Carly Realizes She May Have to Take the Fall, Molly Snaps at TJ, and Jordan Tells Portia She’s Wrong About Her

General Hospital recap for Wednesday, May 24, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Kristina is annoyed Sam isn’t more supportive, Curtis tells Drew about Portia, and Ava learns about Sonny and Nina’s engagement.

We also have Tuesday’s GH recap where Nina agreed to marry Sonny, Chase serenaded Brook Lynn before they reunited, and Dex and Spencer had a steamy fight.

Diane arrives at Carly’s desperate for coffee. As she drinks some, she gags when Carly informs her that Sonny and Nina are getting married.

diane gives carly legal advice

This isn’t exactly thrilling for Carly, not that her heart is being ripped out of her chest. She just wishes he was finding happiness with anyone else. It’s appalling.

Diane doubts that Nina will be able to handle a long-term relationship with someone as difficult as Sonny.

She tells her client that she has options with her SEC case but she’s not going to like them.

They go over the details of the case. Carly and Michael both told her not to invest but she did it anyway. Now he’s stuck in her mistake.

Diane and carly talk nina

The lawyer is sure the SEC gets why she did it but she is guilty. Drew has the option to say she acted without his knowledge. She also has the option to lie to the Feds and put the blame on Drew.

Carly won’t do that. Diane suggests that the Feds are more interested in Sonny. If she handed him over, she could write her ticket to freedom.

carly won't like legal options

Carly refuses. The lawyer tells her she has no other options. She is guilty.

Carly know this is her mess at the end of the day

At the penthouse, Sonny serves Nina cappuccino and they talk about how perfect her engagement ring is. She says he’s perfect too and all hers.

nina and sonny kissing at his place.

Nina worries about what will happen when everyone knows they are engaged. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

Ava arrives with Avery. When Nina takes the little girl’s hand, she immediately notices the ring.

ava watches sonny and nina tell avery about the engagement.

Sonny explains they are engaged and Avery asks to be the flower girl. Nina is thrilled that she’s so happy. Ava looks less overjoyed.

avery wants to be a flower girl at the wedding..

After the little girl runs off, Nina asks if she’s going to congratulate them. Awkwardly, the Jerome gives them her congrats and worries about how Carly will react.

ava tries to keep mouth shut

Sonny plans to do that right now and takes off.

As soon as he’s gone, Nina prompts her friend to tell her what she really thinks.

Grudgingly, Ava points out her relationship has been a time bomb since she turned Carly in. If Sonny finds out about it, it’s over.

ava asked for congrats

Nina realizes she only has one choice. “It’s time for the gloves to come off,” she says.

Sonny arrives at Carly’s.

Sam arrives at her mom’s place. She came early to talk to her before Kristina arrives. Alexis says she’s worried about Molly. Sam remembers that her sister seemed off at the wedding.

Her mom tells her she doesn’t need to worry and it will be fine.

Sam explains that she’s worried about Kristina not grasping the reality of what she’s getting into with her new project.

sam asks what's wrong with molly

Kristina bustles in and declares she’s about to change Port Charles forever. She pulls out some blueprints and tells them this is her chance to make a difference.

She gushes about the renovation. It sounds like a lot to Sam, who worries about property tax increases. Alexis trusts her.

nu kristina kate mansi

Sam thinks hiring a graphic designer for a logo is premature. She needs to hire an accountant and register as a non-profit.

Kristina accuses her of not believing in her. Her sister points out there are a lot of legal issues involved and she will need professionals. Her priorities are in the wrong order.

Alexis keeps trusting she knows what she’s doing but Sam points out they have been down this road before. She suggests her sister never follows through.

kate mansi as kristina

Flustered, Kristina walks off to take a call from the contractor. Alexis thinks Sam came down a little hard. But Kristina is an adult…
They are both proud of Alexis’ ability to bite her tongue.


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At their place, Molly packs her bag and TJ tells her he didn’t ever hear her come home last night. He suggests she take the day off.

tj yells at molly for lying to him about painful sex.

She snaps at him and blurts out she’ll never be pregnant and doesn’t want to talk about this now.

He’s worried about her endometriosis. She’s been suffering from symptoms and never told him.

She admits that she was in pain. He asks if it hurt when they had sex. She admits it did sometimes but she loved all the cuddling and didn’t want to ruin things.

He feels like a monster. She points out she didn’t let him know anything.

tj yells at molly for lying to him about painful sex.

Her periods have always been painful and she didn’t think it would be a big deal. She got used to it. She feels guilty about ignoring her symptoms.

Now it’s too late and it’s her fault. He doesn’t blame her for anything. She feels like she’s let him down. He wasn’t expecting anything so she hasn’t let him down.

molly flipping out

Waving her hands, she tells him she wanted to give him the thing other women can. She needs time to come to terms with this and there’s nothing he can do.

tj listens to molly panic

Molly runs out. He calls to leave a message to tell her how sorry he is and how he will always be there for her.

Curtis works out at the gym and thinks about his conversation with Jordan about what he really wants and if they have a second chance.

Drew interrupts and fills her in on being charged with insider trading. The SEC don’t seem interested in a deal with both he and Carly.

curtis drew talk marriage

He needs something to “disarm” Ned so he can strong-arm the SEC to make this go away. Drew needs dirt on Tracy.

As they work out, they talk about the Trina situation. Curtis admits that everything is in a holding pattern.

The time in Greenland has him re-evaluating a lot of things, like whether he should have ended his marriage to Jordan. That’s a surprise to his friend.

did curtis give up too soon

Curtis tells him she admitted to still having feelings for him. Drew asks if he’s talked to Portia about their relationship. What’s the status of his marriage?

Curtis says he doesn’t owe Portia anything because she lied to him. He admits they haven’t spent much time together. Love or no love doesn’t change what she did.

curtis and drew boxing

His friend points out it does change his capacity to forgive. Drew wishes he could help more. “You already have,” Curtis says.

At General Hospital, Portia spots Jordan heading for the elevators. She corners her. Jordan is startled when she thanks her for her help with Trina. She’ll always be grateful.

jordan cornered

The doctor gives her credit for looking out for her family. She hopes she can accept her apology. The cop tells her she has nothing to apologize for.

Portia beats herself up for accusing her of trying to break them up. She’s glad she interfered and wonders what she should do next.

portia wants to talk to jordan

“How would you save my marriage?” Portia asks. Jordan can’t offer advice on that but assures her Trina will eventually come around.
When Portia thanks her again, Jordan stops her and says she’s not the person she thinks she is.

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