As Thomas Assures Hope RJ’s Not Competition, Ridge Tells RJ He Believes He Can Be the Family’s Greatest Designer

In the Wednesday, May 3, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Deacon gets advice on pizza and wine from some special guests, RJ asks Ridge what’s going on with Brooke, and Hope prods Thomas for his feelings about RJ’s return.

We also have Tuesday’s B&B recap where Bill told his sons he’s confident about Katie, Katie assured Carter that Bill only wants what he can’t have, and Steffy ensured Finn knew that Sheila held no power over them.

At Forrester Creation, Ridge suggests they take RJ out for lunch at a restaurant so he can get his followers to blow it up on social media.

RJ offers to help Eric with a video call

Eric is happy to see him back and gives him a hug. Ridge is smiling at have him back too.

Charlie comes in and hopes that RJ will be coming in regularly. RJ make sit clear he won’t be in every day. Although if he did, he would be able to hang out with “the coolest guy in the world.”

“Oh stop!” says Charlie. RJ is talking about Eric.

charlie makes bad jokes to eric.

Charlie reminds Eric he has a video conference. RJ is impressed that he knows all about ring lighting.

After Eric and Charlie take off, Ridge tells his son that the Forrester men know how to put on a show. That kind of knowledge could come in handy at the company.

They chat about how great Eric is. RJ is happy to see him happy with Donna.

Ridge says Logan women bring that out in Forrester men.

If Ridge had known a truce between Brooke and Taylor was possible, he would have made it happen years ago.

rj asks ridge about brooke

His son asks what’s really going on between he and his mom.

His father is evasive. He claims that he and Brooke are just “chillin'” and will leave it alone for now.

RJ doesn’t buy that.

His father goes on about how impressed he is about the man he has become. He’s talented and passionate and he wants to see him use that.

All the men in the family have the gift to create beauty. Ridge hands him a pencil and asks him to show himself what he can do.

ridge offering rj a pen

“I’m convinced you could be the greatest designer Forrester has ever seen,” Ridge says. His son smiles.

RJ surprised his dad is forcing the issue.

In Thomas’ office, he and Hope look at his latest designs. As they discuss it, she says it feels like he can read her mind.

hope tells thomas can read mind

She tells him how great he is at “casual sophistication.” When she asks if he’s seen much of RJ, he gets glum.

He turns the topic back to the line and they recap how they turned this around after the slump.

Hope doesn’t want him to be so busy with work that he doesn’t have time for himself and their son.

He tells her what a great time he had with Douglas at the game.

thomas talks about how much fun they had a the game

When she brings up RJ again, she asks if she’s been avoiding him. He squints.

They talk about how everything seems to be back on keel again and she knocks wood. She’s thrilled RJ is back but can understand if his feelings are a little more “complex.”

hope bites her lips.

She suggests there could be some competitive feelings.

Thomas insists he doesn’t have any. He’s glad his brother is back. Plus, Ridge and Brooke are really glad he’s back.


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At Il Giardino, Deacon has pizza with Chef Daniele (played by Daniele Uditi) and they discuss how to make the best crust.

deacon and chef daniel

Deacon has to stop himself from eating the whole pie and thanks him for all his wisdom and guidance.

Daniele says he’s a great success.

Deacon knows, but he wouldn’t mind making a little more money. He wants to step up how classy the place is.

That’s how you make the money.

chef daniel pizza advice

The chef reminds him people come in for the food.

Deacon thanks him again and the chef takes off.

Deacon yells, “Show me the money!” at the sky.

deacon asks God to show him the money.

“Did someone just say my favorite word: money?” asks Count Bouche (played by Jimmie Walker) as he walks in.

He announces he is the sommelier to the stars. He brought his grandson along.

Jimmie Walker comes to bold and beautiful

Deacon guesses he saw his ad for a wine expert.

Giving him the thumbs up, the Count tells him he’s the man he’s looking for.

He won’t find anyone better. If he gives him a chance, he will prove it.

Jimmie Walker comes to B&B as Count Bouche (Boo she)

His grandson sits and cracks up.

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