Tracy Blackmails Brook Lynn Into Becoming a Corporate Spy, Sasha Agrees to Return to TV, and Selina Gives Cody and Gladys a Warning

General Hospital recap for Thursday, May 11, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Trina tells Taggert she will get a DNA test, Esme is reunited with Ace, and Curtis gets a job offer from the WSB.

We also have Wednesday’s GH recap where Diane told Robert to make up his mind between her and Holly, and Trina had a loving reunion with Taggert and Portia.

Chase walks into the PCPD and is greeted by applause as his colleague welcome him back. They even got him a card.

cops welcome chase back

Dante hands him a stack on files. Chase feels like he’s never left.

They chat about the Willow situation and then what’s happening with Cody. Dante isn’t sure why his friend would steal the bracelet. It doesn’t make sense.

dante and chase talk cody

The cops discuss BLQ and Chase admits sometimes a person does the wrong this for the right reason.

They chat about the SEC case.

chase says bas things for righr reasons

At the Quartermaine estate, Tracy reminds BLQ that she owes her. She tells her that while the family is distracted, it’s the perfect time for her to do something for her.

tracy tells blq plan

Tracy wants her to go back to work at Deception. That’s not what BLQ wants to do with her life. Music is for her.

Her aunt says she can write all the songs she wants after she does this for her.

BLQ wonders what this is really about.

Tracy orders her to make herself indispensable and find out what’s going on in research and development. This is baffling to BLQ, who suspects this is corporate espionage.

blq is confused by request

Brook Lynn refuses and claims music is her life. Tracy laughs at her and reminds her that her help with Chase comes with a price. She threatens to tell him the truth about bribing the board to let him back onto the force.

tracy tells blq go back to deception

Tracy threatens to call him. When she does, he’s confused. She tells him she’s taking an interest in the community and suggests they have lunch.

BLQ freaks out. Tracy hangs up and asks her if she’s going to take the deal or is she taking Chase to lunch.

tracy calls chase

Brook Lynn tells her aunt she wins.

Back at the PCPD, Chase asks Dante why Tracy would want to talk to him.

At Maxie’s, she has a sinus infection so she asks Sasha to go on the shopping channel to tell people about their new skin care product. No one else can do it.

maxie gladys sasha talk tv

Sasha reminds her that she had a mental break the last time she was on Home & Heart.

Maxie tells her that she will never forgive herself if she doesn’t get back on that horse. She knows how strong she is now and people love a redemption story.

maxie asks sasha go on tv

Gladys says no. Sasha is sure Maxie means well.

Maxie thinks that Sasha needs to face her fears and she should be allowed to decide.

Gladys reminds them that it’s her choice, legally, and she won’t allow this. Sasha could crack again and they might not be able to pick up the pieces.

gladys refuses

Sasha insists she’s ready to start living her life again. That sounds great to Maxie, who assures her people will be rooting for her.

sasha will go on tv

Not wanting to hold her back, Gladys grudgingly agrees to support this. Once she leaves, Maxie tells Sasha how strong and gorgeous she is.

She’s grown leaps and bounds. The only thing that matters is that she feels the same way.

Sasha is determined not to give in to her fears. She’s in.


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Selina gets her mocktail at The Savoy and checks everything is being taken care of.

Cody saddles up to her and asks to be in the game.

cody agrees to play for his cut

She rejects that and calls him a common criminal. He needs the money for his defense attorney.

Wu refuses to let a thief sit at her table. That wouldn’t go over well with her guests. He insists he was framed by Gladys. She doesn’t care.

selina tells cody no

Cody says the other players will want to know why he’s being excluded now and why a thief was allowed in to begin with.

Gladys shows up and tells Selina if she’s smart, she’ll get rid of Cody. Selina is thinking about getting rid of both of them.

gladys tells selina not to trust cody

Selina gives them both a warning but agrees to let them have a place at the table.

At General Hospital, Taggert and Portia fuss over Trina and then he rushes over to thank Curtis and the others.

trina's family at hospital

Trina says she wouldn’t be back if it wasn’t for Spencer.

trina and portia reunited

Curtis says the only thing that matters is she’s back safely. Laura is eager to get her grandson checked out. Trina offers to go with them but Spencer suggests she should be with her family.

Portia needs to check her baby girl over. Trina just wants to talk to her dad.

When Curtis and Portia are alone, she worries about what could have happened. He tells her it’s over.

portia relieved to see curtis

She tells him how worried she was. Hursely, the WSB agent, interrupts and asks Curtis to join him for some questions.

Hursley tells Curtis the WSB was impressed by the way he handled himself. Curtis assumes they looked into his background.

hursely offers curtis job

They know he was a good cop before he made some bad choices. They think he could be a useful asset.

Curtis won’t commit. He likes working at his club. Hursley tells him to think about it. Running a club may seem tame after saving the planet.

Meanwhile, Trina tells Taggert that she has decided to have a DNA test.

trina tells taggert wants dna test

No matter what the results are, he will always be her dad. He asks why she changed her mind.

She explains that the past few days showed her how much Spencer loved his little brother and it reminded her nothing is more important than family.

She doesn’t want secrets to come between her and her family like her mom did. One day she might forgive her, but she’s not repeating her mistake.

It’s been three months since she learned Curtis might be her father. She needs to know the truth. Marcus understands and she doesn’t need her permission.

taggert reunited with trina

She asks for his blessing and he says that’s always hers. He agrees that secrets tear families apart. The results won’t change him being her dad.

Trina and Taggert join Portia and Curtis in the hall. She announces her plan to get the DNA test.

trina taggert portia curtis dna test

Portia is proud of her for wanting to know the truth.

Down the hall, Spencer and Ace wait for the doctor with Laura. They talk about how things change and she pulls out a lollipop.

He realizes that Esme should probably be there. She runs in, gasping and pulling the baby into her arms.

esme grabs ace from spencer

They tell her they made sure Ace was safe. She’s just glad the nightmare is over.

Austin arrives to examine the baby and asks the others out. He checks out Ace and tells Esme how much he needs his mom.

austin esme look at ace

She joins Spencer and Laura. On their way out, they bump into Trina and her family.

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