Britt’s Loved Ones Gather for Her Memorial and She’s Given a Spot on the Wall, Liz Confesses to Finn, and Heather Tells Ryan They Need to Escape with Esme

General Hospital recap for Thursday, February 2, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Heather urges Esme not to sign the papers, Spencer backs out of telling Jordan about Nikolas’ confession, and Liz and Laura lay into Nikolas about what he’s been doing.

We also have Wednesday’s GH recap where Harmony beckoned Willow to the afterlife, Carolyn told Liz about Nikolas’ plot while he tried tricking Esme to sign away their baby.

Sam and Dante join Cody, Maxie, and Sasha at Kelly’s. They could all use some good news so Sam announces that Willow had her baby.

maxie sasha good news GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

At General Hospital, Nina and Sonny look at the new baby.

They bump into Trina and she explains that Curtis had to take off to take care of an issue at The Savoy.

She mentions Spencer is in the chapel so Sonny takes off to find him. Nina wonders where her aunt is.

Obrecht and Scott arrive at Britt’s office as her name is being taken off the door. They go inside. It’s empty.

Liesl says there’s no sign left of all her daughter gave the hospital.


Scott suggests they go to the chapel. She doesn’t want to be surrounded by people telling her how sorry they are.

He tells her that having the memorial there is a way of acknowledging how hard Britt worked for the hospital.

Brad interrupts. He’s about to leave but they ask him to say. It pains her to admit it, but Obrecht says he was a great friend to her daughter.

scott obrecht visitor GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Brad recalls how he used to come and cry to her there. She was the one person he could be truthful too. He only wishes she could reciprocate that.
Liesl says she wouldn’t have wanted him giving her pillows instead of handing her drinks, making snide remarks, and demonstrating that someone else can have an even more pathetic love life.

brad mourns britt GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

She and Scott exit. Brad takes out ice cream and two spoons. After taking a bite, he tells Britt she probably wound up in Heaven. He hopes there are hot guys there and GIFs.

“I miss you Britt,” he sobs, promising never to eat ice cream or think of unattainable men without thinking of her.

Austin explains to TJ and Terry how he stabilized Willow during surgery. Terry notes the stem cells have already been sent off to be analyzed.

Laura stops by Finn’s office to ask Violet to come skating with her grandchildren. This was Liz’s idea.

finn talks to laura about liz and nikolas GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

The topic quickly turns to Nikolas and whatever is going on between him and Liz. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to the doctor.

She explains they have a bond that’s hard to break.

Nikolas bumps into Liz by the elevators. He acts surprised when she says she just saw her mother. She knows he brought her there.

Dragging him into an office, she lectures him about her mom and how he asked her to do the same thing to Esme that she did to her. How could he think she’d want this?

liz wants protection nikolas GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

He points out the other option is likely prison. She assumes he hid this from her because he knew she wouldn’t go along with it.

When he says they are in this together, she says, “Not any more.”

liz angry nikolas is a jerk GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

She points out that her mother has proven to be more trustworthy than him. The only person she needs protecting from is him.

She storms out and he chases after. As he grabs her arm, Finn and Laura pop up. The doctor yelps.

Nik manhandles Liz today's GH recap

Finn and Liz leave for his office. Laura starts lecturing his son. She’s at a loss as to how to reach him.

She’s afraid that he’s not just being manipulated by his uncle. This is just who he has become: a man careening from one bad choice to the next.

Laura warns Nikolas GH recaps soapsspoilers

She’s seen him behave like a man she could be proud of. He’s not sure where that man went. Laura needs to believe it’s not too late for him.

He tells her it’s not too late. He’s done listening to his uncle and wants to focus on being a good father. He wanted to be at the memorial for Spencer.

They leave to find him.

Finn and Liz go to his office. She feels like she’s lost her best friend. The doctor knows things didn’t work out for them but he still cares.

She says he’s a good person and deserves the truth. “I lied to you. I was never pregnant with Nikolas’ baby,” she confesses.




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In the chapel, Spencer asks Jordan what will happen to Esme’s child if both of its parents are in prison. She wonders why Nikolas would be in prison.

jordan asks why nikolas would be in jail GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

He claims it’s just wishful thinking and dismisses her question that he might have evidence against his father.

After she leaves, he takes a pew and re-watches his father’s confession until Sonny interrupts. He sits and asks about the situation with Nikolas.

Spencer is still convinced that suing for custody is the right thing.

spencer sonny child GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Dante and Sam arrive and tell Jordan they are leaving in the morning to find Maggie. Jordan is starting to think the attacks are about someone going after Esme’s enemies.

jordan clear up GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Trina heads to the chapel. Spencer tells her he’s keeping his father’s confession a family matter for now.

Everyone else files in and Nina gets up to speak. She’d read a poem or something but Britt only read medical journals.

nina won't forget GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

She quotes Sun Tzu and talks about how proud she was to have Britt as part of her family. She was someone unpredictable and powerful who will be missed but never forgotten.

Brad goes up next. He explains that he met Britt when neither of them were popular. She was mean, selfish person who destroyed lives. After she went on the run and did her time, she came back and tried to change.

brad eulogy britt memorial General Hospital Recaps today SoapsSpoilers

He doesn’t think she changed. She always was his best friend.

When Scott goes up, he says he has no idea what Britt would make of this fuss but she was a strong woman like her mother. The world lost a special person when they lost her.

General Hospital Recaps today SoapsSpoilers

Terry gets up and talks about what a great doctor and administrator Britt was. Her life and work deserve to be honored.

She asks everyone to follow her out. A photo of Britt has been added to the wall of people who have dedicated their lives to the hospital.

britt photo on doctors memorial wall GH recaps

When she’s left alone with the photo, Obrecht bids “auf wiedersehen” to her daughter.

The other memorial guests go to see Michael and Willow’s new child.

Spencer and Trina stay behind in the chapel. He can’t believe his father didn’t show up to his ex-fiancee’s memorial.

She tells him today isn’t about his father. It’s about Britt. He’ll try to do that. They were friends. She never talked down to him when he was a kid. He’s not sure he will ever meet with someone who connected to him like that ever again.

Taking his hand, she says Britt sounded pretty great.

She takes off when Nikolas and Laura arrive. Spencer vows to make sure his father can’t hurt his little brother or sister the way he has him.

At Spring Ridge, Heather grabs the legal papers that Nikolas left with Esme. She reads them and sees Nikolas’ name on the papers.

not so fast heather GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Heather tells her she can’t sign this unless she’s absolutely sure it’s the right choice. Esme claims that it will only let the prince have the child until her legal issues are resolved.

“Men lie all the time,” Heather tells her. Ryan is wheeled in.

heather tells esme never to trust men GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Esme is startled and thinks it’s Kevin. Heather explains that he’s his twin and he’s paralyzed. He may not be able to move, but he’s mentally as sharp as ever.

esme sees ryan, thinks he's kevin GH recaps

Esme says that Nikolas seems to care about the baby. Heather says “seems” is the operative word. Why is she so eager to give up the baby?

Esme’s not eager. The baby is all she has. Heather says that’s why she can’t sign those papers. If she gives up her child, she will never get over it.

Esme won’t make any choices until tomorrow.

Heather is relieved. She goes over to Ryan and fills him in, telling him the cops are onto him. They need to bust out and takes Esme with them.

Heather warns Ryan GH recaps

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