Esme Starts Regaining Her Memory, Dex & Joss Decide to Take Sonny Down, and Heather Confesses to the Cops

General Hospital recap for Friday, February 24, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Spencer and Ava realize how much Ryan manipulated them, Esme tells Mac what she remembers from Spoon Island, and Scott tries to make a deal with Robert.

We also have Thursday’s GH recap where Sasha lashed out at Heather, Heather offered Dante her confession, and Nina vowed to make Drew and Carly pay.

At General Hospital, Esme holds her baby and says they have each other and that’s all that matters.

heather esme baby GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Heather enters to fawn over them. Esme says she shouldn’t be there. When she tries calling for the nurse, her mom stops her and reaches for the child.

Esme wakes up from this nightmare. Laura bursts into her room and assures her Heather is in custody.

The mayor sends the guard out and tells her that the baby has had a perfect bill of health. Esme takes her hand and thanks her.

When Laura offers to bring the baby there, Esme says it’s not safe. Her parents are killers and she could be too.

Laura explains Ryan is dead. Esme is glad. He terrified her.

esme worries heather will get her kid GH recaps

Esme realizes she must have done all the terrible things she’s accused of. She still doesn’t remember any of her past.
When she wonders where Nikolas is

laura doesn't know where nikolas is GH recaps

Sonny joins Spencer by the nursery window to see the newborns. Sonny asks if he is still suing for custody.

sonny advice spencer GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Spencer might not have to since his father has disappeared. He knows he can’t walk away from his baby brother now. Sonny says they can fix things.

Spencer wonders if his father felt this way when he was born. How could he stay away if he knows what he’s missing?

Mac corners Ava and asks why she is there to see Austin. She reminds him that he nearly bled to death on her floor. He wonders why the doctor was on Spoon Island in the first place.

ava questioned GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

She says they are “friendly” and then brings up Ryan’s plot to use his daughter to ruin her marriage.

He asks if she’s heard from the prince. She’s not expecting to now that he’s gone.

They rehash Ryan dying and how glad they are that he’s gone.

Ava bumps into Spencer in the hallway. They discuss Esme’s parentage and laugh about how much sense it makes.

ava tells spencer why esme met him GH recaps

She adds that Ryan sent Esme to seduce him as part of a long game to destroy her marriage. They recall how determined she was to bring him back to Port Charles.

Angry Ava says that Ryan played them all. They were all blind, used, and manipulated.

Spencer realizes he did Ryan’s dirty work and drove his father away. Ava assures him that Nikolas would still be there if not for Ryan.

Mac goes to see Esme. She tells him about Ryan killing the guard as they escaped. Heather never seemed scared of Ryan and showed them the way out.


She asks after Ava and asks him to thank her from him. He’s startled that she’s named her baby “Ace.” She claims it just feels right.

Laura bumps into Sonny and they chat about Spencer. He says that Heather killing Brando is something he is going to have to address.

laura and sonny GH GH recaps

They go to see Spencer, who is upset and tells them about Ryan driving him to push his own father away.

Laura assures him they will find Nikolas. Ava looks worried and takes off.

spencer screwed up tells laura GH recaps



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Scott arrives at the PCPD and corners Robert. He explains he has a client who has information on the hook attacks and wants to make a deal.

scott visits robert GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

The lawyer explains that his client has information on Esme but will only divulge it if there’s a deal. Robert says if they are an accomplice, they should turn themselves in.

robert with scotty at PCPD GH recaps

Scott keeps pitching his case but Scorpio doesn’t seem impressed.

Dante brings Jordan in to see Heather. She wants to confess to the hook attacks without a lawyer.

jordan and dante shocked heather confesses GH recaps

She claims she just wants to tell the truth but has a condition. The cops threaten to walk.

Heather insists she was the hook and gives them some details. They’re startled when she tells them she attacked Nikolas last fall but he escaped without a scratch.

She tells them Britt was an accident and she was wearing Ryan’s trophies when she attacked Rory. She tells them they can’t pin the guard on her, just the other five.

They assume she was working with Ryan for months but she insists that wasn’t the case and she was terrified of him. They explain he’s dead.

Heather is relieved. They already know she sent Ava out to shoot him.

She insists she was just a mother protecting her child. She was overjoyed when Esme first came to town and she had to defend her.

dante talks to heather about statement confession being hook killer GH recaps

Heather begs them to grant what she’s requesting, otherwise she will just recant. She’s not trustworthy anyway.

At Dex’s, he asks Joss how she feels about him working against Sonny.

dex asks if joss wants him to quit his job GH recaps

She explains that the mobster was in her life for a very long time. He was good to her when she was little.

Dex continues refusing to explain who he is working for. He explains the plan to get evidence on arms tracking to the Feds.

She points out that if this goes wrong, it all lands on him. Sonny won’t let him walk away.

Either he has to keep working for Sonny or leave town. He’s sure his mystery boss would let him go.

Joss realizes that staying means he’s trapped. Neither of them want him to disappear. If he stays, they would have to hide being together.

The only real option they have is for him to put Sonny away. That would give him the chance to stay with her. They agree to that and kiss.
“No matter what happens, I can’t walk away from you,” he says.


At home, Liz thinks over her conversation with Scott about turning herself in. Cam arrives and asks if she’s as freaked out about Esme as he is.

cam eats breakfast with liz GH recaps

He wonders if she was working with Ryan and is faking her amnesia.

She asks if he’s hoping to be friends again one day. He’s not sure she’s the person he thought she was. What she did was unforgivable.

Liz says it doesn’t negate all they had. People make mistakes. All you can do is come clean and deal with the consequences.

He wonders if she’s talking about Joss. Before she can answer, she gets a call from Scott and has to go.

Back at the PCPD, the cops walk out to confer with Robert. He informs them Scott has a client who can shed more light on the hook.

They are startled when Scott shows Liz in.

Back at GH, Mac and a guard bring Heather in to see Esme.

heather visits esme at her behest GH recaps

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