Phyllis and Summer Catch Up, Ashley Reveals Her True Feelings For Tucker, and Chance Finds DNA Evidence In a Dumpster

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Chance finds evidence the brings to the station, Sharon learns Chance didn’t send the champagne, Billy, Chelsea, and Daniel dine with Lily, while Ashley tells Tucker how she feels.

In the previous episode, Ashley revealed she and Tucker are engaged,  Diane thought it was a joke, and Nate and Audra discussed getting rid of Nick and Victoria from Newman.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for May 24, 2023 episode airs in the USA May 25. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Daniel drinks at the Athletic Club and flashes back to Summer telling him he’s ruined everything for their mother and how he argued that Diane would be free.

Lily appears with a kiss and he welcomes her home. Lucy appears and Lily invites them for dinner but Daniel says they’ve plans with Johnny, Connor, Chelsea and Billy.

Lily finds that random. Lucy doesn’t get the issue but Daniel promises they’ll get together another day. Lily decides they can all be adults. She’ll go. She fills Lucy in on why it’s awkward.

daniel and lily at athletic club

Devon and Abby sit at the bar in the lounge and Abby worries her mom is considering marrying Tucker.

She says she dropped by the manse to see her mom and Uncle Jack told her she and Tucker were out celebrating.

Devon calls her one of the sharpest people he knows. Abby hopes he’s evolved.

Devon’s concerned he can’t stay out of a corporate scheme and muses that it’s even possible that her mom is in the midst of one with him now.

Abby says she’ll crush Tucker if he hurts her mama again and Devon tries to flirt her out of being upset.

He offers to get closer to Tucker to see if he’s on the up and up. That makes Abby happy.

abby worries to devon tucker will marry her mom

At Chancellor Park, Tucker is sorry for putting Ashley on the spot but she informed Diane and Jack that they were engaged and she was in love with him.

He knows it’s an act for her but asks if she’s in love. He deserves to know. She agrees but can’t tell him what he wants to hear. “I see. So we’re in the friend zone.”

She says they’re more than that. She’s attracted to him. He sighs. She likes spending time with him. He finds that sweet.

She trusts him more daily and feels her heart opening wider. He nods. She can’t tell him he loves her the way he wants. “You’re asking too much of me.”

ashley reveals her ttrue feelings

Tucker in turn wishes she could love him for who he is instead of who he could be. Ashley thinks their focus should be on a lavish wedding. In a castle.

They smile and she laughs as they discuss a honeymoon. He likes how much thought she put into it. At least there’s a part of her that wants it to be real.

She asked him to move in because she wants things to work out and she thinks they are. It’s not outside the realm of possibility that the rest could work out. She pulls him into a kiss.

tucker kissing ashley at park

At Society, Chance and Christine talk about there being more to the possibility of Phyllis’ being alive.

He asks if she’s going to convince him not to investigate. She talks about the hair Jack found and isn’t sure if it came from the hotel.

She can’t tell Chance to walk away from this, knowing he’s tenacious but she trusts his instincts.

The new chief might not like this. He’ll keep her posted.

chance wants to continue investigating phyllis

Summer talks to Sharon at Crimson Lights about having good days and bad days.

Sharon comforts Summer and gets her two coffees and “a bag full of carbs.”

Summer looks for a new text from Phyllis and Sharon watches.

She says that reminds her of Phyllis and it’s a good thing. 

summer sees sharon at crimson lights

Phyllis walks into her suite at GCAC in a poor disguise and says, “Okay, Supergirl. Your mom needs you.”

phyllis disguised in GCAC

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Summer gets her goodies and coffee at Crimson Lights when Phyllis tells Summer the key is in her back pocket and she’s to meet in room 353. She grabs her stuff and runs smack into Chance. 

She asks if there’s news and he tells her the investigation is over. She goes and he orders from Sharon who asks if she owes him a thank you for the champagne.

He wishes he could take credit and offers to buy her five bottles once things settle down at work. He thinks it’s creepy to receive such a gift and offers to look into it.

She refuses and smiles. He takes off to work.

phyllis texts summer again to meet

At Society, Lily and Daniel show up with Lucy to Billy, Chelsea, Connor and Johnny’s table.

The kids decide to sit at a table nearby so the adults can sit together.

It’s a bit uncomfortable but everyone smiles, trying to show they’re fine with it. The adults try to order and Lily remembers Billy’s old favorite dish which causes some weirdness.

Meanwhile, the kids order happily. Lily talks about having meetings in NYC and seeing Charlie but that she didn’t see the theatre.

Daniel comments on a musical playing and Billy interjects. She doesn’t like them. She says she’d try it.

Meanwhile, Connor and Johnny tell Lucy all about their family dynamics and the new baby coming and how messed up it is.

lucy with dad

He shrugs it off and Lucy talks about her upbringing. “We’re all kind of in this weird messed up club.” 

Later, dinner is over and the adults talk about dessert while the kids say that parents say the word “pivot” on repeat until their eyes glaze over.

The kids laugh their asses silly over it and Lucy says her boarding school is lame. Connor didn’t like all the rules and was glad to come home.

Johnny says it was for continuity and stability but admits it was probably best. They talk about being shifted off to grandparents.

Johnny and Lucy trade phone numbers and agree to hang out while she’s still in Genoa City.

dinner with lily, daniel, chelsea and the kids

Summer arrives at GCAC and heads up to her mother’s room. Once inside, she runs into her mom’s arms and they hug happily.

Summer worries she’s not eating and asks how she got the card into her pocket.

Phyllis says she stuck the card in her pocket when she was looking at some shoes in Fenmore’s.

summer hugs phyllis

She’s been getting around unseen and tells Summer Jeremy ensured she was set up to go anywhere. Phyllis can’t stay away from her.

“I mean, what kind of mother can leave her children,” she says. Summer says she only wants her safety, even if it means she needs to disappear for a while.

Phyllis won’t. It killed her to be away from them and she vows never to abandon them again. Summer admits she told Daniel everything.

phyllis is back and wants to know how daniel is

Phyllis knows. She called him and is fine with it.

She asks how he is and Summer confesses that he told Jack, Michael, Kyle and that Christine and Chance, and Lucy found out… so many know she’s alive.

Phyllis isn’t angry. Summer says if she is alive, that means Diane is free. Phyllis is glad to have some time to figure things out.

She isn’t going to hold it against Daniel but this is why she didn’t tell him. She does want to see him and hug him but Summer refuses. He’ll turn her in. 

summer tells Phyllis to stay away from daniel

Chance scopes the no-tell-motel that Phyllis stayed in.

He finds nothing and stares at the trash bin.

chance investigates

He goes dumpster diving and finds the invitation to Phyllis’ memorial in one small trash bag.

He calls Maggie in forensics and asks if they can get prints off paper that’s been sitting around in a few weeks and if they can get DNA from a tearstain even if it has mascara in it. 

He listens. “Really? Okay, I’ll see you in a bit,” he says.

chance dumpster diving

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