B&B Recap: Eric and Donna Get Married in a Whirlwind Ceremony and Poppy Tells Bill He’s Not Luna’s Father

Thursday, Feb 8, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Eric and Donna rush into a wedding ceremony, and Bill offers to be a father to Luna.

Wednesday’s Early B&B recap: Donna was speechless as Eric got Ridge to help him on one knee to propose to her, while Poppy misplaced her special mints.

At Eric’s, his friends and family gasp and smile as he begs Donna to give him an answer to his proposal.

donna proposed to

Once he’s helped off his knee, she screams YES and throws her arms around him.

donna hugs eric

He slips the ring on and she says she loves him and sobs.

As the ladies admire the ring, Zende jokes to his granddad he was lucky she said yes. Ridge wishes him every happiness.

zende congrats eric

Eric gets up and thanks everyone for being there.

There are plenty of people to celebrate a wedding, they even have an officiant in Carter.

Donna is surprised he wants to do it tonight.

“What else are we gonna do? Play board games?” he asks.

They can finish the night as husband and wife.

donna shocked by idea

They sit. He doesn’t want to wait another second.

She reminds him of how many family members aren’t there but he’d do this with just the two of them.

She asks her sisters to stand up with her and doesn’t know what to say.

He doesn’t want to wait. Neither does she.

donna eric talk wedding

“I want to become your wife today,” she agrees. They pass out champagne.

The sisters send Donna to the back of the room with some flowers.

Luna snaps shots of her as Ridge stands with his dad by the mantle.

brooke and donna at wedding

Zende cues up the wedding march and Donna walks over to Eric.

Carter welcomes everyone to the ceremony.

Ridge jokes his father is the king of the romantic gesture.

Carter asks if anyone objects. “No one better say anything,” Eric says, before offering Donna the biggest wedding in the world if she’d rather have that.

carter begins ceremony

Taking his hand, she says this is the wedding of her dreams.

Eric tells them the last time he was in that room with them, it ended badly, but he found a moment of peace.

He can’t wait to spend the rest of his life with Donna.

eric speech at wedding

She’s been waiting for this moment all of her life.

Eric tells her how he loves her and how every day is an adventure.

When he says he likes her naughty side, everyone giggles. But it’s her nurturing side that has meant so much to him.

He’ll love her forever.

eric makes his vows

Choking up, she tells Honey Bear that the thought of a world without him shattered her heart.

She won’t take a single second with him for granted.

She didn’t need to be his wife, but for him to propose and give her a gorgeous ring has made her feel more loved than she ever has.

donna makes vow to eric

RJ and Luna snuggle and Zende glares at them.

Carter prompts Eric and Donna with the vows.

Once they have said their “I dos,” Ridge hands him the wedding bands and Carter urges them to make every moment count.

She slips the finger on Eric’s ring and repeats the vow of commitment.

donna slips on ring

Eric follows and Carter tells them to kiss.

The guests all clap. Donna is in tears.

eric and donna kiss

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At Il Giardino, Bill and Poppy are glad that Deacon and Sheila aren’t there today.

bill poppy at il giradino

It feels like their place.

This is where they met again after all those years.

He may not believe in “cosmic nonsense” but he can’t help feeling like there were forces that reconnected them.

She tells him how happy Luna was to be asked over to the Forrester estate today.

poppy smiling at bill

Bill thinks RJ is a reliable guy, but if he lets Luna down, he’ll step in.

He knows she doesn’t know who her father is, but she can have him.

She gest tense and nearly tears up. He knows that Luna’s paternity is a sensitive subject.

She was clearly conceived around the time they met.

“Am I Luna’s father?” he asks.

He’s ready for the truth and the responsibility that goes with it.

bill talks cosmic

She tells him Luna is not the reason they’ve been brought back together.

With her chin quivering, she tells him Luna is not his daughter.

Someone else is her father.

poppy bill talk luna paternity

The timing might be close but not that close.

This conversation is making her uncomfortable.

He’s not judging her.

She appreciates that but there are no obligations.

It’s always been her and her daughter against the world. It’s staying that way.

bill not the father

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