leaves.

Victoria approaches Devon, happy that he and Nate are getting along.

She asks if he’s back at the company. Devon says he is. Temporary basis.

nate smiles at devon Y&R



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Devon knows what went down at Newman but it’s important to have him back with family.

Victoria agrees and says she doesn’t believe he was out to betray her dad.

He had his best interests at heart. Devon’s surprised since nobody else agrees.

victoria talks to devon with a smile Y&R

She introduces him to Cole and after Devon goes, Cole tells his ex that being back at the Lakehouse was like a living hell. He had to sneak in without breaking crime tape.

He took a brush, toothbrush and a few other items from Claire’s bedroom.

answers will bring more questions says victoria on Y&R

They need their own samples and can compare them.

Victoria is an emotional wreck.

What if Claire is Eve? She says she wonders then if she’s not.

Cole says they’ll get her the help she needs, either way.

cole and victoria work together to save claire

Victoria knows they can’t turn their back on her.

Cole thinks they need to connect with her.

She doesn’t deserve what his aunt did to her.

They reminisce about how painful it was to lose Eve. It’d be a miracle if they never lost her. Cole’s sorry she’s being put through this, knowing how hard it is for her.

victoria tells cole they will get thorugh this thing Y&R

She knows they’ll get through it. Michael interrupts.

He can see now why Victoria and Cole are intrigued by Claire. She’s deeply troubled. Michael says she seems detached and scared.

michael feels for claire

She’s disillusioned about who cares about her. He wonders who could treat someone so cruelly.

He thinks if she’s sentenced, it’ll destroy her psyche. She needs psych care, not prison. 

Cole wonders how much was grooming. Michael’s on board with her case as long as they are.

It’ll be a commitment financially and they need the DNA testing.

This is personal for Michael. He remembers what it was like to have a difficult upbringing and has his own demons. 

michael says he'll take the case

Devon greets Abby at Society. They hug and she can tell he is in a mood.

He says it’s Nate’s first day back to the company and then Victoria appeared and it was like a cold breeze entering the cafe.

He was sure Nate was affected by her but hopes it doesn’t hurt his work ethic.

Abby hopes he’s not regretting his decision to bring him back.

abby hugs devon

They talk about Victor putting her family through faking him losing his mind. She’s glad she’s spared from the drama but hopes Nate wasn’t trying to put her dad away. Devon recaps her on what Nate said, that he was on the up and up.

Daniel and Heather alk into Society. Abby greets them. The men talk about Lily getting settled in with Mattie and Abby congratulates Heather on her move and the new job.

abby greets daniel and heather

Devon is happy to have her legal skills.

Heather feels settled and says her life was unbalanced in Portugal.

She made some bad decisions for the wrong reasons and thanks Daniel for giving him the right reasons.

heather happy she is living in genoa city

Moving her kid back near her dad was the right thing to do. Abby looks at her awkwardly as Heather says she’s there at the right time.

Abby seats the exes and they discuss work and Heather reveals she played his game.

Abby watches them like a hawk and tells Devon she’s glad that Heather brought Lucy to town.

daniel and heather tallk about his game

“When did you say Lily was coming home again?” Abby asks, looking concerned. He’s not sure but Charlie’s flying out on the weekend.

Abby has a feeling that Daniel’s going to miss Lily a lot.

Meanwhile, Daniel and Heather talk about the game and she admits she’s at level 72. He’s impressed. 

heather and daniel talk about his game

When  Nikki arrives home at the ranch she side-eyes the booze cart and calls for Victor.

nikki prepares to get a drink

Since she’s alone, she closes herself in the living room, takes out her flash and prepares to load it up with more alcohol. Instead, she guzzles it straight from the bottle.

She hears Victoria calling and sets the bottle down, fast.

nikki guzzling from vodka bottle on Y&R recaps


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