Sally Tells Nick She’s Pregnant, Chance is Fed Up with the Stark Case, Jack and Diane Have Sex, and Kyle & Victor Discuss Ruining Adam

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Victor and Adam bicker, Sharon encourages Chance to consider his options, and Nikki has some suspicions about the robbery. In the previous episode, Devon was disappointed when Jill refused to dissolve the merger, and Mariah and Tessa could have their baby by February.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for January 19, 2023 episode airs in the USA January 20. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Sharon finds Chance staring at Crimson Lights. He tells her about Nikki and Victor’s apartment in Chicago being robbed.

sharon approaches chance Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

Sharon starts gossiping about Stark and Diane. He tells her about the arrest. The cop admits it all seems too cut and dried.

He has no doubt that Stark is a bad guy but burglary isn’t really his thing. Everyone in Chicago seems pleased, but it’s all way too contrived.

On the way to Chicago, Stark ranted about Diane and Jack being in cahoots.

She gets him more coffee and he wonders if he should ignore his doubts. Even asking these questions is making him sick.

He used to believe in what he was doing. Sharon hates to hear that.

She knows that things are not black and white in the law. There’s a lot of compromises and most of what happens is out of his hands.

Maybe he’s no longer in a situation he doesn’t want to be?

sharon chats chance Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

If he were going to consider a change, what would he do? He has no idea. He’s only ever been a public servant.

She offers to help him consider other options. After making some flailing motions, she suggests he go and work for Cirque du Soleil.

Y&R Spoiler Recaps SoapsSpoilers

That makes him laugh and he thanks her for the distraction. Being silly with her feels natural.

The Chicago PD text him about Stark’s arrest. He wishes he didn’t have to go and can’t wait for what else she comes up with.

At the Abbott estate, Diane explains what happened in Stark’s room to Kyle and Summer. Jack adds a few details about Jeremy’s arrest.

diane kyle etc talk stark Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

The Chicago PD has him in custody now. Diane says they are safe now and can go back to normal.

Kyle still isn’t happy about how things went down. Summer wonders if Stark will get a good lawyer.

Jack is adamant that what they did was still worth the risk. Summer isn’t happy that they broke a bunch of laws and lied to the police.

summer not happy Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

Jack justifies them “eradicating” Stark from their lives. Nikki shows up.

diane explains it's over Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

Jack fills her in on Stark being the one behind her burglary. She had no idea this somehow involved Diane.

Kyle and Summer escape and Nikki asks Jack how he knows all this. Why would a felon go all the way to Chicago to steal from that? She has some theories.

Nikki is relieved that Jeremy is off the streets.

nikki has questions Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

“Isn’t it ironic that your misfortune turned out to save me?” Diane remarks to her.

Nikki realizes that the alarm to her apartment is the same as it was when Jack was last there.

Chance shows up. Nikki thanks him for all he did last night and asks how Stark was able to figure out her security codes so easily.

The cop has no idea. Jack says Stark is a felon and Chance makes a snipe about the “upstanding citizens of Genoa City.”

Once Nikki is gone, Chance tells Jack and Diane that Stark has been arraigned, but all of this makes little sense. Who leaves their glasses behind while committing grand larceny?

Y&R Spoiler Recaps SoapsSpoilers

Diane and Jack are fidgety and claim they can shed no light on this situation.

Chance makes veiled remarks about wealthy people acting like they are above the law and exits.

Diane asks Jack if the ordeal is really over. It’s overwhelming. She feels like she has a future again and it’s all because of him.

Jack says she’s a strong, formidable, amazing woman. She didn’t need anyone to save her; she just needed some support and he was happy to give it to her.

They kiss and leap into bed for sex.

diane jack in bed Y&R day ahead daily recaps


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Chance returns to Crimson Lights and vents to Sharon about what just happened. He’s realized he can’t do his job anymore.

When Victor bumps into his son at Jabot, he claims he’s there to see Kyle.

Y&R Spoiler Recaps SoapsSpoilers

Adam assumes that he’s up to something and demands to know what it is.

They bicker. Adam knows he hates he’s working for Jack. He also knows Kyle feels the same.

Y&R Spoiler Recaps SoapsSpoilers

Victor wonders why he’s selling lipstick and make-up. Adam doesn’t want “some rinky-dink” position at Newman.

Kyle and Summer arrive and Adam accuses him of letting his father pulls his strings.

Victor heads into the office and Summer stands up for her husband.

Once Kyle walks off, Adam tells Summer she’s being dragged into the family machinations again.

He explains that his father wants to humiliate him by exploiting Kyle’s animosity toward him. Adam suggests Victor can corrupt anyone.

She doesn’t think Victor needs Kyle’s help when Adam always manages to ruin things on his own.

adam and summer talk Y&R day ahead daily recaps

In the office, Victor asks Kyle why he hasn’t been in touch. Kyle explains he’s been distracted by his mom.

Y&R Spoiler Recaps SoapsSpoilers

Victor thinks he should have cut all ties with her when he learned about her involvement with Stark.

Kyle changes the topic to Adam. Victor insists he belongs with his family. He’s sure Kyle hates having him in the company.

He wouldn’t have been Kyle’s first choice. They don’t get along and he doesn’t like his negative energy.

How does Victor imagine they will get him to leave Jabot? Victor thinks he needs to take a fall. Then he will present him with an opportunity to make things right.

If Kyle is going to need something in return if he agrees to help.

Y&R Spoiler Recaps SoapsSpoilers

Chloe drops by Sally’s suite. She’s been having morning sickness.

Y&R Spoiler Recaps SoapsSpoilers

Chloe brought her some remedies so she won’t loom so green for their meeting with Jill.

Nick knocks on the door. He wanted to wish them good luck. He notices that Sally’s not looking her best.

Chloe claims it’s a stomach virus. When he asks about her symptoms, Sally asks to be left alone to get ready.

Y&R Spoiler Recaps SoapsSpoilers

Nick asks Chloe to leave while he talks to Spectra for a minute. Once they are alone, he asks if there is more to the bug than she’s telling him.

He’s been through this a few times and asks if there’s a chance this is morning sickness.

Her stomach can’t quit and she’s tired. She didn’t want to say anything until she was sure.

“I’m pregnant,” she admits. He asks how she feels about the big news.

Y&R Spoiler Recaps SoapsSpoilers

She’s mostly stunned. He still wonders why she waited to tell him.

Sally says she’s been overwhelmed. He doesn’t care what anyone else thinks; he thinks she’s amazing.

Y&R Spoiler Recaps SoapsSpoilers

She worries he will feel like she’s trying to manipulate him. They were trying to take things slow. She wanted them to be easy, sweet, and sexy.

Holding he hand, he suggests she’s in denial. She admits she’s not ready to deal with what comes next.

He tells her not to stress. They will figure this out and it will be fine.

nick hugs sally pregnant Y&R day ahead daily recaps

Next week on Y&R:

“Let’s hear it. What are you plotting now?” Nick asks Victor.

nick talks Y&R day ahead daily recaps

“It sounds like your son’s venture isn’t going so well at Chancellor-Winters,” Tucker tells Phyllis.

When she says it’s none of his business, he answers, “But it could be and definitely should be.”

tucker talks to phyllis about her job Y&R day ahead daily recaps

Michael and Lauren’s son Fenmore (Zach Tinker) is welcomed home.

Fenmore is home Y&R recaps

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