Y&R Opinion: Why Are Most Y&R Couples Dull or Comfortable When I Want Messy?

It comes down to comfort versus messy. There doesn’t seem to be much in between.

The couples viewers prefer is subjective, comes from our life experience and baggage. If I find one couple boring and another person doesn’t, it doesn’t mean either of us is right or wrong. We all watch soaps for different reasons. I watch for the high drama and some watch for the romance. Leave a comment to let me know which your preference is and vote in our poll for your favourite couple. 

Nikki and Victor (Niktor)

Nikki and Victor have had their fair share of happiness and heartbreak, off and on that has spanned several decades. They’re at that time in their life when it’s likely they’ve seen the end of most of the usual relationship drama.

nikki and victor 1970s

They share a comfortable love and there are times when things get heated when Victor inevitably does something to piss her off, often something in an attempt to control their children. She can push his buttons but knows there’s a boundary that he doesn’t like crossed.

They’re comfortable like a worn pair of slippers you can’t part with even if your toe is peeking out. And I’m fine with that.

nikki victor snuggle young restless

Lauren and Michael (Mauren? Licheal?)

Lauren and Michael have been together a very long time and since they both seem to be seen so rarely. In the past they’ve been passionate and messy from time to time.

I like them both individually and their scenes are often enjoyable. Like Tessa, when one-half or both people in a soap couple are recurring, there’s not much room for movement. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of them.

lauren and michael celebrate in bed

Tessa and Mariah (Teriah)

Tessa and Mariah haven’t had much of any storytelling recently as a couple. In fact, the storytelling for a gay woman (Tessa) and a bisexual woman (Mariah) has been dismal. 

Not on par with any other couple on the show aside from a few short scenes and this sexy one below.

mariah and tessa kissing after sex

Since the show won’t explain this, we can only assume they’re protecting to a demographic that discriminates instead of showing what a normal, loving relationship looks like between two women with regular ups and downs. 

They’re comfortable. Sweet, when all I want is passion, imperfection, heartache, drama and for them to be seen as a real couple.

Giving them flaws, putting them in jeopardy and creating sympathy is what makes viewers empathize.

tessa and mariah snuggle



Diane and Jack (Dack)

Diane and Jack fell hard and fast, though they had a tumultuous past together. He forgave her for faking her own death, something that in reality, I doubt many could do, especially when there’s a kid involved. Jack’s always unlucky in love.

He thinks with his heart instead of his head so this is no surprise that he dove off the deep end and has barely come up for air. Not even long enough to take stock of the fact that his entire family thinks he’s being impetuous.

diane and jack newlywads
Except Traci who is supportive no matter what. See Big Boss’ post below!


Jack married her without family, some may say just to prove a point. Some argue that it’s because he’s in love and couldn’t wait. Maybe there’s a little self-unawareness. But why did Diane marry him? 

Diane’s still a big mystery. Her past should be a big red flag, but she sure does seem as though she’s besotted with Jack as much as he is with her. 

Is Diane truly in love with Jack or does she have ulterior motives? Could both be true? Is she working with Tucker to gain control of Jabot? There’s a big part of me that wants her to be in cahoots with Tucker. I’m all for that drama!

diane and jack snuggle

Abby and Devon (Dabby)


Abby and Devon were best friends, had a child together via surrogacy, and cheated on their significant others in one pent-up lusty scene where they christened every available surface in his condo including the old-school stereo and his stairs. It was hot.

devon sexy abby Y&R
But if you were hoping they’d keep up that energy, it’s barely been a few months since they’ve been together and they’re already in old married couple territory. This isn’t the norm in my world and I don’t know why it has to be in Genoa City.
Though to me, they have friend chemistry, there’s no passion between these two. I’m not talking about sexual passion. Passion in general. It makes the scenes a bit dull, much like Abby’s with Chance was.  

Y&R or CBS in general, often chooses comfort over passion. This wasn’t always the case. Go to YouTube and search for Drucilla and Neil videos. They had passion to spare. She had passion.

abby and devon snuggle

Billy and Chelsea (Chilly?)

Chelsea raped Billy and he has forgiven her and now they’re a couple. If the roles were reversed, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.
It’s not Stockholm Syndrome but it’s still distasteful and anyone who was raped who would likely call it a slap in the face to survivors.
I’ve seen friend chemistry between them and if Chelsea hadn’t raped him, I’d be calling them yet another comfortable, dull pairing. As it stands, they should not be a couple. Period. 

Not everyone needs to be paired up. There are people who enjoy being single. If it were up to me, I’d write Billy as someone who is happy to sleep around and Chelsea would take a lot more time on her own to figure out who she is. Alone.

chelsea billy movie Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

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Ashley and Tucker (Tashley)

Ashley and Tucker together are messy, mysterious and to me, deliciously fun to watch. They make me laugh, which is all I need, really.

If you’re looking for a loving, sweet and gentle couple, this one isn’t going to be for you. No matter what’s going on in their minds, their passion burns bright.

ashley drinks wine with tucker

I have been torn between thinking Ashley is falling back in love with Tucker, and that she’s merely using him.

And as I mentioned above, I still wonder if he and Diane are working the long game together, hoping to get a chunk of Jabot stock so they can take over the company.

 I’ve taken to calling them ‘Trashley’. I love that drama. I mean, at least they’re not dull?

ashley drinks champagne from bottle


Victoria and Nate

I see Victoria and Nate as almost a repeat of Victoria and Ashland. It’s true that we all have patterns and wind up coupling up with the same type of person but after what happened with Ashland, I thought Victoria would have learned something.

It also started with him cheating on Elena, which gave us some much-needed drama. I found them sexy but basing a relationship on lies and mistrust can come back to bite you in the arse. 

victoria and nate kiss

That neither has fallen in love with the other yet makes me wonder if it’s going to happen at all. Nate says he wants to rule Newman side-by-side with Victoria but all I hear is that he eventually will try to replace her with himself.

Their relationship to me is just business and sex. I really don’t have much of an opinion either way on this pairing but it might be fun if Victoria cheated on him.

Some may like the payback they think Nate deserves. If that doesn’t happen, they’re not going to move into exciting territory. 

victoria sleeps after sex with nate

Lily and Daniel (Daily)


Lily and Daniel are a slow burn. So slow that I wasn’t sure if they were headed toward coupledom.

They’ve been a couple once. It didn’t work out, but using the same actors ramps up the nostalgia, which helps some gravitate toward them.

daniel and lily banana costumes Y&R early recaps
My problem is that they haven’t even revisited the reason they broke up so why do they think they can make it work this time?
They’re sweet and cute.

There’s probably long-term potential here, and since Lily’s not afraid to say how she feels, I would love to see some big fights caused because of his involvement with his mama, Phyllis.

Otherwise, to me, their comfortable relationship is spelled d u l l.

lily draws daniel

Sharon and Chance (Shance)


Sharon and Chance aren’t quite a couple yet. They have shared a friendship and flirtation and since they had some hot sex, they’ve shared a few knowing smiles.

To me, that means they’re friends with benefits but Chance showed up at Crimson Lights this week with a picnic basket, which seems more like a date.

chance and sharon after sex
It looks like they’re headed to coupling but he’s almost a clone of Rey to me. He doesn’t have much of a personality beyond being nice and a cop. 

I see a comfortable pairing coming but I also see Summer in his orbit is going to shake things up. 

I’ve talked with a lot of older woman about this who don’t like that Sharon (their words) ‘has to compete with a younger woman’. It doesn’t help that she was Supergirl’s step-mommy.

Hey Y&R, your demographic women are Sharon’s age and older. They don’t want to see a young chippie (my mum’s words) pit against a mature woman. But there’s also a fanbase who wouldn’t mind Summer and Chance as a couple. I don’t have a stake in the outcome of either pairing.

Neither does much for me. My preferences are not “cozy.”

sharon and chance talk picnic

Kyle and Audra (Kaudra)

Kyle and Audra aren’t a couple, at least not that I’m aware. Yet? They’re boning, so I’m including them. She doesn’t want a relationship.

She admitted to being focused on her career and being selfish. If Kyle falls for her, then good luck to him because she’ll eat him up and spit him out. As she should. 

kyle and audra talk media division in bed
I love a strong woman who knows what she wants and goes after it. I love a vixen. I don’t love that she stepped all over another woman to do it but this is a soap opera and the cheating drama works.

They’re definitely not comfortable. They do sizzle but to what end? And I do have to wonder if Kyle will finally realize that what Jack says is probably true, that he’s running away from his pain instead of confronting it head on.

Will Summer be waiting around? I doubt it. If these two did become a couple, I can see a lot of lying and manipulation from her end. 

audra and kyle make out in bed

Sally and Nick (Sick or Nally)


Sally and Nick, much like Sally and Adam, started out with Nick as her superior at work.

It was gross but I’m over it. (It was nasty with Adam, but I ignored it after complaining about it because they were hot together and had natural chemistry and I’m probably a hypocrite just like everyone else on earth.)

nick and sally sex in her room young and restless recaps

Sally did Adam, she got pregnant and had a miscarriage and now, every spoiler for her is about her “struggling with her feelings.”

Yeah, it’s been going on for a while, but as painful as it can be for some of us to watch, it’s necessary for growth. 
Nick sticking with Sally through boning his brother, the baby and miscarriage was a move that I initially thought showed he had no self-respect was probably his unusual way of falling in love.  

None of what they’ve gone through makes me root for this couple. It doesn’t help that I don’t see the chemistry between them as friends or lovers.

Sally’s passion has been squashed for this relationship, and Nick needs someone feisty to counter his low energy.

They’ve both got that same low energy now which by now, you know doesn’t thrill me.

nick and sally talk wrk


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