Bold & Beautiful Spoilers May 8 – 12: Thomas and Hope Get Stuck in San Francisco, and Steffy Worries

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for B&B from Monday,

May 8 to Friday, May 12.

Sneak peek at B&B the week of May 8!

Thomas and RJ reunite.

Hope plans a romantic night with Liam.

hope sex with liam thinks of thomas

Monday, May 8

Monday’s B&B recap: Steffy laughs at Hope, saying she’s just like Brooke

Steffy walks in on Hope and Thomas seemingly holding hands. Hope’s mortified by getting caught up in a moment and explains the reason for the hand-holding is they got good news about HFTF numbers. She asks Steffy not to read into it.

Hope denies feelings for Thomas. She loves Liam.

Steffy speaks her mind to Hope. She’ll be watching Hope.

Hope tries to convince Steffy she’s not like Brooke but Steffy laughs at her. She’s just like Brooke.

Thomas thinks about Hope and talks to Ridge about how good it is being back at work.

hope confused

Tuesday, May 9

Tuesday’s B&B recap: Hope uses sex to convince Liam she’s loyal

RJ is surprised Thomas isn’t with Hope since he heard they’re always together.

Liam and Hope have some wine and a little romance…

Thomas tells RJ he and Hope are platonic and RJ asks if he accepts that’s all it’ll be. 

RJ makes a considerable request of Thomas concerning Ridge.

Steffy and Finn get sexy together. 

Steffy opens up about “a problem at work” with Finn.

steffy reacts to finn asking if it's a mistake to let hope and thomas work together

Wednesday, May 10

Wednesday’s B&B recap: Steffy has a change of heart

Wyatt helps Liam gain clarity on his current situation with Hope.

Wyatt and Liam go to the office for a change.

Steffy asks Hope to clarify if she has feelings for Thomas six more times.

Steffy devices she’s let her imagination run away with her.

Taylor visits her son Thomas to talk about his work and babes. 

Wyatt purses his lips talking about thomas Bold and the Beautiful recaps March 10, 2023

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Thursday, May 11

Thursday’s B&B recap: Hope goes away with Thomas

Hope and Thomas go away together to San Francisco on business.

Liam’s distraught that Hope’s away with Thomas.

Liam walks in on Steffy kissing Finn a few times.

Ryan Stroud is back as the Forrester pilot. He’ll be in it for a few episodes when Hope and Thomas go to San Francisco for work.

thoams hope on forrester plan to san Francisco

Friday, May 12

Friday’s B&B recap: Hope and Thomas get stuck in San Francisco

Hope finds herself at wit’s end.

Vivian Huang and Quinn Knox appear as buyers in San Francisco on the trip Hope and Thomas are on.

Hope and Thomas are happy their meeting went well.

Steffy worries.

Liam and Steffy talk about Hope and Thomas staying overnight in San Francisco.

Hope talks about it being hard growing up in her mother’s shadow.

hope on phone to liam

Sneak peek week of May 13!

 Hope confides her biggest fears to Thomas.

Steffy reveals an untold truth.

Sheila reveals her plan to escape prison.

sheila listens to steffy taunting her.

Hope’s overwhelmed and makes attempts to maintain her composure.

Steffy springs into action in regard to Thomas and Hope.

Thomas looks for a solution to his dilemma.

steffy tells finn about her meeting with sheila

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