Liesl Confronts Liz, Dante Takes a Crow Bar to the Padlocked Room in the Tack Room, Much to Ava’s Horror and Trina Refuses DNA Testing

General Hospital recap for Tuesday, February 28, 2023. In today’s GH episode, as the PCPD search Spoon Island, Liesl vows to bring pain to whoever helped Esme, while Sasha comforts Willow.

We also have Friday’s GH recap where Trina told Joss how supportive Spencer has been, Laura urged Spencer to do the wise thing, and Austin told Ava not to let Ryan win.

At PCPD, Jordan and Dante talk about Liz’s testimony of sending Nikolas to jail for a long time. In the interrogation room, Liz feels terrible about singing. Scotty talks her out of those thoughts. She thinks about Britt’s mom.

She believed the hook was Esme and it wasn’t until the rookie cop was killed that she realized Esme wasn’t.

Liz doesn’t think that’ll matter to Liesl. Later, Dante finds his gun and takes off.

scotty and liz GH recaps

At the hospital, Finn sees Liesl. They talk about her waiting on the lab for test results.

Elsewhere, Nina’s on a call telling someone her daughter needs a transplant.

With Crimson’s demographics, they need to launch an appeal. Every second counts.

Later, she finds Finn and her aunt and Liesl accuses Finn of keeping secrets.

Finn says Scotty’s working.

finn with liesl and nina gh recaps

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She thinks he’s doing something mundane. They talk about Heather being sent to D’Archam Asylum.

Liesl wants a key to her padded cell and five minutes alone with whoever hid Esme that whole time.

Nina tries to get her to take her mind off of it while Finn privately calls Scott to see if it’s over. Scotty walks in with Liz.

He tells Finn that Liz is a free woman. Liz and Finn talk about what would have happened if she didn’t work with Nikolas. Esme may not be around.

At home, Willow records herself telling Michael that if he sees this, their wedding will be over.

She hopes it’s loving and that Amelia can watch the video once she’s old enough, so she can see how much her mom loved her daddy. She stops recording when Michael appears.

willow records herself GH recaps

She was thinking of their wedding. He wants it to be perfect. Wiley arrives to talk about his baby sister spitting up on him.

She tells him big brothers are important. Michael sends the kid to play but he gives his mom Nina’s necklace first. They’re quiet.

Sasha appears and Michael takes the kid to bed while Sasha asks what she can do.

willow michael talk wedding GH recaps

Willow tells her to get rid of the necklace. Sasha will do that. She’s on their side and thinks miracles can happen, though Willow’s being a realist about her situation. Sasha gets emotional.

She shares that she went to see Heather at PCPD and got to put a face on Brando’s murderer. She released some anger.

She thinks that death isn’t the worst thing that can happen, that not loving is. They try to decide between orchids and roses.

Michael reappears and says to go with both. The baby won’t sleep so Willow makes her way up there while Michael asks Sasha not to let Willow limit herself.

She can have what she wants. Talk turns to Brando and she admits she’s moving on slowly. He says he wants to dance with Willow at the wedding.

Sasha says to do it. “Even if it’s our last dance?” He asks. Willow returns and asks what they’re talking about. Sasha covers and takes off to start on arrangements. 

sasha and willow at home GH recaps

Austin looks around at the castle. Ava asks what’s going on. He says he had a moment where he thought about all the things he didn’t get to do with his life when he was hooked.

They’re glad she stopped the bleeding. They talk about the cops being there soon to find evidence.

“Doc, you know what we have to do.” Austin tells her she’s a free woman and can go where she wants.

She wouldn’t be a free woman though. She says Nikolas is dead because of her.

austin and ava smile GH recaps

She won’t fault him if he left and forget she was there. A knock comes to the door. It’s Dante and the PCPD.

They’re there to search for Nikolas. Ava plasters a smile on her face as they roam the place.

She accidentally says nobody deserves to be locked in a tower when Esme’s name comes up and Dante looks at his notes. “Tower. Who said anything about a tower?”

She covers. She just assumed. Dante will check it out. He gets a call and goes off, worrying Ava who wonders if she should run.

Ava gets a call from Dante, telling her to meet him down in the tack room. She grimaces at Austin. They head down and Dante asks if she knows what’s in the room.

She shrugs it off. She doesn’t have the key for the padlock so he takes a crowbar to it. Ava looks positively green. 

ava and dante spoon island GH recaps

In Trina’s dorm room, Curtis arrives to talk about them and where they go from here.

He talks about how it took him a beat to get in his right mind.

N’neka called his dad when she saw him drinking at the Savoy.

curtis with trina dorm GH recaps

He talked to him about Portia’s lies. He asks where they go from here. He brings up the crappy year she had last year.

Through it all, she had her family. She’d be right to resent him. She doesn’t. He used to be pushy before they developed boundaries.

He thinks they need to test their DNA. He reminds her of his relationship with Marshall. Trina says it’s not the same.

She tells him she grew up with a dad who was always there for her. He says that he wants to know but won’t push. She tells him she doesn’t need a DNA test.

No matter what it says, Taggert will always be her father. He knows. 

trina curtis GH recaps

Portia is stopped by Jordan at GH. She tells the other woman that Austin checked himself out.

Jordan decides to see Esme to see if giving birth jogged her memory.

Portia asks if she can talk for a bit. They go to a private room and Jordan reveals Curtis came to her and talked about Trina.

Portia says she knows. Jordan was right. Portia feels like a coward. Jordan denies that’s true.

She’s not defending her but knows she had valid reasons for protecting her secret.

Jordan calls Portia a good person. Jordan wanted to spare her this pain. Portia knows. She’s not sure how to make the situation better.

portia and jordan hospital GH recaps

In another room, Nina says she’s doing a campaign for stem cell donors. Obrecht knows a donor. Nina gasps.

“Who!” Liesl says her. She got tested. It’ll be sweet revenge if she can save Willow.

Scotty approaches. “That’s my girl.” They discuss Liz being at PCBD as his client.

Nina tries to drag Liesl’s thoughts away but she notices that Scott won’t look at her face.

She asks what legal problem Liz had. Scott explains Liz held Esme hostage in the tower at the castle.

He knows because Liz helped even though they knew Esme wasn’t the Hook. Liesl runs to find Liz and once she does stops her.

nina and liesl talk about donor GH recaps

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