Neil is Honored at the Gala, Leanna Love Appears, and Mamie Refuses to Mend Fences With Jill as Ashley’s Heart Warms at Reuniting With Mamie

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, day two of the gala and Leanna Love returns, while Phyllis skulks around seeming sketchy and Nikki makes a big announcement.

In the previous episode, Jill killed the IPO, the bicentennial gala began and Sally worried people would notice she’s showing as Jack and Ashley fought over whether she should take Tucker to the gala. Kyle and Summer reacted to Jack wanting to share his engagement news at the gala. Meanwhile, Nate defended Victoria to Adam and it raised red flags!

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for March 23, 2023 episode airs in the USA March 24. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At the gala, the reporters and photographers clamor for photos of Sharon, Nick, Adam and Sally and though it’s awkward, they grin and bear it.

Sharon’s ready for champagne and then apologizes for being insensitive but Sally says it’s no big deal.

She doesn’t need alcohol for the next 9 months.

Jack and Diane appear and hear Leanna Love telling everyone she forgot her press card.

Jack cringes at her voice, recognizing it.

sharon at the gala

She sees Jack and Diane and admits she’s stunned and fascinated to hear Diane’s alive.

When she asks if they’re a thing, Jack asks what brings her by.

She doubts there’s anybody better to cover the bicentennial.

Photographers take a photo of the three of them and Diane lets Leanna know that not many will be happy to see her.

leanna love is back at gala

She waves her hand, unworried. She can’t wait for all of the juicy stories to write with all of the power plays on hand.

She hopes to get another book out of it.

She heads inside leaving Jack concerned that their news will get out sooner than they intend.

jack and diane at gala

Phyllis eavesdrops in her mask from the wings as Diane gives Jack her diamond ring to hang on to until they announce their engagement.

phyllis spies on jack

Billy texts Chelsea from Crimson Lights.

She appears and says she doesn’t know what to wear.

He thinks she’ll look gorgeous in anything. She seems nervous.

He questions her and she confesses to having anxiety.

billy texts chelsea about the gala

Maybe she’s not ready for this.

When Billy offers to stay at home with her for movie night, she agrees and then quickly thinks her therapist would not approve.

She rethinks things and decides to get out into the world again. She has second thoughts once more and eventually realizes she needs to go.

chelsea worries about the gala

Inside the Athletic Club, Michael tells Nikki she has outdone herself.

She credits him and the rest of the committee.

She thanks him for the food and drink he organized and asks where Lauren is.

Michael says she’ll be here soon.

nikki thanks michael

Nearby, Victoria mocks Sally’s camouflage technique in dressing but she’s drawing attention to her baby bump.

Nick agrees that Sally doesn’t need to hide her pregnancy. Nikki appears. They look stunning.

They go on about how good everyone looks including the room.

Nikki has some surprises in store. Sally’s looking forward, which makes Nikki and Victoria look at her baby bump.

victoria comments on sally baby bulge

Nearby, Sharon asks Adam if he’s going to be causing trouble, noticing that he’s looking at Sally. “Who me?” He asks.

Adam and Sharon appear at Nikki’s side to congratulate her. It’s uncomfortable. The Lieutenant Governor is nearby so Vicky and Nikki swan off to say hi. Adam jokes offhandedly that he may use the photo of the four of them as his Christmas card. 

At another table, Victor can’t wait to find out what Ashley’s plan for Tucker is.

While he figures it out, he asks Tucker to sell his company to him already. Tucker ayas he’s working on a deal with Devon.

“Good luck with that,” Victor says before hearing Jill’s laughter nearby and wandering over to their table.

As he chats with her, Devon and Abby watch. They wonder if Victor knows about Jill killing the IPO. 

Mamie and Traci show up. Mamie checks out all of the familiar faces, excitedly. Mamie finds Jill and they greet each other.

mamie and traci at the gala

Jill says she looks good in the dress. “You paid for it,” Mamie says.

She turned the million Jill gave her into ten million.

There’s an underlying tense feeling to the conversation and Jill says that maybe they regret their past actions, but look at them now.

She thinks they should let bygones be bygones.

Mamie says, “I don’t think so,” before she puts on her mask and saunters off.

jill wants to befriend mamie

Lauren finally arrives which alleviates Nikki’s stress.

michael pants over hot lauren

Michael pants at how gorgeous she is and then Nikki makes a speech, asking everyone to the lounge for a big surprise.

nikki speech gala

Upstairs in one of the rooms at the Athletic Club, Jeremy sets down a duffle bag and takes out a small bottle of liquid and a mask identical to Phyllis’ before texting, “Tonight, all this ends for good.”

Downstairs, Phyllis receives the text and looks nervous as she approaches Lily and Daniel.

She tells them they look great. Phyllis asks to put a hold on their tension.

jeremy at athletic club

She starts to cry and tells her son she’s proud of him.

She calls Daniel a good man and asks Lily to know that about him before she runs off.

Daniel apologizes. His mom’s been erratic.

phyllis at the gala

Back down at the party, Mamie meets Kyle and Summer. Mamie calls Kyle the spitting image of him.

They head into the lounge while Summer and Traci chat.

Phyllis approaches them, weepy.

mamie meets kyle

Summer asks what’s going on, and why she’s acting like this. Phyllis knows they’ve had conflict but she’s proud of the woman she has become.

She’s impressed with the mother she’s become.

“No matter what happens, I’m so proud of you.” Traci looks confused and Summer furrows her brow as her mom hugs her and goes. 

summer and kyle

In the lounge, Nikki says another speech while Phyllis looks on.

Victor talks about coming to Genoa City and how he raised a family there.

Nikki talks up the town, calling it a place of business, where people can fall in love and Victor joins in the talk, saying it’s a lovely place to raise a family.

victoria sharon at ball

Nikki talks about celebrating and honoring their heritage. She talks about those they’ve lost like Neil Winters and Katherine Chancellor.

Nate arrives as Abby tells everyone Neil Winters made a lasting impact with work, and family and the Abbott-Winters foundation and Hamilton-Winters.

Photos are taken and Lily is touched and thanks the Newmans. Victor calls the man a close friend. He would have wanted Lily and Devon to get past their differences.

neil winters

They created this room in his memory to welcome visitors and citizens to share the music he loved so much.

She unveils the renovated Athletic Club lounge as the Neil Winters Jazz Lounge. Lily, JIll. Nate and Devon smile widely.

Abby is reminded that he sold Indigo to be with family but he was proud of it.

Devon thanks Nikki and Victor. They call his dad a dear friend. Once they’re alone, Jill calls Devon’s dad the sexiest man in the room.

Devon asks if Victor helped change her mind on killing the IPO. Jill responds just saying that he’s one of Devon’s biggest supporters.

victor newman gala

Mamie finds Lily and talks about Dru and how strong she was just like Lily is now. They talk about Lily’s kids being too busy for her.

They laugh and Nate hugs his aunt. They agree to make a date to visit because Mamie’s not going to be there for long.

When she’s gone, Lily vows to do that for them. Nate thinks her dad would have loved this place. She agrees.

Nate hopes things between her and Devon are being repaired. She tells him to mind his beeswax and takes off as Audra appears at his side.

Before they can chat, Victoria steals Nate away.

mamie lily on Y&R




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Leanna Love talks to the press about Neil when Ashley can’t take it anymore.

She wants to put a stop to it but Mamie walks into her line of sight and she screams. They hug, thrilled to see each other.

They catch up until Leanna interrupts.

leanna love gives interview

Ashley tells her to get lost and Victor wanders up.

The women roll their collective eyes as Victor tells Leanna she wasn’t invited.

ashley sees mamie

Jill strolls up and says to Leanna, “You’re trashing up the place as usual,” Jill says.

Tucker watches from nearby and tells Ashley how much fun this is while Jill admits that Devon asked about Victor convincing her to kill the IPO.

She didn’t tattle but he was curious.

jill and victor

Lily finds Devon and reminds him of how close they were.

She asks if they can fix this. 

lily asks brother forgiveness


Victoria and Nate sit at the bar with champagne and she places her hand on his as Elena appears.

Vicky asks what they should drink to.

elena sees victoria with nate

She watches and Audra pokes her head in and makes comments about how cozy they look.

elena and audra

Phyllis goes upstairs to Jeremy’s room. She looks upset but says she’s not having second thoughts.

Seeing “that woman” carry on with her daughter cemented things.

Jeremy says they need to get Diane up there to set the stage. 

Downstairs in the lounge, Diane thinks tonight’s the wrong night to share their engagement.

Jack agrees.

jack and diane


Next week on Y&R!

Kyle approaches Leanna Love and isn’t happy with her.

leanna love and kyle

Danny tells everyone to look at who he met at the airport.

His sister, Gina Roma. She hugs Traci and Lauren.

gina and danny romalotti

Phyllis and Jeremy get Diane up to the  Athletic Club suite.

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