Hope Confesses Thomas Has Transformed Her While Liam Wonders if Hope’s Going Out of Her Way Out of Guilt

In the Monday, May 22, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke and Taylor discuss Hope, Hope begs Thomas to forgive her, and Wyatt tries calming Liam down again.

We also have Friday’s B&B recap where Hope sobbed her apology to Thomas who overheard Hope calling him unstable to Brooke.

At Forrester Creations, distraught Hope begs Thomas to forgive the things he overheard her saying to her mom about him.

hope begs like she tried to murder thomas, only he just overheard a conversation

She does think that he’s a good man, an incredible talent, son, and father, who is turning his life around.

“You’ve transformed me and how I feel about you,” she blurts.

Stepping back across the room, she keeps apologizing.

hope begs thomas to forgive her

Thomas tells her she did nothing wrong but she feels like she’s been cruel. He says she wasn’t.

“You wouldn’t get it,” she says, looking frazzled. He’s perplexed.

She fills him in on Liam’s worries and her mom’s worries and he repeats that he’s not the man he used to be.

“It’s not you, I’m the one who…” she stops herself and her heart starts pounding.

He starts apologizing again. He’s sure that everyone coming to her with their anxieties about him must be hard on her.

Her faith in him means a lot to him and he will never hurt her again. He’ll never mess with her marriage again.

Eyes downcast, she nods her head and then tells him how much she believes in “this Thomas” and she wants him around for a very long time.

She apologizes again and explains she was just trying to get her mom to stop worrying about them being more that co-workers.

When he points out there are more feelings behind that, she flashes back to all the times she’s been aroused around him lately.

He clarifies that he’s talking about gratitude.

He takes her hand and tells her how much he owes her. Her heart keeps beating.

In Brooke’s office, she reads a PR statement from HFTH and thinks about confronting her daughter about Thomas and Hope blurting out she had feelings for him.

brooke has reservations

Taylor interrupts and starts probing about what’s on her mind.

Brooke doesn’t need to be rescued but it’s nice to know she’s there for her.

She hopes everything is okay with Hope.

brooke talks to taylor about thomas and brooke isn't happy

The women squint at each other as they discuss Thomas’ return.

Taylor says his return has been a huge success and Hope has been a good influence.

“That girl knows what she wants,” says Taylor.

Brooke looks less convinced.

brooke isn't sure she's on taylor's side

Taylor goes on about how much effort Thomas and Hope have made.

Taylor is grateful to her and to her mother.

She’s sure nothing will derail Thomas and cause him to backslide.

Taylor is sure Liam will come around eventually.

Thomas is winning back everyone’s trust.

taylor upset with brooke about her son

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At Spencer Publications, Wyatt is arguing on the phone about an offer.

wyatt on a call

Liam arrives his brother asks him how “Tommy Boy” is. Wyatt since he didn’t go to see him to “do violence.”

He just wanted him to admit to something.

Nothing he said put his mind to rest.

His brother thinks all this worrying comes at a price.

liam put on the spot

They rehash Liam’s concerns and Wyatt assures him that being concerned is okay and he’s not just an over-protective husband.

The one thing keeping Liam sane is how Hope stays connected with him and keeps carving out time for them.

That reminds him of what peace feels like. Her love makes him think Thomas won’t be an issue.

His brother tells him to just concentrate on Hope’s love for him. She’s been showing him how much she loves him, but can he say the same?

Wyatt says he needs to turn on the Spencer charm and show her how much he loves her because it sounds like she does everything.

Liam admits she’s been going more out of her way.

He wonders if she feels guilty, but he needs to show her that he doesn’t just trust her, he trusts her around Thomas.

liam thinks he's wrong about thomas now

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