GH Recap: Ava Suspects Nikolas Sent Her Threats, and Carly Runs Into Brennan/Pikeman

Weds Dec 13, 2023: Today on General Hospital, Brennan chats up Carly in the park, Dante and Sam go over the clues he found, and Joss and Trina urge Adam to pursue music.

Tuesday’s GH recap: Liesl rejected Scott, Ned blackmailed Nina for insider information, and Dante found a photo.

Alexis gets home and finds her daughters inside. She wonders why they are there and assumes something is wrong.

alexis finds daughters in house

She’s relieved when they claim it’s good news.

They tell her that they have decided on something and hope for her support.

Kristina is going to be the surrogate.

kristina and molly surprise mom

Alexis says that’s a very generous offer. Kristina assumes she has reservations.

Their mom is trying to look at all the angles and can see some potential pitfalls.

Molly tells her how this came about and Kristina insists she’s put a lot of thought into it this time. Even TJ is on board.

molly tells mom her choice

Alexis is happy for her and loves being a grandma.

The bond they have built is beautiful… but she worries this could be complicated and risky.

Molly won’t deprive herself out of fear and there’s no sense waiting until things are perfect.

Kristina wants this for everyone. Alexis gives her blessing.

Molly gets called off to work.

molly called away from sis and mom

Kristina asks her mom if she wants to finish organizing the closets. Her mom asks if she’s really thought this through.

They start bickering and she accuses her mom of not knowing her own mind. She’s sick of this narrative.

Her mom tells her that no research can prepare her for what it’s like to be a mother. Even if there are no complications, carrying the child will change her.

alexis warns kristina

Alexis asks if she’s really considered what she wants.

Kristina believes in what she’s doing and admits it’s a little scary but it feels right. She wishes her mom had faith in her.

Her mom does and needs to remember she’s an adult who can make her own decisions.

She offers to support her and they hug.

kristina says she knows what she's doing

Ava pays the mover as he leaves the last of her stuff in her apartment.

She finds a letter with a photos of dead Austin in it and a note that says, “Don’t tell anyone.”

ava gets another letter

Nina shows up and notices something is wrong.

Ava claims she’s just overwhelmed from moving.

Her friend assumes something has her terrified so Ava shows her the letter.

It was in her hamper.

nina asks if ava worried

People were in and out all day and one of them could have been the killer.

Nina thinks she should go to the cops, but Ava says it would only make her look bad.

Ava doesn’t think Cyrus is responsible because pushing her would be pointless.

This is the work of someone who hates her and wants revenge: Nikolas.

ava thinks nikolas to blame

Maybe the doctor double-crossed the prince? She assumes they were in cahoots.

She starts railing about how horrible and destructive her relationship with Nikolas was.

It was a good thing he got Esme pregnant.

The only person with a motive to torment her is the prince and she intends to beat him at his own game.

ava rants about nikolas

She tells her friend not to worry about her and shows her out.

Ava immediately locks the door.

She notices the drawer of her desk is open a little.

She looks inside and finds a gun with a note saying you never know when you’ll need it.

ava finds gun

Joss and Trina walk into the dorm hall and spot Adam singing as he strums a guitar. When he spots then, he apologizes and they ask him into their room to play something else.

joss trina and adam in hall

They want to hear more.

He’s bashful but plays for them and they clap.

adam performs for joss trina

Joss had no idea he had such a great voice.

He appreciates it but has to get back to studying.

Trina asks him to eat with them.

Joss, Trina and Adam go to Kelly’s. As Joss orders food, Trina asks him how he learned to play music.

joss trina adam kelly's

He explains his dad wasn’t happy about him playing guitar so he taught himself.

Joss returns with food and Trina asks if he’s thought of playing professionally.

adam asked about guitar

As they go on about how he could change his major and do what he wants with his life, he says he has to be a doctor.

joss trina adam talk music

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Sonny drops by the hospital to see Stella.

He finds her with Felicia.

felicia stella and sonny at gh

He tells them he needs a patient advocate because he wants to pay for all the hospital’s holiday expenses.

Felicia says he’s like Santa. Some kid named Lindsay cries he’s not Santa.

lindsay says sonny not santa

Felicia explains he’s just generous like Santa.

Sonny adds he’s a big fan of Santa and follows his example.

sonny is santa fan

Lindsay’s mom pops up and wanders off with Felicia and her daughter.

Stella wonders what has inspired Sonny to be so generous.

He was inspired by a friend of hers, his father.

sonny looking for stella

They talk about how much she admired Mike. He misses his dad every day, but especially at this time of year.

stella and sonny talk mike

As they recall Mike, she remembers how much he could flirt and how courageous he was. Stella says he really loved his son.

Sonny thanks her for that and appreciates how she treated his dad. “Mike made it easy,” she says. They hug.

sonny stella talk mike

When Dante and Sam get to their penthouse, she asks him what he found.

dante sam talk anna

He found a package and brought it to the bank where he put it in a safety deposit box.

It had the WSB file on the opp that went bad. Anna was involved.

She had a lot of files and may have been guilty of lots of things.

dante fills sam in

Sam says she’s redeemed herself since then.

He’s not so sure. How accurately can she, or anyone, recall their past? He suspects she’s re-written the past.

“Do you trust Anna?” she asks.

He does but isn’t sure how to handle this yet.

sam asks if dante trusts anna

Dante explains the op to get a Soviet general to defect collapsed and then pulls out the wallet that was in the package.

She looks it over and they find numbers inside.

dante sam look at wallet

In the park, Carly’s daughter shows her how she can kick a ball.

It rolls over to Brennan (Pikeman), who jogs over with it.

carly and donna in park

They chat about running and Carly tells him about a trail.

She does pilates to unwind or swim.

When Donna asks for hot chocolate, Brennan offers to get it for them.

brennan bumps into carly

Once they get their drinks, Donna jogs off and Carly tells Brennan about her kid.

He says that her daughter seems just like her, not bratty or demanding and open to the world.

brenna and carly talk donna

That makes her chuckle.

She fills him in on learning to fight for what’s important.

“How do you decide what’s important?” he asks.

She talks about her family and then asks what’s important to him.

Before he can explain, Donna runs back, eager to get home.

brenna asks carly important

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