Y&R Spoilers February 5 – 9: Nate’s Caught in the Middle, Ashley Returns From Paris, and Christine and Phyllis’ Rivalry Takes a Dangerous Turn

Monday, Feb 5 to Friday, Feb 9.

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Coming up on Y&R the week of February 4, Genoa City is rocking this week with Victor and Jack finding Nikki in a bar, Abby asking Tessa for a favor and more drama between the Abbott, Newman and  Winters clans!

From the promo!

At Society, Tessa tells Abby she was surprised that she wanted to meet with just her and not Mariah.

Abby has a proposition for her.

tessa and abby talk at society

At Crimson Lights, Danny tells Christine, “I haven’t seen you since uh —”

danny runs into christine

Christine intrerupts. “Since I saw you kissing Phyllis.”

christine and danny meet

At some scummy bar, Victor finds Nikki drunken and almost passed out on a table. “Baby?”

victor finds nikki drunk at a bar

Nikki says, “Oh God, Victor?

Victor says, “Yes.”

nikki drunk at some bar

She sees Jack. “No. No. No. What did you do?”

jack finds nikki drunk


Young and Restless Spoilers Monday, February 5:

In Monday’s Y&R recap, Chelsea and Adam have an argument about Connor that ends with them understanding each other better.

Ashley and Traci gather intel in Paris, once Ashley gets back to the cafe. Traci won’t stop until she finds out if Tucker paid off the waiter.

Chelsea and Adam question their parenting skills. Since Connor’s been having issues with his grades at his new school, they’re trying to figure out if they’ve done something wrong along the way or if it’s the system in question, and their insecurity gets the better of them.

Devon gives Nate a warning. We guess Devon still doesn’t trust Nate. Should he? Leave us a comment with your thoughts. 


Young and Restless Spoilers Tuesday, February 6:

In Tuesday’s Y&R recap, Victor has his team following Nikki around as she goes into a bar to get drunk. 

Victor is suspicious of Nikki. He should be since she’s still drinking and heads to a bar for more.

Victoria learns at that Jordan’s presumed dead. 

Victoria and Cole agree to tell Claire the truth about Jordan’s prison going up in flames.

Jack turns to Lauren for help. Turns out that Jack wants Lauren to go work for Nikki, temporarily while she searches for someone to replace Audra.

Abby makes a big decision. This is part of the promo. We know she’s going to work for Chancellor-Winters, but does this mean she will ask Tessa of all people to run Society?

Victor goes to the Empty Glass, a bar that Nikki is at, and when she sees him trying to bribe the waiter to tell him if he’s seen Nikki, she asks Jack to call Victor. 

victor finds nikki drunk at a bar

Young and Restless Spoilers Wednesday, February 7:

Victor learns disturbing news.

Christine and Phyllis’ rivalry takes a dangerous turn. This either sounds promising if you like more drama or a pain, if you want this storyline over!

Tucker reveals his master plan.

christine phyllis at bar

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Mishael Morgan (Amanda) returns


Young and Restless Spoilers Thursday, February 8:

In Thursday’s Y&R recap, Victor and Jack find Nikki in a dive bar, drunk.

Victor and Nikki reach a compromise.

Devon backs Daniel into a corner. Should he do something about this guy who has cheated on his sister?

Phyllis keeps up appearances.

Danny learns Heather and his son are reunited.

Danny runs away from Phyllis when she gets aggressive for him.

Victor agrees to let Jack be Nikki’s sponsor.

danny hears heather and son back together

Young and Restless Spoilers Friday, February 9:

Jack and Nikki’s bond finally upsets Diane. Sounds like Victor’s not the only one jealous. 

Mamie’s back. She and Nate strategize.  

Ashley stands her ground with Tucker. She doesn’t believe a word this man says!

diane abbott Y&R

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