Eric Warns Brooke to tell Ridge He’s Coming For Him, While Everyone Agrees Ridge’s New Collection is His Best Work

Tues Sept 12 recap of B&B: Eric has a warning for Ridge through Brooke after an argument, and Carter and Katie disagree on what Eric should be doing at his agee, while Thomas and Ridge work on the new designs.

Monday’s B&B recap: When Brooke Catches Him With RJ, Eric Makes It Clear He Won’t Be Stopped

At Eric’s mansion, Brooke thinks it’s amazing that Eric and RJ are working together and that her son’s interested in design, but why are they hiding out there?

Eric raises his voice.

It’s just how he wants to do it and nobody, not Ridge, will stop him.

eric won't be stopped

Brooke’s baffled but Eric yells that he has this one last collection in him and he’s determined.

He’s missed this. Donna looks at him teary-eyed as he says people don’t see him for who he is at the office.

He won’t be shelved.

Not by Ridge, who he calls arrogant and condescending.

He’s treated him like a dinosaur.

Brooke denies such a thing, doesn’t listen to his complaints and agrees with Ridge.

It’s time for him to relax.

eric and brooke talk his new designs

Donna scoffs. She wants what her honey bear wants.

To create his final collection.

Brooke has no problem with that.

RJ’s learning from the best.

Why leave Ridge out of this?

Eric repeats what he already told her that he’s not ready to step down yet.

He has one good collection left in him and it’ll be his best yet.

“Nobody else’s. It’s mine.” Brooke thinks he should get Ridge to help him but Eric doesn’t want to.

brooke baffled as to what eric's doing

His collections in the past were his alone.

He tells Broke that his son better be at the top of his game. “You tell him that. Because I’m coming for him.”

Once Brooke’s gone, RJ and Donna tell Eric they believe in him and the men embrace.

The best is yet to come, he tells the younger Forrester.

eric won't stand back, wants to create a new line

At Forrester, Ridge does minor tweaks to two gowns with Petra and Sloan (Alexis Gaube and Riley Rasmussen) modeling.

ridge works with petra new design

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Thomas watches, inspired by his father while Ridge tries to pair up accessories.

He says he’s learned from his dad.

Petra tells Ridge she and Sloan think this is his best work.

sloan models for ridge

They ask if it’s because he reunited with Brooke.

Ridge sends them off and admits to his son Brooke has this effect on him.

He brings up Eric thinking he wants to push him out of the company.

petra in new design of ridge

He recaps what the conversation was about with Eric and merely wanted his dad to take a break.

Thomas gets it. But he understands where his grandaddy is coming from.

The company is an extension of himself. Ridge plays with his beard and says yeah. “You think you know somebody.”

They recall good times Thomas had playing in there as a kid and Ridge tells his son the stapler story about how someone threw it out and it pissed off his dad.

thomas recalls better times at forrester

One day, Thomas says his dad will be in that position but Steffy’s already assumed his position.

Ridge is grateful to his father for all they’ve accomplished and he wants to be respectful.

But the future of the company is what he wants right now.

ridge says forrester is his

He saw it as a slam at him being worn out too.

In the design room, on a call, Carter thanks Mr. Lombardi for ordering the new line.

He wants exclusivity and Carter asks him to increase his offer threefold before he brings it to his team.

He punches the air after the win and Katie comes in and kisses him to celebrate.

They’re blown away by Ridge’s new designs which Katie calls his finest collection yet.

katie gossips about ridge

Hope For The Future is fine but the backbone of Forrester’s always been couture.

They gossip about how Ridge wants his dad to step back from work.

Carter hasn’t heard and can’t imagine the man retiring. Katie disagrees.

Carter says they need him there. Katie plays devil’s advocate and says there are a lot of Forresters waiting in the wings to design.

Hopefully there’s a plan in place once he does retire.

carter gossips about ridge

Brooke turns up at Forrester, sorry for interrupting Ridge designing.

He says, “I didn’t know you were bringing all this into the office.” He motions at her body.

brooke tells ridge what eric says, he's not quitting

She tells him about her visit to Eric and that RJ’s designing with Eric.

Ridge is thrilled. She tells him that Eric warned he’s coming for him.

ridge happy for eric designing

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