B&B Opinion: Thomas’ Plan To Convince Douglas To Choose Him Blew Up, While Finn Surprised Viewers With His Opposing Viewpoint

Douglas Gets a New Auntie-Mommy, Steffy Puts Family First, Finn Steps Up, Thomas Takes His Shot and Hope Struggles with Her New Normal.

Last week on The Bold and the Beautiful, Douglas shocked everyone by choosing Steffy as his guardian, Brooke invited Taylor to move into her mansion (unfortunately not a cheeky metaphor) and Deacon made another play for Sheila.

This week, everyone was reeling from Douglas choosing Steffy to be his guardian – Liam supported Hope as she struggled to understand her son’s choice, Thomas made moves to use the situation to his advantage and Finn took some persuading from Steffy to accept Douglas into their home.

Enjoying this golden era of DRAMA!

Boy, did Thomas’s plan to convince Douglas to choose him blow up in his face or what? I’m still not sure why Thomas was so sure Douglas would choose him, but delusion has always run deep in the Forrester brood.

This week was one of those mini golden eras of B&B that happen a few times a year. Suddenly and without warning, this show became a soap opera masterclass in heartache and drama.

To be honest, after the past few episodes, I’m actually looking forward to watching this show again for the first time in a very long time.

This golden era will probably only last for a couple of weeks, so enjoy it while you can!

A gift Steffy didn’t want

Steffy’s no-good very bad week started when she learned she was now legally responsible for a child she didn’t ask for until he turns 18. Sorry, lady but the law’s the law!

Apparently, Steffy has a higher standard for child custody decisions than the presiding judge, so maybe that’s why Douglas chose her to be his new auntie-mommy.

Sure, this story is silly, but Douglas choosing Steffy over his own mother gave B&B their first OMG! cliffhanger of 2023 and kicked off a week of solid DRAMA!

Steffy and Finn work together

Finn really surprised me this week when he didn’t automatically go along with what Steffy wanted.

Instead of just agreeing with Steffy like he usually does, Finn expressed his own opinion that Thomas is bad news and Douglas might not be the best addition to the Finnegan home.

It was great to see Steffy and Finn talk through their opposing viewpoints and come to a decision about Douglas that works for their family, instead of just agreeing with no discussion about how they actually felt welcoming another child into their home.

In this case, family drama was avoided in the best possible way.

And speaking of family, protective mom Steffy so much more fun than mean girl Steffy.

Can we keep this version of her?

Steffy shuts Thomas down

Douglas had barely checked out his new room at Casa Finnegan (with an ocean view to look for pirates – I’m jealous!) when Thomas invited himself in and announced he would be seeing Douglas as much as he liked.

This time, Steffy was not having any of her brother’s nonsense and really laid into him, reminding Thomas that this whole messed up situation was his fault.

WOW! I did not expect Steffy to shut Thomas’s hopes and dreams down so fast! She’s really had it with him and haven’t we all?

I literally applauded to the screen when Steffy lectured Thomas about consequences because I suspect that not understanding consequences is probably at the root of everything that’s wrong about Thomas.

Finn steps up for his family

My favorite moment of the week was when Finn stood up to Thomas, who was bombarding Steffy with disrespect and intimidation.

In probably the harshest language we’ve ever heard him use, Finn demanded that his brother-in-law take his outrage down a notch and treat Steffy with respect.

Turns out, Finn is smart enough to have concerns about his wife and kids being dragged into Thomas’s shenanigans!

When an arrogant Thomas brushed Finn off and basically told him to mind his own business, Finn did not back down.

“You don’t want to cause a scene and upset Douglas even more,” Finn said to his brother-in-law. “I think it’s best you leave.”

Daddy realness! Finn laying down the law with Thomas was hotter than any shirtless scene, but maybe next time they could do it shirtless? Just an idea.

Thomas takes his shot and misses

Am I the only one who wants to smack Thomas before he’s even spoken?

I know some die-hard fans still cling to a fantasy that Thomas will somehow be redeemed and made sparkling clean, but that’s seeming even less likely after this week.

Thomas truly is a nightmare dressed like a daydream in every way.

At first glance, he’s handsome, successful and comes from a good family, but scratch the surface and you’ll see Thomas for the abusive egomaniac he really is.

So it’s a mystery why nobody expected that Thomas was pulling a fast one in suggesting a court case that seemingly assured Hope would get Douglas.

Why are these folks still so naïve to Thomas’s calculating and self-centered ways?

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New B&B comings and goings

Hope needs to get smart

How could anyone be surprised Thomas was up to something and that his latest plot blew up in his face?

The kooky “let’s allow a child to decide where he lives” scheme seemed destined for failure, but Hope fell for it, hook, line, and sinker – like she always does.

I wish Hope would realize that Thomas is desperate and she’s holding all the cards. There’s got to be glimmers of Brooke and Deacon in her somewhere!

After this week, I’m worried that Hope’s heartache will be spotted by Thomas as a way into her life. I suspect Thomas is already trying to figure out how to use Douglas to get to Hope.

Maybe now Hope will finally realize that Thomas is not to be trusted, ever, about anything. She probably won’t, because seeing the best in people is her thing, but fingers crossed.

How much does Douglas understand?

While Douglas is undoubtedly the smartest of the Forrester men (low bar for that achievement), I’m not convinced that a child Douglas’s age would even understand that Hope isn’t his bio mother or what that even means.

Like it or not, Hope is the only mother Douglas knows now, so it’s silly for anyone to suggest that Hope is somehow less than a “real mother” to the son she has loved and cared for since Thomas dropped Douglas in Hope’s lap in 2019.

Four years may not seem like much but to a child, it’s a lifetime ago. Douglas’s memories of Caroline II are probably hazy and fading at this point.

Douglas might be a chip off the Forrester block

Douglas choosing Steffy so Thomas and Hope would stop fighting was both adorable and heartbreaking. It also upgraded Douglas from a dark cabin to a big house on the beach.

Did you sense a little touch of manipulation when Douglas asked Steffy “will you have me?” It was a very adult thing to say, but Douglas has a very sophisticated vocabulary for a child.

I guess California schools have improved since my time!

Point is, given that Douglas is Thomas’s son, who’s Ridge’s son, who’s Massimo’s son, I have concerns about letting Douglas always have his way to keep him from feeling bad.

I get why the adults want to be as gentle with Douglas as possible, but shielding him from the truth and allowing him to make life-changing decisions is going to do more damage than good to the kid in the long run.

One more thing…

If there’s one thing that’s brought some Hope fans and Steffy fans together this week, it’s these two usually-at-war stepsisters putting down their weapons and coming together as a family for Douglas.

Here’s a couple of my favorite tweets about it.

It’s anyone’s guess what this moment of peace between the usually warring stepsisters will mean, but I doubt it will be good for Thomas.

Quote of the week!

Deacon, about not being jealous of Bill: “Of a Neanderthal who inherited his daddy’s business on a silver platter? A guy that wears an idiotic toy sword around his neck?”

Tell us how you really feel, Deacon!

deacon wonders why sheila there. B&B recaps

What do you think?

Is the war between the blondes and brunettes really over?

Will Amelia the invisible nanny get a raise?

Can Douglas teach Finn to play chess, or maybe tic-tac-toe?

Leave a comment and feel free to read more of my opinions on B&B on SoapsSpoilers, which includes some fun alternative storytelling ideas!

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