As Ridge and Bill Bicker About How He Handled the Proposal, Sheila Tells Deacon About it and Wonders if it’s Too Good to be True

In the Thursday, March 23, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Bill tries to slip a ring on Sheila’s finger, Stephen doesn’t understand why Ridge is gone, and Paul asks Deacon about his mystery woman.

We also have Wednesday’s B&B recap where Bill proposed to Sheila to trick her into confessing, and Steffy questioned Hope about having the hots for Thomas.

At Bill’s, Sheila tries to wrap her head around him proposing marriage to her. He says he’s ready to commit to a women who knows the real him.

sheila thinks over bill's proposal

They both been married before, but he’s ready to finally commit to someone who he can be his authentic self with. She looks at him and then the ring and then him again.

bill proposes to sheila with ring

Ridge and FBI agent Chen watch this by surveillance in their bunker. They hope that Sheila will take the bait.

ride and fbi agent listen to proposal

Bill asks Sheila what’s going on in her head. The symbolism of the ring means something. It’s a way of breaking down the final barriers so she can believe in him completely. They can be open with each other about anything.

bill tries to slip the ring on

She pulls her finger away when he tries to slip the ring on. Sheila says she’s fantasized about a future but never imagined becoming his wife. He suggests they can have the biggest or smallest wedding she wants.

Bill doesn’t want to hide their relationship or feelings from anyone. He wants them to be the keepers of each other’s deepest, darkest secrets.

bill tells sheila what a ring symbolizes

The ring is a symbol of the future they can have. She points out how upset his sons will be. He doesn’t care about that. He knows what’s best for him.

“What are you really talking about here?” she asks. She assumes there must be a prenup to sign. Laughing, he says there isn’t one. There’s nothing to this but his undying commitment to her.

Sheila looks at the ring again. This is the last thing she was expecting. He reminds her of all their cuddling by the fire.

sheila has doubts about bill's proposal

She knows they have a connection, but she doesn’t really know what he thinks or feels. Bill claims he’s showing her that. He’s being his authentic self.

The symbolic promise of the ring is that they can be real together. This means a lot to her. She’s always craved this and wants to say yes, but she needs a minute to process this.

Bill confirms that if she accepts his proposal, it will permanently change her future.

Sheila needs to take a drive and think about this. He hands her the ring and urges her to take it along. He’ll wait for her.

She promises to be back with an answer. Bill kisses her and she takes off. Once she’s gone, his smile drops.

sheila needs to take a drive to think

Back in the bunker, Ridge is not happy to see Sheila walk. Chen reminds him that there are agents everywhere. They wonder at how gullible Sheila has been for a criminal mastermind.

ridge watches the proposal

Chen gets a notification that Sheila has run off to Deacon’s.

Ridge calls Bill and they start bickering about how he handled his proposal. Bill is near the end of his rope. He wants to get the confession and be done with this.

When Ridge tells him Sheila has gone to Deacon’s, Bill complains about her having to get permission from the pizza man. He wants this done and their families safe.

ridge argues with bill about sheila

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At Forrester Creations, Stephen complains to Brooke about Ridge being MIA when the family is in crisis. He wonders what he can be up to.

stephen complains to brooke about ridge

They sit down and Brooke tells them about Bill falling in love with Sheila. Lucy can’t understand it. Neither can Brooke. They’re sure that Sheila walking free must be terrifying for her.

brooke tells stephen and lucy about bill

Lucy keeps Stephen calm but he’s having a hard time biting his tongue about Ridge being gone.

At Il Giardino, Deacon asks Paul if he’s finished with Brooke. The waiter says that’s what she wants. Deacon’s not surprised. Ridge isn’t someone you just move on from.

deacon and paul talk brooke

Paul is hoping that the longer Ridge stay away, the easier it might get. He starts quizzing his boss about his mystery woman.
Deacon flashes back to sex with Sheila and then tells him to get back to work.

paul asks deacon about his mystery woman

After getting a text, Deacon goes to his apartment and Sheila arrives. She explains that Bill truly loves her. “Did he buy you a tiara?” he asks.

She explains that he bought her an engagement rings. He wants nothing to keep them apart and he wants her to open up to him completely.

“Is this really happening or is this too good to be true?” she asks him.

sheila tells deacon about the proposal

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