Liz is Cleared by the Ethics Committee, Curtis and Jordan Nearly Kiss, and Gregory Tells Alexis He’s Sick

General Hospital recap for Thursday, March 23, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Maxie asks Cody for a favor, Sasha keeps her eyes on Glady, and Portia urges Marshall to contact his original medical team.

We also have Wednesday’s GH recap where Chase walked out on Brook Lynn after she confessed, Curtis still couldn’t forgive Portia, and Esme and the baby moved into Laura’s.

Terry joins Finn and Liz in the hall at General Hospital. She made it clear to the board that Liz is an excellent nurse.

liz asks terry if a quick decision is good

After Terry runs off, Liz tells Finn that she needs to deal with whatever happens. He’ll understand if she wants to face this on her own. She wants him by her side.

Terry jogs back to say the board has reached their decision.

The committee head comes out and explains they decided not to take any disciplinary action against her. Liz thanks him.

committee lets liz off

She runs off and hugs Finn, thanking him for staying by her side. Terry says his words had a lot of impact on the committee. He points out a lot of people spoke up for her.

Terry expects to see her back in the morning for her shift.

Finn hated the thought of doing rounds without Liz around.

Violet shows up and asks the nurse to come out for spaghetti. Liz would love that and they hop off together.

Portia is on the elevator remembering Curtis telling her that he wasn’t confident their love could fix their trust issues.

When she steps off, she bumps into Marshall. He just had his follow-up. She explains Curtis has refused to tell her anything about it.

portia bumps into marshall

Marshall hates that there’s so much distance between her and his son. They step away to talk in private.

In her office, they go over him having no genetic markers. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have schizophrenia but it’s not likely. He’s not sure whether there was anything wrong with him at all.

Portia explains the understanding of the disorder has changed a lot over the past forty years. He senses she knows more about this than she’s saying.

She suggests he try contacting his original medical team for more details. When she leaves, he calls Stella and asks if she has his old medical records.

Curtis storms into Charlie’s and orders a scotch. Jordan finds him. He warns this won’t be his last drink and things might get ugly.

jordan finds curtis drinking

She joins him and wonders why he isn’t drinking for free at his club. There are too many things to bother him there.

As they drink, he tells her about his run-in with Trina. That was good until her mom walked in.

Jordan doesn’t want the same thing to happen to he and Portia that happened to them. She encourages him to do what he could do with her: forgive.

curtis asks jordan if they would still be together

He points out Portia lied to him for twenty years.

They rehash their break-up and he wonders if they would still be together if he hadn’t judged her so harshly. “We would,” Jordan says.

curtis and jordan talk about their relationship before they broke up

He says it’s been too long since they talked like this and leans in for a kiss. A cop interrupts to say her car is outside.

She says they’ve reached their limit and tells Curtis to have a good night.


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Trina shows up at Laura’s penthouse and is surprised when Esme and the baby come out of their new room. Esme announces they live there now.
Spencer clearly isn’t happy about this.

Laura explains the situation to Trina and Spencer adds that he will be living there too.

Trina hopes this works out for all of them and he walks her out.

laura and esme explain her moving in

As he walks her to the elevator, he tries explaining why he’s going along with this. He insists it’s the last thing he wants but he couldn’t lose his brother for good.

She understands. Neither of them think Esme is putting on an act, but Trina wonders if the new Esme might end up being worse than the old one.

trina wonders is esme could be worse

He tells Trina that she’s given him something Esme never could: honesty.

Esme and Laura put the baby to sleep. Esme can’t imagine that Heather or Ryan ever sung to her. Laura is sorry she doesn’t have happy memories.

marshall and portia discuss his follow-up

Esme wants her son to have all she never had. The baby starts crying and Laura goes off to see him. She brings the baby out and Esme wonders what’s keeping Spencer.

She looks out the door and sees Spencer and Trina about to kiss. They make excuses about what they are discussing but Esme doesn’t seem to care. Spencer wishes Trina good night.

Gregory barges into The Invader office and confronts Alexis for going to Finn after he told her not to. She can’t drop this. She’s worried and cares about him.

gregory argues with alexis

He asks her to stop prying into his life and save her sympathies.

She justifies why she thinks he has a drinking problem. She doesn’t know what else to think. He accuses her of acting like a cop.

Gregory repeats that he doesn’t have a drinking problem. When she asks why he was fired, he says he quit. That doesn’t make sense to her.

She can see something is wrong and wants to help. “I’m sick,” he admits.

gregory admits he's sick

He refuses to say more. She’s sure Finn can help him. He’s not telling his son.

If she wants to help him, she’ll give back to his car keys.

Alexis promises he can trust her and nothing he says will go outside the office. He takes his keys and leaves.

At Kelly’s, Maxie talks to Sasha and Gladys about all the plans for the Ball.

gladys maxie sasha talk ball at kelly's

Cody wanders in and says hello. Sasha introduces him to Gladys. Cody says they met before at The Savoy.

He makes an excuse and she starts coughing when he mentions luck. Maxie takes him off to talk.

Sasha tells Gladys she knows why Cody upset her. She tells her she doesn’t like the idea of her going out alone when they can go out together.

sasha tells gladys she knows why cody upset her

Sasha suggests they glam up and go to the Ball together. She offers to use her money and thinks she should be paid for all her hard work.

Outside, Maxie tells Cody she needs him to dance at the Ball. He agrees. She gives him a hug.

maxie asks cody to strip

They go inside and Sasha declares they need to do some high end shopping for Gladys. Cody looks at her and sighs. Gladys gulps.

Maxie announces that Cody has agreed to strip for charity and then drags Gladys to a table to talk clothes.

maxie and cody have news

Cody asks Sasha if things are okay with Gladys. She says they are working through things. He’s surprised when she announces she’s now paying Gladys a salary.

He won’t tell her not to trust Gladys, but urges her to verify things.

Meanwhile, Maxie tells Gladys that Cody has his flaws but she likes him. She’s sure Sasha feels the same and asks if something is going on there.

Gladys hopes not. Selina sends her a text asking if she’s in for the poker game tonight.

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