Stefan Confesses He’s No Longer in Love With Chloe, and Chloe Confronts Brady, While Stefan’s Stunned Gabi’s Living With Li

Days of our Lives recap for Wednesday, March 1, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Stefan has a stunning realization, Li, Gabi and Wendy negotiate their new living arrangements.

In the last Days recap, Chloe returned to Salem, Eric and Nicole admitted they’ve been thinking about one another, Tripp, Li and Gabi moved in with Wendy, and Stefan went free while Brady was arrested.

Johnny watches Chanel put up a Help Wanted sign on the bakery windows. He thinks business is doing well since there was a lineup there this morning.

She’s grumpy and tells him she needs help because his sister cheated and they broke up for good.

She no longer works there. Johnny had no idea. Chanel details finding Alex cowering under the table after Allie slept with him. Johnny can’t believe it.

Chanel says Allie and Henry moved to New Zealand. “Allie did what?” Johnny asks.

gabi and johnny outside sweet bits days recaps

At Wendy’s apartment, Gabi tells Wendy she thought they should have called first.

They learn she’s not living alone, and that Tripp’s moving in. Tripp gives them space to talk and goes for coffee.

Li lists off what he wants and once Tripp’s gone, Li calls them a wonderful happy family.

gabi moves in days recaps

Gabi grimaces. Wendy doesn’t want to be in midst of a warzone. Gabi would prefer to live elsewhere.

Li tells his sister Tripp will have to sleep on the sofa. Wendy says no. Tripp already made an agreement with her.

She’s in charge here. Li offers to cover the costs for the third room. Wendy yells that neither of them has a job.

They can stay as long as Tripp’s fine with it. Li gets the couch. Gabi grins and Wendy leaves.

gabi and li moving in wendy days recaps

When Nicole arrives at the DiMera mansion, EJ tells her he got the lab results back on the vial of drugs. He was right.

Stefan’s been drugging him. He had the vial dusted for prints which found Stefan’s in addition to his and Johnny’s.

He’s going to let Stefan keep “drugging” him.

EJ will perform a switcheroo and give Stefan a taste of his own medicine. Nic says Stefan will be the one making a fool of himself.

ej shows nicole drugs days recaps

The one out of DiMera. Nicole questions his solution, knowing Stefan has had it rough lately. She doesn’t like the idea of poisoning. “What’s the difference?” He asks.

She chuckles. She calls it illegal. “Is it?”

EJ says he’ll be drugging himself. EJ’s hands will be clean.

Because of that, she tells him if he’s looking for an accomplice, she’s in. He says cocktail hour is coming. Stefan will be home.

“Let the games begin!”

ej and nicole drug stefan days recaps

EJ messages her as she tells him about her meeting Eric by chance and that it didn’t go well. That he knows she is with EJ.

EJ asks if she’s sure she wants him. He says it feels good and right to him but he doesn’t want to stand in the way of her and Eric.

He doesn’t want her to be in a relationship she doesn’t want to be in. She appreciates that but this feels good to her and right. She and Eric are done.

ejole kissing days recaps

Stefan finds Chloe in her room at Salem Inn. She’s sorry she wasn’t in contact. He understands.

She says he looks rough. Stefan tells her about the kidnapping in detail.

He got her message and wanted to see her. He thought he wanted to see her.

Chloe had a lot of time to think and says she doesn’t want to hurt him but she can’t be with a man who loves two women.

She says he left several messages and didn’t seem to get the hint.

stefan stalking chloe days recaps

What he’s doing now is bordering on stalking and it has to stop. He says it will and that his feelings for her have stopped. He doesn’t love her anymore.

She’s offended and he’s sorry about being blunt. She admits she never thought his feelings were real anyway.

She guesses he realizes he wants Gabi. She’s happy for him. He hopes they can be friends. She laughs. “Sure.”

He thinks she can be with Brady. “At some point, maybe,” she says. He goes.

chloe gets dumped by stefan days recaps

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At the Square, Tripp finds Joey texting his girlfriend that he’s heading back to Seattle. He feels bad leaving but is glad that their dad has him and Stephanie to take care of him.

Tripp talks about moving out and in with Wendy. It’s platonic. “At least for now,” Joe says.

Tripp tells his brother to stop. She’s trying to work things out with Johnny. Stefan walks up, overhearing the brothers discuss Gabi and Li moving in with Wendy.

He asks for clarification. Tripp explains the moving situation and Stefan runs off.

Wendy appears as Joey keeps playing cupid. He vows to stop and wants to head to the pub to buy drinks. 

joey says going back to seattle tripp days recaps

Chanel and Johnny head to the pub where he wraps his brain around his twin sister leaving Salem without a word.

He drinks and is upset his sister moved halfway across the world. Chanel says she told her that they almost kissed and slept together.

Johnny reminds her they didn’t. He rants and she doesn’t like that he’s making this about himself.

She’s the one with the broken heart. He’s sorry. They embrace and sit at a table. Her mom told her that Johnny and Wendy were trying again.

“She knows I care about you, G.” Johnny cares about her too. Always will. Chanel’s tired of being mopey. They drink to no more heartbreak.

johnny pub with chanel days recaps

Chloe visits Brady in jail. He explains what he did to Stefan. “What were you thinking?” She asks. He says he only wanted Stefan to have eyes for one person.

Chloe says it worked.  Stefan’s over her. She tells him about Stefan’s visit. Brady’s glad. It means they can be together.

Chloe says not so fast. He kidnapped a man! She loves him but there are obstacles.

His daughter, for one. Brady thinks she’ll understand. “Understand what? Kidnapping a man and endangering his life?”

brady jail time days recaps

Back at Wendy’s, Gabi can’t find a thing to eat so Li gives her chips.

She sits on the sofa, eats one and drops one. She keeps it up and Li comments she’s putting crumbs in his bed.

She knows. He’s off to shower and she tells him to stay there for six months.

When he’s gone, Stefan arrives.

stefan arrives to see gabi his one true love days recaps

She tries to shut him down but he blurts that Rolf got out of jail and finished deprogramming him.

His feelings for Chloe are gone.

gabi hugs stefan can be together days recaps

He calls her the love of his life, the only one he wants. She’s at a loss for words. He tells her they can be together.

They embrace and Li comes out in just a towel. “What the hell? Get your hands off my wife!”

Li explains that Gabi signed a contract and agreed to remain in the marriage and cohabit for six months.

Stefan doesn’t get it. Gabi tries to explain but Li shuts the door in his face.

li shin remington shirtless days recaps

Back at the pub, Chanel and Johnny continue to drink. They talk about his date with Wendy on Valentine’s Day.

Chanel’s glad she didn’t do permanent damage and that they’re still together because she thinks Wendy’s nice.

She giggles and in walks Tripp, Wendy and Joey.

Johnny tells Wendy this isn’t what it looks like. Chanel told him his sister left town.

Wendy says yeah, they’re just friends like her and Tripp. And Tripp’s moving in with her. Johnny’s surprised. 

wendy sees johnny with chanel days recaps

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