Mac and Felicia Help Kevin Through His Struggle with his Guilt Over Grieving, Dex gets Shot and Dante Learns Cody’s Secret

General Hospital recap for Monday, March 13, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Ava refuses to do anything to jeopardize her possible future relationship with her daughter, Laura refuses to sell Charlotte’s stock, and two people are shot.

We also have Thusday’s GH recap where Maxie went looking for sponsors for the Nurses’ Ball, Mac and Cody bonded over beers, and Sonny told Dex why he’s keeping him in the dark about Pikeman.

At the hospital, Victor talks to a doctor about the potential causes of his erectile dysfunction. Liz finds him outside the examination room.

She tells him about her talk with GHPD and her immunity plea and thinks the cops will come for him next.

She told the cops he covered up his nephew’s tracks and she thinks he had a part in Nikolas leaving Port Charles.

Victor denies it but she knows better.

liz and victor talk her outing him to police GH recaps March 13, 2023

At Metro Court, Kevin tells Laura and Felicia he had to deal with his brother’s remains today.

Felicia is sorry. Laura says he’ll spread his brother’s ashes alone. Kevin gets a call and leaves the table.

Laura says he brought up his parents’ split and that Ryan went with his mother while he went to his dad.

He recalls the day he said goodbye to his brother, who at the time seemed innocent.

She’s sure he struggles with the notion he could have some more.

He doesn’t know about Lucy yet, either. She wants to check in with Anna soon but a call takes her from the table. 

felicia with kevin and laura metro court GH recaps March 13, 2023

Nearby, Ava is positive Carly and Drew got into a little insider trading.

Nina says they could wind up in prison if anyone finds out.

Nina says it’d serve Carly right to spend time in prison because of what she did, keeping her from her daughter but she’s not going to do anything and asks Ava to keep it quiet.

Ava won’t say a word but urges Ava to call the SEC. 

ava wants to ut carly for insider trading GH recaps March 13, 2023

At the stable, Cody drops the DNA test results and Mac pics it up.

He sees it’s from GH and Cody grabs it. He lies that he donated blood for money.

Mac offers to help find him work. Cody blows him off.

mac and cody stables GH recaps March 13, 2023

At the Quartermaine house, Scout and Dante arrive.

Drew hugs his daughter and sends her upstairs to play with Wiley. Scout comments that he’s always with Carly and asks if she’s there.

Drew says she’s not always there.

The kid goes upstairs and Dante goes to the stable.

scout, dante and drew quartermaine house GH recaps March 13, 2023

In the stable, Dante interrupts the discussion between Mac and Cody.

He tells him that he should talk things out with his friend.

Friends are hard to come by. Mac takes off and Dante urges him to keep up making friends with the man.

Cody blows up and says he can’t, not after what he’s done to him. He shows his friend the DNA test results and Dante’s surprised Cody’s really Mac’s son.

dante and cody stables GH recap

At Carly’s house, Joss says Dex has to at least try if he wants out of the mob.

Bobbie brings Donna home from the Zoo because her ears were hurting so Carly takes off to GH for her prescription.

donna ear infection GH recaps March 13, 2023

Bobbie and Joss discuss the Nurses’ Ball and Bobbie says this year, the research will go into HIV and AIDS, and will honor the GH staff they lost.

She wants to reach out to Cam and Joss worries he won’t be into it since he’s been through a lot. 

joss and bobbie gh recaps

At the warehouse, Dex shoves Sonny aside when he notices a sniper on the second floor.

He grabs his gun and the men tumble to the ground.

“Stay down. It’s a sniper rifle,” he tells his boss.

dex saves sonny life GH recaps

Sonny starts shooting. Tony comes around the corner.

Dex shoots and the sniper doesn’t listen when Sonny tells the guy that his other guys are there and that he should give up.

sniper GH recaps March 13, 2023

Dex covers Sonny as he runs to Tony and takes shots at the sniper.

Dex is shot in the arm and swears.

dex shot again GH recaps

Dex makes a run for it and Sonny reappears and shoots the sniper.

The sniper goes down and Dex is glad Sonny returned.

The man is unconscious, not dead and they don’t think he works for Pikeman.

dex sonny shootout GH recaps

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Back at Metro Court, Drew calls Laura. He has a proposal to make. Back at the table, Kevin returns and tells Felicia he hasn’t called her back because he didn’t know what to say. Mac did what he had to do.

His brother was a killer who had to be stopped. His head knows but his heart grieves.

He can’t explain it since his brother terrorized people. She admits she went to see Ryan in the morgue to try to forgive him.

She sobs as she speaks. She couldn’t do it. He tells her not to feel shame. She asks him to take his own advice.

kevin grieves GH recaps March 13, 2023

Mac turns up, sorry he’s late. Felicia gives them time. Mac thinks Kevin must blame him for Ryan’s death.

Kevin says Mac’s his brother, the one he can count on. “My best friend.” The men tear up and Mac embraces Kevin as Felicia returns, crying.

mac hugs kevin gh recaps

Nearby, Nina refuses to call the SEC. Drew appears to touch base about Liesl being the bone marrow donor.

They agree she’s amazing to step up. Nina says it’s been difficult to hear her daughter’s fighting cancer.

Drew gets it. He’s been there and wouldn’t wish it on anyone. He gives advice to take care of herself while she’s trying to take care of her daughter from a distance.

He goes and the women are shocked. Nina has no problem with him but it’s cemented.

Because of Willow, she won’t go to the SEC.

Back at GH, when Liz moves to take off, Victor grabs her. They’re not done talking. Carly finds him and intervenes.

She tells the Cassadine to back off.  Victor goes and makes a call to Ashby to find out what Liz said to Dante about Nikolas.

carly startled GH recaps

Liz finds Laura alone and tells her that Charlotte has been left with a large portion of ELQ voting stock.

He says this will fall on Laura’s shoulders for a few years so he and Ned have decided to see if she’ll sell them to them. Laura refuses.

drew and laura Gh recap

Meanwhile, Liz lets Carly know what happened with Nikolas sleeping with Esme and how they thought she was the hook killer.

Carly’s shocked. She tells the blonde about Nik keeping Esme locked up in a tower at Wyndemere and how she handled her healthcare.

It’ll be made public soon. Carly admits she’d have done the same thing as Liz.

She’s sorry Nikolas betrayed her. She says Liz never learned the lesson to be careful of who she gives her loyalty to.

They discuss her parents and moving on from the anger she used to have for them. It’s almost gone.

She can almost hold on to the good memories before it went to hell. Carly’s wowed.

She gives her a photo of them that she saved from Liz’s fireplace. Liz calls it a violation but thanks her. 

carly would have locked esme up too GH recaps

In the exam room, Victor talks with his doctor again once the test results are back.

The doctor says there’s something concerning in his blood work.

He’s bringing Dr. Finn in on this and tells the man that they found a pathogen inside his bloodstream.

victor stunned bad news GH recap

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