Y&R Recap: Ashley Gets a Surprise as She Heads to Paris For Answers, and Diane Pushes Nikki’s Buttons as Nikki Mocks Diane

Fri Jan 26, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Traci takes a leap of faith for Ashley, Victoria leans on Nate, and Diane pushes Nikki’s buttons.

Thursday’s recap: Devon learns that Daniel is cheating on Lily with Heather  

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on Jan 26. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Crimson Lights

At Crimson Lights, Esther congratulates Diane on her new co-CEO role.

Diane thanks her and says now, she has to prove herself.

Esther thinks she’s doing it with a lovely smile.

They agree doing what you like is important.

esther congratulates diane. Y&R recaps

Nikki arrives and tells Esther it’s good to see her. “Diane,” she says, unsmiling.

Esther goes off to get some cupcakes for Diane’s big day and Diane asks how Nikki is.

Nikki assumes Jack told her everything but calls it none of her business. She gets tea and goes outside.

Nikki gets snooty with diane.

Diane follows and tells the blonde that Jack cares about her very much and never said anything to her.

Just that she went through a terrible ordeal that made her go places she thought she’d escaped.

Nikki tells her that her sobriety was compromised.

Diane thinks it sounds complicated.

Nikki reminds her of the night she pretended to die and Diane laughs, reminding Nikki she wasn’t so innocent, either.

diane and nikki talk sobriety Y&R recaps

“You hit me with a rock hard enough to think you’d killed me!”

nikki with diane jenkins

Nikki says look at them now. She assumes Diane is judging her.

Diane knows Jack’s helping her and though they’re not friends, she’s fine with it.

Esther swings by to see if they’re okay.

They reassure her and she leaves.

Diane sits at Nikki’s table and says things don’t need to be contentious.

diane is fine with sharing jack

Diane is sorry if she’s struggling and can’t imagine how painful it is.

Jack will be in her corner but she can’t imagine Victor will like it.

Nikki was waiting for the real Diane to show up and thins she’ll hold it over her head.

Diane says no, she just wanted to tell her she hopes she gets to the other side of this.

Nikki reluctantly thanks the brunette and says that’s kind of her to say.

diane tells nikki she's co-ceo

She won’t betray her trust or Jack’s. She boasts about being co-CEO and Nikki congratulates her. She wasted no time.

Diane says she was surprised Jack didn’t choose Kyle.

Nikki says yeah, even though Kyle’s been with the company for years and knows it inside out.

Diane sighs. She’d have been happy if father and son ran the company side by side.

Nikki thinks Diane manipulated Jack into the job. She mocks the woman. Diane’s incensed. “I just wished you well and you couldn’t wait to insult me.”

Nikki says she’s right. “I shouldn’t have said it.” Diane thinks she’ll have to embrace herself for more backlash.

She’s glad Jack’s supportive and asks them to keep the common ground. Nikki wishes her well on her endeavor and excuses herself. 

nikki berates diane


Audra’s room, Athletic Club

In her room at the Athletic Club, Nate assumes she thinks they have potential.

She leans in and touches his tie and tells him she’s rarely wrong about it.

Someone arrives and she tells him not to move.

audra and nate get hot. Y&R recaps January 26

They’re not finished. She gets the door to Tucker.

He questions what they’re doing and she tells him to mind his business.

She reluctantly gives him five minutes, so Nate takes off, agreeing to meet later for a drink.

Tucker grins, knowing what he walked in on. She’s up to something.

tucker interrupts a sexy moment between nate and audra Y&R recaps January 26

She brushes him off and he says he’s done with Ashley and wants to put his energy into Glissade and Audra.

Audra thinks it sounds convincing but she’s been around addicts before.

Tucker says Ashley will never change and he doesn’t want to lose Audra.

This is it for him. “It’s all there and ours for the taking,” he says.

Audra claims it’s too late but Tucker wants to be with her.

tucker maccall

She says what she wants doesn’t seem to be an issue.

He’s sure that she wants him. They belong together.

It’s always been there. “In your dreams,” she says.

He asks her not to pull away and to just say yes but Audra knows he doesn’t want her.

He’s looking for a win but she won’t be a woman someone settles for.

Tucker insists that’s not who she is to him.

He always gets a spring in his step and a smile on his face when he sees her. His heart races and he’s taken it for granted. 

Audra says what he needs or wants isn’t in her and she needs to look out for herself. She tells him to leave. 

Once he goes, she heads to the door, about to open it. She second-guesses herself and grabs her bag and goes. 

audra tells tucker he's like an addict Y&R

The Abbott mansion

Jack finds Ashley at home. She tells him she’s taking the jet to Paris to get some answers.

He asks if it’s about Tucker and she doesn’t want to answer his questions.

He says it’s been months of this mess. Why is she dignifying his insinuations?

He calls Tucker a liar but she worries she’s one.

ashley off to paris

She needs to prove to herself she isn’t lying by taking her power back.

Jack reminds her that she said she was done with him.

She knows but she needs to follow through.

Jack claims this is a weakness but she feels she’s being proactive.

She thinks it’s what she needs to get him out of her system.

Ashley wants to count on jack

She needs to go back to that restaurant and find out if anyone else saw him berating her.

Jack tries to talk her out of it but she vows not to disappear in Paris.

She’ll get what she needs and return stronger than ever.

She loves him.

jack worries for ashley abbott

She grabs the luggage and goes, leaving Jack more worried.

Traci appears with tea and frustration fills his voice as he tells her their sister left on a wild goose chase for Paris.

traci reasons with jack

“That was quick,” Traci says, causing Jack to be upset that she knew. 

Traci thinks this is a good thing — a rational decision but Jack is worried about their sister.

She’s spinning and has been obsessing over this for months.

They argue and he asks his sister not to let Ashley do anything she’ll regret.

jack worriesi about their sister

Athletic Club dining room

Nate finds Victoria in the dining room at the Athletic Club.

They talk about how Nikki’s been doing and her struggle.

nate winters

She wants to help her but doesn’t know how.

Nate’s sure she’s a comfort anyway.

He offers to listen if she needs him.

She smiles widely in thanks. He asks how Claire is.

She smiles and he says he’d love to hear more about her. She talks about the new discoveries.

victoria newman

They’re sure Claire will find her way.

Victoria thanks him for listening to her the last time they spoke. 

Cole drops by and the men are introduced.

Each man has heard a lot about the other. They shake hands.

cole meets nate

Once Nate’s gone, Cole asks how long they dated.

She’s surprised he knew. He says it was written on their faces.

She reveals what happened and calls Nate a good man. 

They discuss Claire and Cole’s good news.

She’s allowed to walk around the grounds and he says it was wonderful to see her smile when she spoke about pediatrics. 

They agree it’ll take baby steps for her to get to good things. 

cole howard and victoria newman

Neil Winters Lounge

Audra finds Nate waiting for her. They call Tucker a big talker, a dreamer.

Nate thinks she’s the only one he counts on, which can be a burden and a compliment. She scoffs. He asks if it happens a lot.

She asks if he wants a partnership and if he’ll leave Chancellor-Winters once she takes control of Glissade.

Nate lets out a short laugh, thinking she’s dreaming.

Tucker’s board members are a bunch of lapdogs. She can’t undermine that. She calls Nate a beautiful genius. She needs a page from his playbook.

audra charles and nate winteres

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Mishael Morgan (Amanda) returns


Jack storms into Jabot and starts to rant to Diane about Ashley’s trip to Paris.

He explains how she wants to question the waitstaff at the cafe about the scene Tucker made.

Diane sides with Ashley but Jack worries the man is controlling her.

diane at jabot with jack

Taking advantage of her. Why can’t she see this? She’s a brilliant woman. “Why can’t she stop herself?”

Diane says she pulled herself out from under Tucker and is gathering the facts so she can “shove them down his throat.”

Jack’s shocked his wife is defending Ashley. Diane laughs.

diane's money is on Ashley

Abbott jet

Ashley puts on her seatbelt on the Abbott jet.

ashley on abbott jet

She flashes back to Tucker blowing up at the cafe and then to talking to him about how Tucker claims she doesn’t like to commit.

ashley on the jet

She recalls him suggesting that she head over to Paris and talk to them about what really happened.

Ashley’s surprised when Traci sits in the seat next to hers.

ashley and traci go to paris

Ashley asks if she’s trying to stop her but no, Traci loves her sister as does Jack and she’ll be with her every step of the way.

They clutch hands and grin at one another.

ashley and traci go to paris

Newman Media

Nikki arrives at work and sits at her desk before Audra comes in with numbers from the Asian market.

Nikki’s distracted so Audra offers to take whatever she needs off her plate.

nikki jonesing for booze

Nikki barks that she can take care of it herself.

Audra’s about to go when Nikki tells her not to “scurry off.”

Nikki says she’s not going to break. Audra knows.

Nikki wishes she didn’t tell her about her problem. 

audra in nikki's office

Next week on Y&R!

Nikki says, “My whole life is spiraling out of control and I have no idea how to fix this.”

Nikki and jack

Jack says, “Woah, woah, woah. We’ll fix this. As a matter of fact, I have an idea.”

jack abbott

Summer and Chance are on their first date. Summer says, “Something has lifted with me. I feel…lighter.”

summer drinks tea

Chance lifts his tea cup. “Cheers to that.”

chance on a date

Nate and Audra sit at Society. Her arms are crossed over her chest.

nate realizes audra's being fired

Nate says, “You didn’t quit, did you? Nikki fired you.”

audra bummed out

In Victor’s office, Victor says, “My security team called me last night and told me that there was a huge fire at the institution where Jordan’s incarcerated.”

Victor says jordan might have escaped

Nick looks from his dad to Victoria.

nick newman

Victoria says, “Meaning that Jordan could be dead or she could be out there again, ready to do God knows what.”

victoria worries about claire

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