Hollis and Brooke Share a Hot Kiss, as Hope Worries About the Age Gap and Later, Brooke Tells Taylor She’s Not Ready to Date

In the Friday, February 24, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Taylor drops by Hope’s to talk about Brooke’s date, Hollis and Brooke get to know each other.

We also have Thursday’s B&B recap where Taylor set up an elaborate dinner for Brooke and Hollis, Bill pushed Sheila to open up, and Li asked Finn about the Douglas situation.

At the cabin, Hope’s tired and says Beth’s finally asleep. She’s missing Douglas.

Liam gives her a glass of wine. She wonders why the heck they agreed to this custody thing.

hope drinks wine with liam at cabin B&B recaps

Liam thinks it’s too much pressure to put on a kid.

He asks her not to worry about things she can’t control.

She brings up her mother. He laughs. “What now?”

Hope reveals she’s dating. He’s stunned. Taylor knocks and Liam gets the door.

liam learns brooke dating B&B recaps

She worries she’s interrupting but they shuttle her in.

Taylor talks about helping her mom get ready for the big date. Taylor asks her not to worry.

It’s a new chapter, perhaps without Ridge. “The possibilities are endless,” she says.

taylor and hope and liam at cabin B&B recaps

Hope brings up the age difference. She worries Brooke might be taken advantage of. 

At Brooke’s, she and Hollis dine and laugh together. They’re having a good time. It’s been a while since she’s dated. 

brooke and hollis dine at her house B&B recaps

He tells her it doesn’t need to be awkward. They should just have fun getting to know one another.

She agrees it sounds good. Hollis tells her horror stories about work and makes her laugh.

He wants to know more about her. Everything.

She chuckles and later they move to the sofa where she tells him about her Brooke’s Bedroom fashion show.

brooke and hollis on sofa B&B recaps

They laugh about that and joke about wondering why it was packed with men.

She says she works the business end now. He thinks she could still model. She nods but says that was never her intention.

He tells her Deacon called her hardcore with a biology degree. ‘Chemistry,” she corrects him. She tells him about the BeLieF formula.

hollis caresses brooke's hair B&B recaps

He’s heard of it. She tells him it’s her invention and he’s flabbergasted.

He caresses her hair and moves in for a kiss.

They share a lingering kiss. She moves in for another and it gets hot she pulls away.

She finds him very handsome but says it’s a strange time for her.

She’s trying to figure out her future.

hollis kisses brooke B&B recaps

She’s not sure she’s ready for dating. He gets it.

She thanks him for the wonderful evening and he tells her he hopes to see her again, even if it’s as friends.

hollis makes out with brooke B&B recaps

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They hug and he leaves. Later, she goes to her room where Taylor finds her.

She saw Hollis drive away as she was leaving Hope’s and wondered if everything is okay.

Brooke says Hollis is fine, the night was fun, exciting and sweet. “He’s incredibly sex and intelligent.” The kiss was amazing. She tears up.

The woman she used to be would go for that situation and she’s not ready. She’s been all about Ridge for as long as she remembers.

taylor and brooke in her bedroom B&B recaps

She’s not sure what she should do now and doesn’t want to take time to get to know somebody. She doesn’t want to have sex with a man she just met. “Is that gross?” She asks.

Taylor jokes that Stephanie’s doing a happy dance in the great beyond. They laugh. She worries she’ll never have affection again.

Taylor hugs her and comforts her. They tear up and though Taylor’s not ready to move in with her, she’s here for her.

She offers to stay the night. They know each other and trust each other. They hug some more and call each other dear friends.

taylor and brooke in her bedroom B&B recaps

Back at the cabin, Hope thinks Brooke should be with someone who knows her so she doesn’t have to start from scratch with someone new like Deacon or Ridge.

“Someone who understands her. Who connects with her.” Liam reminds her that Bill, Ridge and Deacon aren’t options.

They’re unavailable. She wonders who would be a good match.

hope thinks her mom should be with someone she knows B&B recaps

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