Sally’s Surprised by Nick’s Response to her Confession, Tessa & Mariah Learn Delphine’s in Labor and Lily Eavesdrops on Daniel and Devon

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Adam and Tucker get friendly, Nick and Sally talk about Adam possibly being the baby daddy, Mariah and Tessa pick baby names and Daniel and Devon have a run in.

In the previous episode, Billy and Chelsea agreed not to date, Nick reassured a sobbing Sally about being a parent and they had sex while Jack wanted to take things further with Diane who told him just to relax in the moment.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for February 3, 2023 episode airs in the USA February 6. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

In Sally’s Bed at Grand Phoenix, though Nick already knows Sally and Adam slept together, she tells him his brother could be the father.

He says, “I was wondering who was going to bring it up first.”

She seems surprised that he already figured that one out and she’s sorry she waited to tell him she was pregnant and about this.

sally and nick talk adam father baby Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

He’s been “amazing.” She assures that it was just that one time with Adam. She knew it wasn’t going to work with him.

She wonders if fate would be that cruel to make him the father. Nick thinks fate can have an interesting sense of humor.

He’s been down this exact same road before and knows it’s not easy for anyone.

He dresses and they talk about how messy this is.

He tells her not to worry, to focus on her and the kid. He gets her into bed and jokes that he’ll leave his monster spray with her.

They kiss. When she asks for advice, he says he thinks she should tell Adam the truth. She agrees.

He goes and she leaves a message for a clinic to get a paternity test.

nick smiles sally talks sage Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

At Crimson Lights, Tucker sees Adam and tries to make a choice of pastry. Adam says everything’s delicious. He asks why he’s there. “Coffee and contemplation,” he says.

Tucker goes to buy him a treat. They eat brownies and drink coffee and joke about the villains getting their just desserts. Alone.

“The peaceful man is never alone,” Tucker says.

He admits he’s trying to evolve but he keeps misjudging situations and underestimating those in his life.

tucker arrogant Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

He thought being honest would hinder his cause and it’s bitten him in the ass.

Adam asks about Dom and Ashley. What happened there? Tucker calls himself arrogant.

Adam opens up reluctantly about losing someone he loved to a family member. Tucker groans but advises that Hope springs eternal.

adam talks to tucker Y&R recaps soapsspoilers


Nick finds the men enjoying coffee and Tucker thought it was past Nick’s bedtime.

The men laugh at Nick’s expense and Tucker goes.

Adam says he told Jack about Nick’s tip and thanks him for the heads up.

Nick hopes Jack has his brother’s back. Adam wants to talk about Sally.

Nick says there’s nothing for Adam to worry about but Adam thinks it’s more. 

nick with adam Y&R recap


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In Lily’s office, she talks to Jill about Devon and not letting him buy back his company. Jill feels bad that this whole thing has become the Devon Show.

“His company, his feelings versus all those legal documents he signed.”

Lily calls it complicated and a part of her gets why her brother wants to pull out of the merger.

Jill assumes it’s the part that doesn’t want to lose her father’s company. She wants to maintain that but she’s upset she failed to keep her family together.

jill and lily conference call Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

Jill knows what it’s like. She complicated history with John and Jack in business. Her ideas weren’t the best always and she learned to dust herself off and focus on the task at hand.

She thinks Lily has a lot to be proud of and tells Lily not to focus on Devon.

Jill says this merger has been in the works for months. He can’t just stop it.

jill phone call Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

They offered him a lucrative buyout and he refused. He has no legal standing so why put them through this?

Jill’s sorry Lily’s caught in the middle. Jill allows her to recuse herself in the lawsuit but Lily refuses.

She still wants to go forward with Daniel’s platform. It could make a name for them in the gaming community.

lily wants to go forth with gaming Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Daniel sees Devon drinking at Society and bends his ear about the gaming platform being his sole purpose for being.

Now, everything is in limbo.

Devon says he must have heard all that’s going on at Chancellor-Winters. Does he blame him? Daniel does.

daniel upset devon Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Devon takes the blame but calls things complicated.

Daniel gets it but he needs this.

Devon says he can go elsewhere but Daniel wanted to work with him and Lily.

Devon counters that he just wanted to work with Lily.

He thinks it’s natural to gravitate toward people you know.

He thinks they can move forward still. Daniel doesn’t see a guarantee.

devon takes blame Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Devon recaps why he wants his company back. Lily eavesdrops as Daniel talks about Devon taking Lily for granted.

He says some kind words about Lily who steps up with an apology for eavesdropping.

Devon invites his sister to work with him at Hamilton-Winters.

She asks if that’s a loyalty test, and is exasperated. She doesn’t want to give up Chancellor to do that.

Devon says that her response just shows that it’s about business to her, not family.

He takes off, seeming offended and Liy tells Daniel that Jill okayed the launch for Omegasphere. They embrace, happily.

devon asks sister work with him young and restless recaps

Mariah and Tessa walk to Chancellor Park in the snow and kiss.

They talk about the baby and she could be born in a few days.

She’ll be the coolest kid with them as parents.

A dreamer and a fighter. She’ll grow up with a lot of love.

teriah talk baby Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Tessa says she’ll change their lives forever for the better.

They snuggle and sit and list off the baby items they’re going to need before the baby comes.

Sharon told Tessa they’ll always need loads of burp cloths.

mariah and tessa talk about the baby coming Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Mariah calls her good at managing the list.

Tessa says there is one last thing they need.

A baby name! They look at baby names online.

They agree no laughter but when Tessa offers Anushka, it makes Mariah laugh.

She doesn’t like Adele, either.

Tessa says Everlee and Mariah likes that. Mariah likes Emmerson.

They like Wednesday, too, and then realize they need to get her home and get to know her before they name her. 

tessa and mariah picking baby names Young and restless recaps

They joke that the baby could be late and Tessa says, “Just like her mother.”

Mariah says yeah, Tessa, not her.

They laugh as they gently mock one another.

Tessa asks if it’s okay to be terrified.

“It’s completely normal,” Mariah soothes.

teriah laugh in the park  Young and restless recaps

They snuggle and talk about who the disciplinarian should be.

Delphine calls and Mariah learns she’s in labor.

baby time for teriah young restless recaps

They freak out and tell her they’ll be there as soon as possible. Once Mariah disconnects, the wives kiss.

teriah kiss baby coming Y&R recap


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