Y&R Recap: After a Disturbing Call, Nikki Takes a Drink, While Victoria & Cole Get Claire to Agree to a DNA Test

Tues Dec 5: Today on Young and Restless, Nikki talks about going to an AA meeting but winds up drinking, Lily walks in on Daniel embracing Heather, and Cole and Victoria request a DNA test from Claire who shares the terrible things Jordan lied to her about her whole life.

Monday’s recap:  Phyllis Catches Danny and Christine Kissing While Cole and Victoria Wonder if Claire is Their Daughter

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on Dec 5. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At Daniel’s new condo, Danny and Lucy gush about how well Sally Spectra did with his condo.

lucy wants to move in with daniel

When can she move in? She wants to today so he allows that.

She will stay until they move into their place in a few weeks.

Lucy runs off to her room and Daniel appreciates his ex allowing it.

He asks if she feels she’s made the right move.

She’s glad to be back. There’s no place like home. He makes a Wizard of Oz joke.

heather thanks daniel

Nate finds Lily at Society. She finished a lunch meeting.

He asks if she’s given thought to him returning to Chancellor-Winters.

They haven’t decided yet.

Devon wants Victor’s side of the story as to why he was fired.

nate asks lily if he can return to CW Y&R recaps

Nate sarcastically says, “Gee, wonder how that’ll turn out.” What more can he do to show her he changed?

They argue on whether or not Devon should do this.

Nate says Victor was revolting to put on a charade like that.

They were all worried about him and he was trying to get help and protect the company.

They rehash what happened and he asks how he’s the bad guy. Lily asks what his true intent was.

nate upset lily won't believe him

He just literally explained that and thinks this is a waste of time.

Audra walks in as he’s getting up and asks if he’s okay.

She agrees to join him somewhere else and they take off.

lily finds it hard to believe in nate

Victor finds Nikki deep in thought at the ranch. He offers to get a soda for her but she’s fine.

He calls what was done to her unconscionable. She calls him the reason that she kept strong.

She heard him telling her to keep fighting.

He makes a fist in the air. “Fight, fight, fight,” he repeats.

victor will fight for his baby nikki Y&R recap December 5

He’ll never let anyone hurt her. He kisses her and they get texts from Victoria which shocks them.

Victoria and Cole are in Oregon, seeing Claire. Nikki doesn’t think any good can come from it but Victor assumes they think she’s their daughter, Eve.

It’s a disturbing possibility.

victor worries about Nikki's sobriety on Y&R

He asks how her sobriety is after being forced to consume alcohol.

Will this drive her back to the bottle? Nikki tries to convince him she is fine.

All she needs is his love.

She’ll go to a meeting this afternoon.

nikki issues with sobriety Y&R

When they embrace, she flashes to drinking and eyeballs the tray of alcohol nearby.

She goes and Devon arrives to talk to Victor about why he fired Nate Hastings.

Devon explains the situation and Victor calls Nate as ruthless as it comes.

Victor makes light of manipulating his family because he feels it was for a good cause.

To catch Nate. “Don’t you trust that guy,” Victor says.

devon wants victor's opinion on nate

Upstairs, Nikki tries to sleep when she flashes to getting the vodka in captivity.

She receives a call that blares sexy burlesque music. Confused, she asks, “Who is this?” 

They disconnect and she’s left disturbed.

nikki gets stripper music on a call


Nikki enters the living room and talks with Devon and Victor about Nate, agreeing with Victor’s sentiment that Devon should stay away from Nate and not trust him.

Devon goes and Victor notices his wife’s odd demeanour.

nikki tells Devon not to trust nate

She just says she couldn’t sleep but leaves out the disturbing call.

He goes off to get her tea and she waits until he’s gone and pours herself a vodka.

nikki takes a drink of vodka

Victoria and Cole surprise Claire in jail in Oregon.

She doesn’t get why they’re there.

They want to find out if she’s their daughter.

cole and victoria visit claire in jail

She doesn’t know what the point is or if she wants them to be.

What will it matter? They want to know if she’s had a DNA test and assume if it didn’t happen, they don’t blame her for asking for one.

She asks if this is about placing blame but they just want answers.

Victoria knows the events the last few days have been traumatic for her. They feel it too.

Cole knows her whole world is turned upside down.

eve isn't sure she wants victoria and cole in her life

She’s facing kidnapping and attempted murder charges.

Victoria asks if her aunt was grooming her to feel she deserved retribution to the parents she believed left her as a baby.

If so, there’s a way to be forgiven.

Claire’s astounded. She says she was five when Aunt Jordan told her “the truth” about her parents.

How could she let it go when it’s all she has known? Cole understands.

She couldn’t understand how a parent could walk away from a sweet girl like her and as she got older, she’d tell her how lucky that Aunt Jordan took her in. Eventually, her resentment and pain became her own reality.

“I was a child unloved and abandoned and only Aunt Jordan cared for me. Loved me.”

claire in jail

Victoria’s eyes glisten with unshed tears as Claire says always wondered why her parents hated her so.

She talks about being home-schooled.

She was told never to talk about her family or how embarrassing it was to be abandoned by the all-powerful Newman family.

victoria wants a dna test

Jordan had her use a made-up story about her parents dying in a car accident.

She never saw proof of anything and never questioned Jordan. Cole asks if she does now.

His mother had mental health issues, too.

Claire doesn’t understand why Jordan waited a lifetime and poisoned a child’s mind.

Victoria thinks she needs answers.

“I know who I am,” Claire says through tears.

Victoria asks her to agree to a DNA test. Claire says yes. Only if she helps her.

“Please help me,” she says, crying. Victoria will do her best even if the DNA test shows she’s not their daughter.

Claire’s grateful and confused as to why Jordan hasn’t come to her rescue. Victoria doubts she’ll surface soon since she’s in so much trouble.

“Abandoned by the only parent I’ve known,” Claire says. Cole offers to arrange for a lawyer and get her bailed out. She’s grateful. Victoria says they need the DNA test now.

jordan tells her story


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Colleen Zenk is out at Y&R for now

At The Athletic Club, Nate explains why he was seeing Lily at Society about getting his job back and how bad it’s going.

Audra suggests he stop playing the martyr.

He’s being disingenuous.

nate tells audra about wanting to go back to CW

She knows he wanted Victoria to have power.

Nate denies it vehemently.

She ignores that and says to lean into it and he’ll gain respect by being honest. She doesn’t think it’ll matter.

They’ll never take him back which is why he should join forces with her. Even if they did hire him back, if he makes one mistake, he’s out.

Nate thinks the fact that they’re family counts. She rolls her eyes at that. He admits joining forces with her is tempting. Everything she says is tempting. “It’s a gift,” she says.

He agrees to join her after hearing Lily and Devon out.

audra tells nate to stop being a martyr


Back at Daniel’s condo, Heather thanks Daniel for his support with a hug just as Lily walks in. It’s awkward. 

Heather’s surprised she has a key.

Lily thinks it’s easier since she lives in the building.

lily catches daniel in an embrace

She hands over a key to her place to Daniel and Lucy pops in to show her mother her room with all the space for shoes.

Daniel comments that sometimes she sounds too much like Phyllis.

They discuss Lucy moving in and how happy they are.

He credits her for helping Heather and Lily claims she is happy to help out but Daniel doesn’t think she sounds like she is.

She had a trying day with Nate, who she calls a pompous ass. Heather gets Daniel and tells him Lucy needs him. He leaves and Heather is apologetic about Lucy moving in so fast. L

ily says it’s fine. Heather says she doesn’t have to worry about her, either. She vows not to get in anyone’s way now that she’s back. 

daniel doesn't believe Lily

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