Young & Restless Comings & Goings — Linden Ashby Returns to Y&R as Menacing Cameron Kirsten

Sharon’s stalker, Cameron Kirsten is returning spring of 2023.

Linden Ashby was spotted in photos during the Y&R 50th anniversary celebration, sparking speculation that the actor wasn’t just there as the husband of Susan Walters, who portrays Diane Jenkins on the CBS soap.  

Many wondered if he had returned to the role of Cameron Kirsten and had already been taping scenes.

Speculation of Ashby’s return grew when Sharon received that mysterious gift in that bottle of champagne and the accompanying note that read, “Memories are what life is made of,” on the Wednesday, May 17 episode by those who had been watching 20 years ago during Ashby’s reign of terror. 

sharon champers

When Nick saw the bottle he noticed a smudge of blood on it, something that somehow Sharon missed.

They agreed it was creepy and she tossed it in the trash.

nick shows sharon blood on bottle

For those unfamiliar with the story which started in 2003, a vulnerable Sharon left Genoa City for Denver, where she meet Cameron Kirsten at a bar.

They flirted and had sex, and afterward, he became obsessed with the blonde.

He was physically abusive and when she wanted to leave, he refused.

Sharon took off when he was asleep and returned to GC where she reunited with Nick (Joshua Morrow).

Just when things were looking good, Cameron showed up for business with Newman Enterprises and threatened to expose what he and Sharon had done to Nick.

sharon and cameron Y&R

Cameron blackmailed Sharon, who showed up at a motel to reject him once again.

He raged out at her and attacked her, almost raping her until she found a champagne bottle and hit him over the head with it.

She thought he was dead and dragged his body to an alley but he was only unconscious.

The vile man plotted revenge and tried to make Sharon believe she was losing her facilities by pretending he was a ghost.

Kirsten murdered Sharon’s ex-boyfriend Frank Barritt (Phil Dozios), Mariah and Cassie’s biological father, and framed Sharon for his murder. 

Once he revealed he was alive, he convinced Sharon to go away with him in order to fight the murder charges and she agreed.

Once on the plane, Nick foiled Cameron’s plans and knocked the man out, strapped a parachute on him, and threw him from the plane.

Nick and Sharon jumped after him and the trio landed in a cornfield. The cops were called and Cameron was sent to prison.

Cameron sharon nick in cornfield
Brian Lowe/JPI Studios


Why is Cameron Kirsten back?

So why is he back now? Could Cameron have just been released from prison? Did he escape?

Is he looking for retribution or forgiveness from Sharon?

We know from May sweeps that Nick will be involved in this storyline and it appears as though Kirsten’s been stalking Sharon, which doesn’t scream “please forgive me.”  

sharon has a stalker


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Cameron Kirsten’s first airdate?

The character was last seen in 2004 and Ashby will first be seen on Y&R starting Friday, May 26.

There is no word on what the story will be this time around or how long his story arc will be, but viewers will agree that it’ll be a nice change to see a compelling storyline for Sharon, who has been sidelined, schlepping coffee at Crimson Lights for the last few years.

stalker stalks sharon


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