Y&R Opinion: Sally’s Pregnancy Written 1960s Style, Christine Pining Over Danny, Phyllis Being Asinine & Who Is Diane Playing?

Y&R opinion for January 2-6.

More telling versus showing this past few weeks on the show brings out the eye rolls and questions of logic from myself and other fans though I have to say that the show has been consistently better for several weeks. Yeah, even though I’ve a lot of complaints!

When a woman is dumped, her whole life doesn’t fall apart

The show has really watered down Sally’s character since she came to Genoa City from L.A. and it’s not for the better. I don’t mind growth in a character, but in reality, people don’t grow or change that much and especially not in such a short time.

Since this is a soap opera and we need our vixens, I didn’t want to see Sally go down this road where she’s unrecognizable. 

Sally’s always been written as an intelligent, strong woman who has proven repeatedly to be capable enough to take care of herself.

She has always done what it takes to get what she wants, even going to the extreme. They’ve basically clipped her wings and turned her into a simp who when dumped, couldn’t do her job and couldn’t take her birth control pills.

Hey Y&R writers, contrary to what you’re writing, when a woman is dumped, her whole life does not fall apart. <insert massive eye roll here>

Sally is on top of what’s going on with her body, using a period app and birth control, but we’re supposed to believe that she forgot to take them for weeks, because she lost her mind when a man dumped her.

sally calendar pregnant Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

And now she’s hiding the pregnancy as though it’s some massive secret and if mommy and daddy find out, she’ll be sent away to give birth and have the child taken from her. That’s how this is coming off.

This is 2023, not 1960. There’s no excuse why these stories can’t be modernized. 

There’s no reason why Sally can’t talk to the prospective fathers-to-be and even consider abortion. 

adam and sally crimson lights Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Adam literally gave her an opening at the coffee house to talk to him about her problems and she said nothing, while Nick gave her an in twice, and she kept it from him in lieu of sex. Meh.

nick at sally room Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Friday says it all, below in this tweet.

The way this Sally pregnancy is being handled like she’s 15 is really indicative of why we need more female writers & HWs #YR

sally confirms pregnant Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

Cricket’s bitterness

I liked that Danny returned with a clear storyline. He wasn’t just trotted out for nostalgia’s sake.

Working on a score for his son’s game means we’ll see him at least once more.

I liked the reunion with Daniel’s parents giving him advice on what to do about Lucy.

Bummer that my theory of Daniel working with Tucker is probably not coming to fruition.

I was glad that Danny forgave Phyllis enough to have a cordial relationship since they share a son together because I believe children come first but we never saw this! We should have had a few phone calls at least to build up to this. 

danny romalotti with phyllis and daniel at glam club Y&R spoilers SoapsSpoilers

Christine’s part in the story was disappointing to me.

I wouldn’t expect her to forgive Phyllis for mowing her down in her car, but it’s been something like three decades and she’s still as bitter as she was when it happened.

I want to care about her feelings but this character is so rarely seen and the lack of story development made it impossible.  

It’s only natural to think of past lovers from time to time, but Christine’s flashbacks felt more to me as though she’s a woman bored in her marriage who can’t get the one who got away out of her mind.

If that’s the case, that should be the next story. But since they dumped the actor who played Paul and I don’t see any recast coming, that’s not going to happen. 

The other thing that I wanted to see was a run-in with Phyllis where Christine exploded at Red and gave her a piece of her mind. 

If this was a soap opera, that’s what would happen.

christine blair williams Y&R recap spoilers

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Phyllis being asinine

I love Phyllis. Flaws and all. You guys know that but that doesn’t mean I can always defend her actions.  

I wasn’t on my Phyllis’ side on the Christmas argument. 

Phyllis crying because she didn’t get to spend time with her daughter and grandson on Christmas was one, asinine, and two, made me tear up.

I can’t help it. Phyllis has the power to make me tear up even when she’s in the wrong, however; waiting around for someone to invite you to Christmas and then whining when they don’t invite you is silly.

If she wanted to see Summer, she should have called. And Christmas can be celebrated anytime you want.

They could easily have a family day together in January. 

Phyllis and summer problems Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers


Summer bottling up her feelings?

Summer started growing on me when Daniel returned to town and they started really writing for her as though she was Summer and not nu-Summer.

I’m still enjoying her alone and with Kyle. 

She confided in Daniel that she hasn’t been honest with Kyle about her feelings toward his mother, which was news to us.

On one hand, I’m thrilled that Kyle and Summer get relationship strife because giving couples something to overcome makes the audience appreciate them more.

But since when did she feel this way? We never saw the build-up to this. It’s yet again part of the story that’s written off canvas.

A story has three parts. A beginning, a middle, and an end, but they keep missing some parts, which means I couldn’t care less about those storylines.

summer kiss kyle Y&R recaps

Is Diane playing Jack, Stark or both?

I love Diane, but logically, this story doesn’t work. Jack somehow has the idea that she’s a delicate flower that needs his protection when Diane’s the same woman who faked her own death for decades and relied on herself the whole time. It’s true to character but comes off as annoying.

Kyle too has been a little insufferable, thinking that the “little women” somehow need their protection.

The story went off the rails when Diane was left at the Abbott cabin of all places, a place where Stark easily could have found her. 

Especially since Kyle couldn’t spend one moment away from his mama and followed her out there.

And as soon as Christmas was over, she returned to Genoa City when nothing had changed with Stark.

It makes no sense.

Now that Diane’s back in Genoa City, she’s working at Marchetti, and in and out of the Abbott mansion with frequency, hanging out at Crimson Lights with Jack, and yet somehow, Jack isn’t worried that “dangerous” Stark is going to see this.  

I originally assumed Diane was playing Jack, but now I want to believe Diane’s playing Jack, Kyle and Stark because it’d be the ultimate drama, having her dupe them all. 

diane and jack kissing Y&R recaps

When Diane offered to work with Jeremy, he told her she’d have to do something to prove herself to him.

I got a little excited momentarily, wondering what he’d make her do until he told her to figure it out on her own.

The whole point of proving yourself should be for him to dictate what she’s going to do. It’s silly having her figure it out.

They dropped the ball on that. If he was so dangerous, he’d have gotten in her face and told her what she was going to do instead of asking politely. But yeah…he’s dangerous.

It feels as though they’re not sure how to end this story so they keep dragging it out until they figure it out.

stark and diane get together glam club Y&R recaps spoilers

Lily and Billy are done?

I almost didn’t write anything about these two because when I do, some stans get crazed and defend them to the point where they cast me as some evil witch simply for having a differing opinion.

We all have our own opinions and we’re all adults who can learn to respect each other’s opinions.

With that in mind, this is how I feel. 

lily and billy reunite Y&R recaps SoapsSpopilers

Lily should have dumped Billy months ago. 

The writing was on the wall and far too many people stay together in relationships with people who they aren’t meant to be with, and long after their expiry date.

They had a good run and I liked them at some point, but now, I’d like to see them move in different directions.

But no. I don’t want Billy with his rapist. 

lily and billy snuggle at society Y&RY recaps

I felt Lily’s pain throughout this whole story with those little nuanced expressions, and now I feel Billy’s pain. I like that we’re feeling this break up with them, going on the ride with them.

I don’t blame Billy for everything. Lily’s not the right woman for him, but she missed her own red flags when she constantly tried to get him to change. 

I really wish that Drucilla was around for her daughter, or at least that Lily had a girlfriend to talk to about this.  

No, not her ex-husband Daniel, who we all assume will reunite with her.

daniel learns lily work crisis Y&R recaps

Where. Are. Tessa. And. Mariah?

Tessa and Mariah went on a trip to meet Delphine a week ago and haven’t been heard from since. You know, because as lesbians, they don’t seem to be allowed to have the same on canvas storylines as the rest of the cast.  

Sometimes I think the show purposefully doesn’t write for this couple the same way they write for the hetros not only out of fear that the homophobes will drag them for filth but so that people will say, “Well they’re a boring couple anyway.”

Well if they were written with the same care as the rest of the couples in Genoa City, they’d be just as interesting. Think about that.

And frankly, every character has boring storylines from time to time. Y&R needs to do better.

tessa helps mariah feel better Y&R day ahead recaps

Best lines:

Audra to Devon, “You’ve been played. A lot. Makes me wonder how you made it as far as you have.” 

Lily to Billy after therapy, “We have so little common ground that we were destined to end up like this.” 

Please feel free to leave us a comment about the show.

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