Chance Learns His Investigation Was Sabotaged, Victor & Adam Lock Horns, Victoria and Nate Discuss Obliterating Adam’s Success

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Victor and Adam argue over Adam’s plans for Victoria and Newman Media, Victoria gets Nate’s help in her quest to obliterate Adam’s success at McCall and Chelsea and Billy make a date while Chance isn’t happy at what Kyle and Jack have done to his investigation.

In the previous episode, Chance called Summer out for her lies, Sally and Adam discuss their boundaries, Nate and Victoria leap into bed again, and Abby is not thrilled to hear Tucker has proposed to her mom

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for May 17, 2023 episode airs in the USA May 18. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At GCAC in their room, Victoria and Nate snuggle. He’s messing up her morning routine, not that it’s a bad thing.

She wants to obliterate Adam’s chances of becoming CEO at McCall before he gets started. Nate finds it ruthless but finds the trait a necessary asset.

victoria sleeps after sex with nate

They dress and kiss and decide not to dine together in the lounge in case Elena’s there. Victoria calls him sensitive. They agree to a brainstorming session later.

He asks if she’s planned this all along after she let Victor buy the company.

She answers indirectly and has concerns that Adam will use his strengths to come after Newman Media since McCall has the same structure.

Nate will help her with whatever she needs. She likes that and they make out.

vicky and nate canoodle in gcac room

Downstairs, Victor asks about his son’s plans. Adam sarcastically says he’s not sure if he wants eggs benedict or not.

Victor’s a little impatient, having done turnaround in a company before.

Why isn’t Adam taking advantage of his expertise?

victor offers adam expertise

He’s offering free advice. “Lucky me,” Adam says, knowing his dad always has hidden agendas. Victor denies it.

Remember how well they worked together at Newman Media?

Adam recalls and says it’s a shadow of its former self.

He’ll refocus McCall and sell out anything that isn’t the core divisions which will make it a strong competitor for Newman Media.

adam gets breakfast with dad

Victor questions that. Adam sees it as a threat to his success at McCall.

Victor listens and drinks some tea. He thinks this is a mistake. He’s using his anger toward Vicky and Nate when he should let it go.

Adam will go after them, and plans on squashing Newman Media though Victor doesn’t want that.

He sees Nate nearby and since he has no gym bag, wonders what he’s doing at the club so early.

adam wantas to crush newman media

Victor assumes he’s just on the way to his office.

Adam decides against breakfast and takes off before Victor spots Victoria sauntering down the stairs.

He asks what she’s doing there so early. She covers that she had a late night working.

He asks what’s going on between her and Nate and she admits they’re involved.

Vic tells her that Nick’s worried about Nate’s intentions. Victoria says it’s none of her brother’s business.

He reveals that Adam’s coming after Newman Media. She welcomes that.

Victoria put on the spot

In Chancellor Park, Chelsea’s proud she got her son off to school with no drama.

Billy says that was the opposite of his morning.

They talk about blasting music in their cars after they drop the kids off, in order to put it behind them. She missed him yesterday.

He thought she’d want space, which is why he didn’t call.

She grins at him and looks at the space between them. It’s all she needs.

Chelsea and billy talk about the kids

They talk about work and how they like their ethics to be respected.

Billy isn’t a fan of Daniel but she gives him credit for pulling himself out of rough times.

She tells Billy that Connor’s feeling better.

They pat each other on the back for not screwing up too much.

He owes her an embroidered pillow with “that a little saying on it” they both like.

She laughs. “I’m on it.” They try to make plans and wind up talking about dinner with the boys.

Billy says Katie won’t be there since she has ballet. They kiss and then make out before she goes.

billy chelsea make out at park

Lucy and Daniel arrive at Crimson Lights. She talks up how good she’s getting at flying overseas.

He smiles, seeing his little princess grow up before his eyes.

She knows he’s missing Phyllis. She does too.

Daniel tells her that her grandma set up Diane and is alive.

lucy talks to daniel at crimson lights

Lucy’s floored. Is he sure? He knows this is hard to hear. His mom has a good heart but fell into a dark place. “Like you did?” Lucy asks.

“Sort of,” he says and tells her Jeremy Stark forced her to do this.

She’s not blameless but he knows this man manipulated her.

Lucy worries that this is going to make her dad spiral. He promises he is fine.

They talk about his job and Chelsea appears. She is honored to meet Princess Louisa.

They talk about her kids and getting together.


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Y&R comings and goings

At the Abbott manse, Jack and Kyle tell Diane that Michael has the evidence and is checking into it.

Kyle wants the charges to be dropped.

Diane’s sick of her ankle monitor.

Summer shows up and Jack assumes it’s been hard on Summer to process this news, that they’ve proof Phyllis is alive.

Diane knows it has to be a shock to know what her mother’s capable of.

diane wants the ankle braclett off

She doesn’t hold Summer responsible, knowing she’s an innocent victim.

She understands and doesn’t need an apology. “What would I be sorry for?” Summer asks.

Kyle looks shocked and the room goes quiet. Kyle knows his wife is confused right now.

summer scoffs to diane who she doesn't need to apologize to

Diane can’t wait for this to be over but Summer sent Chance away last night because she wants to wait to protect Phyllis.

Jack says they can’t do that at Diane’s expense.

Summer turns on Kyle. He must agree. Chance turns up and Summer looks around, nervously.

diane maintains composure

Chance turns up and Jack tells him he and Kyle learned where Phyllis was staying, at that no-tell-motel, that he and Kyle found red hair and sent it to be tested. It belongs to Phyllis.

Jack says here’s the proof she’s alive and slides an envelope to Chance.

Chance looks it over. It doesn’t prove she’s alive. It proves she was there and maybe honeymooned there with Stark. Chance says there’s no way of knowing he got it at the motel.

He could have gotten it from a hairbrush. Kyle gets snippy and thinks that they’re doing his job for him.

Chance retorts that all he sees are two people who aren’t above doing what they can to fake evidence.

chance says jack ruined the investigation

He can bring this to Christine but this is not solid evidence.

The chain of this evidence is compromised since the son and fiance of the accused found it during their own search.

Why didn’t Jack didn’t tell him about the motel so he could do his job?

Even if this evidence was permissible, “you screwed yourself.”

chance tells kyle and jack the evidence isn't going to work

He takes off and Kyle and Jack are upset with themselves.

Summer meanders outside as the men talk about finding evidence before they realize Summer’s gone.

Kyle toddles off to find her while Jack suggests Diane start planning the wedding since she needs a diversion.

He tells her to make it as lavish as she wants. They kiss after he says they’ll have the wedding of their dreams.

diane jack kiss after wedding talk

Audra spots Nate doing the walk of shame in the park. She recognizes his suit from yesterday. He reveals he was with Victoria at the Athletic Club.

She thinks he works quickly. He says if things with Vicotria help him at work, fine, but it doesn’t dispute their connection. She hopes he’ll take him up on her offer.

She can be an asset. “I’ll have your back.” He asks if the loyalty is free.

She says no. He knows what she wants and will hand over Newman Media to her when the time comes.

nate will help audra

Summer finds Chance at Society. She thanks him for keeping quiet.

He didn’t think it was his place to put her on the spot and reminds her she didn’t tell him how long she’s known her mom is alive. Her eyes dart around.

He doesn’t expect her to own up to anything but advises that secrets can wreak havoc on a relationship. He should know.

chance has advice for summer

She thanks him for letting her stay quiet and to have her own feelings.

He nods and says he wants to find out what happened.

If there’s more she wants to tell him, it’ll help.

She’s got nothing more to report and when she leaves, she calls and leaves a message telling her she needs her to come home. This is too hard.

summer calls her mother

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