Daniel Confesses to Jack, Michael and Kyle — Phyllis is Alive, But He Lies About Summer’s Involvement, While Connor Has a Meltdown

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Daniel makes a confession about his mother being alive but lies that she came to him, not Summer, while Tucker and Harmony visit Devon and Connor has a meltdown.

In the previous episode, Ashley defended Tucker,  Chance noticed the tension between Daniel and Summer, and Nick was not happy that Adam offered Sally a job

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for May 10, 2023 episode airs in the USA May 11. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

From home, Jack gets a text from Daniel, asking him to meet. There’s something he needs to know.

Jackie Boy gets a jolt when Tucker turns up and stops him from leaving. He wants to talk.

Tucker feels he’s being called into the principal’s office. “Was that your half grapefruit I ate this morning?”

jack gets a text

He asks. Jack starts yelling about Tucker trying to talk Diane into taking off. Why did he do that?

Tucker just wanted to illustrate her choices considering how the evidence against her is building up.

The trial will likely lead to her conviction. Jack asks if Ashley put him up to this but Tucker says no.

He and Diane have a history and he cares for her. Returning to Genoa City hasn’t done Diane any good.

tucker maintains what he told diane to do

“Do you think I’m a bad guy for telling her to get out while she can?” Jack calls Diane innocent but Tucker knows it doesn’t matter.

This stain will trickle down to Harrison. Walnut Grove won’t sell Diane’s brownies at their bake sale.

The companies won’t survive her presence even if she’s found innocent.

He tells Jack if he wants to help her, help her get outta dodge. He puts on sunglasses and says he’s off to relax. “Everyone’s so tense around here, bro.”

tucker sunglasses

Daniel puts his phone away and stops Michael at Crimson Lights and asks him to go somewhere with him.

They need a lawyer and he’s the best in town but Michael says he’s working on Diane’s case.

Daniel says this is about proving she didn’t kill Phyllis. Michael’s interest is piqued. He follows him to the Abbott manse.

daniel contacts jack

At Society, Johnny and Billy wait for Connor to show up. He’s late and Johnny jokes that he’s working on his dirt farm or something.

He thinks Connor’s been avoiding him at work which can only mean that there’s something going on that he’s in the dark about.

Billy admits Adam’s having a baby girl with Sally, Uncle Nick’s girlfriend. He talks about it being all kinds of awkward.

Johnny just hopes she doesn’t talk as much as Katie. Billy shares that he told Johnny about the new baby. “Whoop-de-doo,” Connor says with a sigh.

johnny says katie talks too much

He wants to go home. Johnny gives him some advice.

Teach her how to burp and he says he can hide his broccoli on her plate.

Billy laughs and asks what Connor wants. “Nothing,” he says.

Billy’s surprised and presses him and Connor raises his voice. “Nothing!”

connor sullen

They talk about what they want on their pizza and Connor says, “Is this the part where we pretend?” Billy can see his son needs help and takes him outside for a walk.

Once outside, Billy talks to Connor about the new baby and asks what the issue is.

He says his life isn’t picture-perfect. Billy suggests that nobody’s is and asks what’s going on. “Does it even matter?” Connor asks. 

connor mopey kid

Inside, Chelsea admits Katie loves being his sister and that Connor loves being his brother. Johnny says he’ll be right back.

He goes outside and helps Connor explain that it is a huge deal when a kid is brought home.

Connor yells, “Oh my God, do we have to keep doing this? I’m fine.” He wants to go back inside.

Johnny tries to explain how he was once upset to learn Chelsea was his bio-mom and Connor his brother but he’s fine with it now.

chelsea and johnny society

Connor doesn’t care. He reminds his brother that he came to talk with Billy, not him. Johnny’s offended. “Nobody asked you to come out here,” Connor says. Billy defends family who sometimes inserts themselves into conversations because they want to help.

Billy says he can take time to process this. He asks him to trust his mother though. “Fine. If it’ll get everyone to back off,” Connor says, taking off inside.

johnny argues

Harmony visits Dominic and Devon at the penthouse and fawns over the little guy as she’s reminded that the world is full of miracles.

Talk turns to Tucker and Harmony urges him to give his father a chance.

She’s lucky to have had Neil but Tucker’s been trying. Devon agrees.

harmony visit devon and dom

He asks if Harmony’s really okay with him changing his surname to Winters.

She tells him he can call himself the Crown Prince of Genoa City. He’s still his son.

They talk about how he’d build forts while she made cheese and crackers for snacks when he was a kid.

They loved listening to music back then. The memories were special to him.

She smiles, knowing there were a lot of bad times. Devon says it’s okay.

devon remembers old times with harmony

Dominic gets the best of her now. She tells him a story about when he was little, and he found some toys.

He waited three days to see if some kid would take them and when he didn’t, Devon took them home.

He kept such good care of them as though they were gold. Harmony says that’s when she knew he was a good man. 

Tucker shows up, happy to see Harmony and Devon together. He asks if she’s seen how good he is on that little keyboard but Devon says he didn’t need to. She brought him a trumpet, baby drums and a guitar.

Tucker likes how she thinks. Harmony thinks Devon needs to get back to what matters. His calling.

tucker visits devon and dominic

She tries to get Tucker on her side but he no longer gives unsolicited advice.

Devon doesn’t have the time. He’s got a job, a kid and Abby.

Dom wakes up and says, “Dada,” and Devon rushes up to get him while Tucker and Harmony admit they love their son being called Dada. They listen to Devon singing to Domnic and feel lucky.

devon with mother father


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Kyle arrives home and he and Jack discuss how Summer keeps disappearing. In fact, she took Harrison and went somewhere today.

Daniel and Michael arrive and Kyle asks what’s going on. Nobody knows.

Daniel learns Summer’s not home which he thinks is good.

He’s not sure she’s ready for what he’s about to say. “Phyllis is alive.” Michael thinks he’s being metaphorical.

daniel tells everyone phyllis is alive

Daniel says it’s real. He got a call from someone who asked him to meet in the park. It was Mom. “Why didn’t she call Summer?” Kyle asks.

Daniel lies as he tells them that Phyllis likely thought she’d see his sister as too biased.

Daniel goes on to tell them the story of Stark coercing and manipulating his mom into faking her death and blaming Diane.

jack learns phyllis alive

Daniel tells everyone the collapse was staged, and that after all was said and done that she was having second thoughts about leaving them.

She wanted to come home when Stark attacked her. He wasn’t about to let her ruin his plan.

She did what she had to do and she grabbed a pair of scissors. “Phyllis. Phyllis killed Stark,” Michael says in disbelief. It seems right.

kyle shock

Jack and Kyle realize Diane can be exonerated but when Michael asks where Phyllis is now, Daniel doesn’t know.

Michael asks if there’s proof but there’s none. “I wasn’t thinking straight,” he says when asked if he has photo evidence. Jack says they can get video footage of her on CCTV.

Kyle jumps up, wanting to tell Summer. Daniel asks him not to.  He lies that he doesn’t want her to feel hurt that Phyllis came to him.

Jack yells that Phyllis put them through hell just to throw Diane into jail. When do the lies stop?

Michael hears phyllis alive

He can’t believe that Phyllis did the exact same thing that Diane did after all her ranting about it. Daniel defends his mom. “She wasn’t herself, Jack, everyone she loved deserted her.”

Jack asks why she didn’t ask for help and Daniel says he doesn’t think Jack would help. She trusted the wrong man.

They can’t let her down this time. Michael asks if she’s tried to contact him and he starts to tell him about the call when Jack interrupts to say they need to find her.

daniel tells the half truth

Daniel thinks Jack only wants her in jail. Daniel wants to clear his mother’s name and Diane’s but Micahel isn’t sure things will play out so easily.

He starts yelling and then apologizes, but he’s concerned that Daniel could be caught for aiding and abetting, obstruction of justice.

He can be seen as a suspect since he knows how Stark died.

He can’t even help fix things for Phyllis since it’ll be seen as a conflict of interest.

He’s not even sure he can spin things. Jack wants to call Christine but Michael asks him to hold off.

There are too many variables. They can’t tell anyone about this. They need to take it one step at a time.

kyle talks about phyllis being alive


Next week on Y&R!

Nate tells Audra they’re helping each other get what they want. He tells Audra he knows what she wants. She looks him up and down.

audra and nate park

Daniel paces Crimson Lights and when Chelsea asks what he’s doing, he says that he’s waiting for a bomb to go off.

daniel tense

Kyle and Jack break into the no-tell-motel Phyllis was staying in. He closes the door with a hanky and Kyle asks what they’re looking for. 

Jack says, “I don’t even know what we’re looking for but I guarantee we’ll know it when we see it.”

jack and kyle sleuths


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