Y&R Recap: Victoria Feels Nikki Betrayed her, Adam Confesses to Deceiving Victor, and Nikki Agrees to Meet Claire’s Aunt

Fri Nov 10: Today on Young and Restless, Sharon and Nick update each other, Nick’s at a crossroads, Victoria goes off the rails at Nikki, while Adam comes clean with his father about his own betrayal. 

Wednesday’s recap: Summer Imagines Telling Sharon She’ll Fight Her For Chance, and Phyllis is Accused of Disrespecting Boundaries

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on Nov 13. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Sharon ends a call with Elena who has good news about Chance.

Nick arrives and she fills him in on the shooting.

sharon calls elena about chance's heaalth

He’s grateful Chance is okay. Sharon thought this job would keep him out of the line of fire.

She confesses how scared she was getting that call. Has he talked to Summer?

Nick says no but he knows she’s friendly with him. Sharon narrows her gaze and moves on to ask about Victor finding a traitor.

nick learns about chance and is upset

Nick lets her know that Nate walked into his trap.

Sharon finds it hard to believe Nate would betray Victor since he’s a doctor but Nick says he hasn’t been one in a while.

They think Nate wanted Victor out of the way to Victoria could replace him.

Sharon debates that maybe Nate thought the best course of action was to send Victor for treatment.

She finds it outrageous and can see things are more of a mess at Newman when she hears of Nate’s firing.

Nick admits his dad asked him to go back to Newman but he doesn’t feel he can make a decision either way right now.

He worries Adam will betray his dad which makes Nick want to return to protect his father.

sharon tells nick about chance being shot

Sharon says Kirsten International or whatever they want to call it will be fine. She’s loved working with him and will come to him for advice.

Victoria finds her mom at Newman Media, exhausted. She wants to go home but Victoria’s in a mood.

She assumes Victor’s on top of his game, happy about deceiving them all.

Nikki knows but they need to talk about this tomorrow.

victoria rails on nikki

Victoria yells about him having no faith in her. “And you! You let him do it!”

Nikki says he didn’t consult her first and she told him she disagreed with it.

“Yet, you said nothing, you did nothing!” Victoria yells, complaining about being worried about her dad’s mental health and that her mom did nothing to invalidate her feelings.

victoria yelling at nikki for betraying her

Nikki tries to defend herself but Victoria feels betrayed. Nikki regrets it all but Victor was adamant.

They argue over whether Nikki should have spilled the tea. Nikki understood her husband’s argument about Nate and hopes Victoria’s eyes are opened.

She can’t trust Nate. He has an agenda.

Victoria can’t believe her ears and starts to laugh. Everyone has an agenda.

Claire interrupts with an emergency and Victoria takes off.

Claire says her aunt broke her arm in a fall at her lakehouse.

claire tells nikki there's something she needs to know

She lives alone and the housekeeper only comes in once a week.

Nikki suggests she take a few days to take care of her.

Claire appreciates it. Nikki wants her to focus on her aunt. Claire admits Aunt Jordan is Nikki’s biggest fan.

Nikki’s surprised and embarrassed.

Claire praises Nikki’s philanthropy and business and admits she was coming to visit her this weekend.

nikki and claire talk aunt jordan

She hoped to meet Nikki to thank her for hiring her. Nikki shrugs. “Another time.”

She is off to visit her sister Casey this weekend in Napa since she’s on a conference.

Oregon is on the way, so Nikki offers her a ride on the Newman jet. Claire reluctantly agrees and has another favor.

She wants her to come and meet her aunt. Nikki hesitates. It’d have to be quick. 

claire grateful nikki visiting her aunt

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Adam goes to Victor’s office and asks where he fits in at Newman.

Victor hasn’t decided, staring at some spreadsheet on his laptop.

Victor confesses he thought Adam would have been the one to take advantage of him.

adam confronts dad

He’s happy he was wrong and appreciates that he protected him.

Adam’s grateful he recognizes it but he was hurt and felt betrayed by the way he was treated and confesses he too was faking wanting to start back at the family company at the bottom.

Once he worked his way up, he was planning on finding a way to tear it apart.

Victor shrugs. Now he understands why he set the trap.

victor tells adam that he isn't sure where he fits in yet

He was suspicious of his son. Adam says this keeps happening and then they have a truce and are almost like father and son.

Adam wanted to fit in and be a part of this “amazing entity” he built and fought it by holding on to his anger.

Then Victor’s disturbing behavior made him feel protective.

He’s uncomfortable admitting it, reminding his dad they haven’t had the same time together as his other kids.

“I wasn’t ready to lose you.” Adam calls Victor’s move masterful.

He explains everyone’s ambitions and thinks Nate wanted to be king to his sister’s queen. With a smile, Victor says Adam thinks like him.

adam talks to victor about his plans

Adam wants Nate’s position but Victor doesn’t want friction between him and Victoria.

They need to work out their differences.

Adam’s fine with that and they need to know where Nicholas stands.

Adam whines about feeling outranked by his siblings and walks off. 

adam asks where he fits in

Nick catches Adam on his way out and admits he’s glad he didn’t use their father’s faked illness against him but his guard is still up when it comes to his brother.

It’ll likely always be that way. Adam knows. He’s heard it all before.

He asks if Nick will return to Newman but Nick refuses to tell him anything.

Since Victor left for the day, Nick takes off and Adam goes into their father’s office and sits in his chair. 

adam sneers at nick for not trusting him

Victoria orders a cabernet at Neil’s lounge and flashes back to trying to fight for her relationship with Nate. Nick meets her after he put Christian to bed.

She tells her brother that Nate’s not answering her calls.

Nicholas thinks she should let it go but she can’t and wonders what he’ll do next. 

victoria flashes to fighting for nate

Back at Newman Media, Nikki greets Victor and recaps how Victoria railed on her for doing nothing to stop him from setting the trap.

Victor thinks she needs time to work it out. She tells him about her talk with Claire and the trip to Oregon they’re taking before she visits Casey.

She second-guesses the trip but Victor knows she needs the rest. 

nikki and victor in her office

Claire leaves her room at the Athletic Club.

claire leaves


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