Tucker Offers a Skeptical Devon a Chance to Buy His Company, Ashley’s Sketchy When Questioned by the Newmans, and Summer Shuts Phyllis Down

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Jack and Diane leave town, Stark taunts Kyle, and Summer sends Phyllis away when she tries to make amends. In the previous episode, Ashley pushed Tucker to call Devon and suggested they might have a future, and Victor filled Adam in on his plans to give him McCall Unlimited.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for February 28, 2023 episode airs in the USA March 1. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Kyle joins Jack and Diane at Society. He’s been busy with the textile mills. That’s not what his parents want to discuss. They are going off the grid for a while.

Y&R early recaps soaps spoilers

They are leaving to avoid Stark’s psychological torture.

Kyle is appalled to hear about this. The man is a menace.

Jack explains the cops can’t do anything right now. Chance knows Stark is back but he agrees with his assertions that Jack and Diane set him up.

jack talks about stark in his way Y&R early recaps soaps spoilers

Security has been beefed up at the Abbott house but they think leaving town for the moment is good. Diane adds they will use the time to celebrate their reunion.

Jack suggests Stark will get bored and move on. Kyle looks unconvinced.

Kyle bumps into Stark, who taunts him about Summer and his kid. Kyle barks at him to stay away from his family.

stark doens't care about what kyle says Y&R early recaps soaps spoilers

“If you have an axe to grind, you grind it with me,” he says. Stark claims he wants to forgive and forget and asks where Jack and Diane is.

Kyle says they’ve left town and so should he. Stark is in no rush to go. Genoa City could be the perfect place for him to call home.

kyle barks at stark Y&R early recaps soaps spoilers

Jack and Diane go to the Abbott cabin. He hated the charade with Kyle about jetting off but they didn’t know who was listening.

jack diane abbott cabin Y&R recaps

He says for this vacation to work, they can’t discuss Stark. She promises not to think of anyone other than him.

They kiss and he gets out the champagne. They make out and head to the bedroom.

jack and diane romance abbott cabin Y&R recaps

After sex, they lounge on the couch. She wants to check in at home but he assures her they are all fine. He’s already called the guards.

jack and diane after sex Y&R recaps

Diane doesn’t think they can block Stark out and they can’t hide from him forever.

She starts pacing. He tells her that murder is not an option. They will find a solution together.

Phyllis shows up at the Abbott estate, relieved that Summer answered the door. She knows she’s not welcome but wants to turn things around.

Y&R early recaps soaps spoilers

Her daughter isn’t sure she wants to know how she plans to do that.

Phyllis suggests they have coffee and talk. She’s the light of her life and she won’t take no for an answer.

Summer needs to get to the office. Her mom starts apologizing for threatening to walk out of her life and is sure she must want them to get back to the way things used to be.

When Summer brings up what Daniel told her, Phyllis thinks the siblings are ganging up on her. She insists that all she wants to do is protect and help her children.

“There’s always an excuse with you,” Summer says, urging her to admit for once that she screwed up.

summer tired of her mama Y&R early recaps soaps spoilers

Phyllis insists that she’s already apologized and she saved Diane’s life. Her daughter reminds her of her bad choices.

Phyllis wonders why Nikki doesn’t get this treatment. She assumes it’s because she stands up for what she believes. “I will never, ever change,” Phyllis says.

Summer can’t keep having this argument. She’s sure her mom thinks she’s trying to help but she has a blindspot about what she does.

She’s spent her whole life watching her mom try to grow up. She always believed she could. Maybe she should accept her for who she is, but she keeps letting her down.

Summer needs to protect herself and shows her mom the door.

Phyllis heads to Society and starts downing vodkas at the bar. Stark spots her and raises his glass.

phyllis looks at stark


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Ashley arrives at the Newman office. Victor and Victoria explain that Tucker was trying to sell his company but someone bought up his debt.

victoria talks to ashley about tucker company Y&R early recaps soaps spoilers

They wonder if she was that someone. She wonders why they think this.

Victoria speculates and Ashley laughs. Victor is sure she didn’t buy into anything Tucker said. He suggests she might have bought the debt as revenge.

victor newman office Y&R early recaps soaps spoilers

Ashley points out that’s more likely to be Devon. Victoria doesn’t buy it.

The Newmans explain they are willing to negotiate and lucrative deal. She’s made Tucker sweat and now it’s time to deal.

Ashley says that whatever McCall decides to do is his business. She walks out.

ashley pretends she didn't buy tucker's debt Y&R early recaps soaps spoilers

Victor smiles. He tells his daughter he’s sure Ashley bought the debt.

Victoria suspects that Ashley is falling for Tucker again and wants to take care of him. Her father finds that hard to believe.

victor and victoria wonder if ashley wants tucker to change Y&R recaps

Devon arrives at Crimson Lights to meet with Tucker. Devon bluntly gives him thirty minutes.

devon doesn't want to buy that company Y&R early recaps soaps spoilers

His father thinks he has a proposition that could change his life. That doesn’t sound good to Devon so McCall apologizes for being hyperbolic.

He apologizes for all the big mistakes he’s made since he came back to town.

Everything is crashing down and he only has himself to blame.

Dropping the charade and owning his mistakes has given him to capacity to move on.

He’s putting his money where his mouth is and selling McCall Unlimited so he can start new.

There’s nothing he’d like more than for him to take over his company.

Devon asks why he would want to do that. His father admits it’s failing in some ways but could be lucrative if it was managed well. He gives his pitch on why it would be a great fit for him.

tucker wants devon to buy his company Y&R early recaps soaps spoilers

It sounds to Devon like he’s asking for a favor. Tucker explains someone already bought his debt. He’s received some lucrative offers but wants to give him the family deal.

Devon assumes he’s expecting him to welcome him back into his life. His father is making no assumptions. He points out his odds of getting Hamilton-Winters back are low.

He’s offering him a way to come out on top. Seeing him succeed is what he cares about most.

Devon says their thirty minutes is over. Tucker suggests he run his offer by his inner circle and takes off.

When Devon gets to the penthouse, he shocks Abby by telling her of Tucker’s offer.

abby and devon talk buying mccall Y&R recaps

He gives her all the details of the conversation. The real thing to consider is how sincere it is.

Is his father really trying to change or is he manipulating him again?

Abby points up it would be a great backup plan if his lawsuit failed. Maybe this is great offer?

Devon will have to check the numbers.

Tucker goes to the Abbott estate and recaps his conversation with Devon for Ashley. He’s not sure what else he could do.

tucker and ashley at abbott residence genoa city Y&R recaps

“What do you plan to do with little old me should I fail?” he asks. She hasn’t made up her mind but has a few ideas.

He’s starting to enjoy this game she’s playing with him. It’s intoxicating and he think she feels it too.

She smirks.

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